12 Best Traditional Bakeries In Singapore You Must Visit For Old-School Bakes

old-school bakeries in singapore

Singapore’s bustling culinary scene is often celebrated for its vibrant hawker centers and the best fine dining establishments, but tucked away in its charming neighborhoods are traditional old-school bakeries that offer a delightful glimpse into the city’s rich heritage.

These surviving old-school bakeries, some of which have been around for decades, continue to serve up time-honored treats such as buttercream cakes, pandan chiffon cakes, kuehs and egg tarts.

Here are 12 traditional bakeries in Singapore you must visit for old-school bakes.


Soha Salt Pond Seoul – Salt Pond Hanok Cafe In Ikseon-Dong Popular For Salt Bread

Soha Salt Pond Cover

If you’re active on social media and have been researching on cafes to visit in Seoul, Soha Salt Pond would have definitely popped up on your feed at some point of time.

Nestled within the cluster of cafes in Ikseondong, Soha Salt Pond is arguably one of the more aesthetic cafes in Seoul. It is instantly recognisable for the various mountains of salt around its premises and for the long queues that line the perimeter of the cafe.

But for the popularity that this cafe has enjoyed, are their bakes worth the wait?


Tokyo With Children – 9 Child-Friendly Places To Visit In Tokyo

Child-Friendly Places To Visit In Tokyo

When thinking of a family-friendly place to travel to, Tokyo isn’t a place that typically comes to mind. Although Tokyo is known for being a vibrant, bustling city i.e., not quite suitable for travelling with children, you’d be surprised to know that there are a number of activities/places that you can visit with your children and form precious memories as a family.

Instead of avoiding travelling to Tokyo until the kids are older, we’ve done the work for you. This way, you can slot these activities into your Tokyo itinerary and still enjoy Tokyo and its beauty as an adult. So here are 9 Child-Friendly Places To Visit In Tokyo. Have fun planning! 


Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo’s Best Seafood Market That Everyone Should Visit

Tsukiji Fish Market Cover

When you think of Japan, you think of fresh seafood. And when you think of a fresh seafood market in Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market would definitely come to mind.

Prior to 2018, Tsukiji Fish Market was recognised as the largest wholesale seafood market in the world. Come 2018, the wholesale businesses in Tsukiji Fish Market (aka the Tsukiji Inner Market) moved to Toyosu Market but the retail shops continued operating at the Tsukiji Outer Market. Here, you’d still be able to find all sorts of fresh seafood, produce and even dried goods.

So if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo soon and have yet to experience what Tsukiji Fish Market has to offer, read on to find out why a visit to Tsukiji Fish Market would be worth your time.


40 Restaurants In Singapore Where You Can Earn Up To 14 Miles Per Dollar

Kris+ Fly to feast

Formerly known as the Kris+ Gastronomy Series, the promotion is back again this year as Feast To Fly and it offers you the chance to earn an insane amount of miles by dining at participating restaurants in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines A380 New Business Class

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Sembawang Confectionery – Old-School Bakery At Beach Road With 60 Years of History

Sembawang Confectionery Cover

Sembawang Confectionery is a humble old-school bakery tucked away at the ground floor of a HDB estate at Beach Road, not Sembawang. This bakery has been rolling out freshly baked bread and cakes since the 1960s. Best of all, their goods are free from preservatives.

During the short time we spent at Sembawang Confectionery, the bakery was visited by plenty of regulars which only goes to show how well-loved their bakes are. So take this as your sign to drop by Sembawang Confectionery if you haven’t visited them before.


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