Bob The Baker Boy – Customised Cakes, Brown Sugar Boba Cake & Mini Tarts

Bob The Baker Boy

We have Bob The Builder, and we have Bob The Baker Boy who is fond of cakes, especially moist and cottony-soft cakes, which are exactly what you can look forward to when placing an order with Bob The Baker Boy.

You have probably seen Bob The Baker Boy’s customised cakes and dessert tables making their rounds on Instagram and Facebook. There are over 400 designs to choose from. And if you have any particular design in mind for your cake, you can always let the creative team know and they will make your wish come true.

Bob the baker boy cakes

That’s not all. Bob The Baker Boy also has a range of awesome bakes including mini tarts, and brownies.

Bob is our new best friend and he will be yours too when you next need a customised cake. Or tarts. Or anything sweet, really.

Bob The Baker Boy Defying Gravity Floating Beer Can Cake


Let’s start off with their customised cakes, shall we? They are what made Bob The Baker Boy famous, and our dear Bob deserves all the recognition for the superb hand-crafted cakes that have made birthdays memorable for countless people.

For the fickle-minded ones, you are going to be in trouble because they have hundreds of designs for you to choose from. And everything looks so cute and realistic, it’s impossible to just select one. We feel you, really. Even if you are a decisive person, the range will leave you mind-boggled, even if it’s just for a while.

Being the alcoholics we are, we eventually decided on this gravity-defying beer cake. We went with a classic flavour that will please the crowd—Belgian Chocolate cake covered with pearl sprayed vanilla buttercream, and layered with zero-added sugar chocolate custard.

The layered cake was decadent and satisfying with every bite. You know how some cakes look way better than they taste? Not for this. This looked every bit photogenic and Instagram-worthy, and tasted legit. We are already dreaming of our next customised cake by them!

Bob The Baker Boy Strawberry Cream Cake


Adapted from the ever-so-popular strawberries shortcake, expect moist and velvety vanilla layers for this cake. Slice your fork into cake that’s fluffy like the clouds, filled with freshly whipped Chantilly and farm-picked sliced strawberries.

Money may not buy us happiness, but it can buy us Bob The Baker Boy’s Strawberries & Cream Cake and it’s about the same thing. This is one classic flavour to love, great for both young and old, and definitely one we will reorder.

Bob The Baker Boy Brown Sugar Boba Cake


You guys, this cake is a dream come true. Imagine your favourite brown sugar boba milk, but in a cake form. That is exactly what it is—literally! Cut into fragrant vanilla cake layers, generously filled with creamy brown sugar Chantilly and sweet starchy boba fillings.

The Brown Sugar Boba Milk Cake is such a brilliant creation by Bob The Baker Boy. We love. the cottony soft and moist cake that is accompanied with fragrant brown sugar cream. And that boba filling! That chewy, sweet boba filling completed the cake with a lovely texture variety.

It is also noteworthy that Bob The Baker Boy bakes cakes with lower sugar content (30-50% lower in sugar than regular customised cakes). This is a huge plus point for us because we are the kind of people who dig into whole cakes even when it is nobody’s birthday, and we can do with something that’s significantly lesser in sugar so we do not feel as guilty for eating cakes. You feel us?

Bob The Baker Boy Mini Tarts


These cute little tarts are great for small parties and the kids are bound to love them. With a firm tart shell that crumbles upon sinking your teeth into it, the Brûlée Cheese Tarts (S$23.90 for 12) is our favourite flavour. Fresh cheese filling encased in fragrant vanilla tart crust, these little bites of happiness are super addictive and you simply cannot stop at one. Or two. Or three.

The other flavours to love are Strawberries Cheesecake Tarts, Cookies & Cream Mini Tarts and Blueberry Cheesecake Tarts. These are slightly stronger in terms of taste, but nothing too cheesy that non-cheese lovers can’t take.

Bob The Baker Boy Brownies


Their brownies are slightly cakier and are more like cupcakes, actually. But we like that they are not cloyingly sweet. Reheat them in the microwave oven before eating.

Bob The Baker Boy Desserts

Go on, you deserve some sweet treats. Click here to enter a whole new realm of desserts, and start customising your dream cake for that special occasion that is coming up. Or grab yourselves some molten lava cookies; we promise you won’t regret it.

Bob The Baker Boy
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Tel: 9499 4015

This post was brought to you by Bob The Baker Boy.