The Marmalade Pantry – Festive Gourmet Takeaway Goodies with Roasts and Log Cakes


Not all of us are fans of burning a hole in our wallets and splurging on extravagant buffet spreads every Christmas. Sometimes, simplicity can be key. For those looking to have just a little hint of something “extra” to grace your table this festive season, we have just the recommendation for you.

Proudly introducing The Marmalade Pantry’s Festive Gourmet Goodies, the renowned bistro is back again this year to stun us with their luxurious array of takeaway festive offerings. Ranging from toothsome roasts such as their Roasted Whole Turkey with Fresh Herbs and Maple and Clove Glazed Gammon Ham to a mouthwatering selection of log cakes, they have the perfect celebratory dish for any house or office party.

Impress your loved ones and leave them in awe this Christmas, as The Marmalade Pantry’s takeaway spread is sure to make a statement at your dinner table. If you are simply looking to indulge in just a centerpiece roast or enjoy some log cakes to sweeten your meal, they will be offering individual preorders, as well as bundles.

Not only do you get to make merry in the comfort of your own home, we have something special for you as well! Pay with Mastercard and our code ‘LADYIRONCHEF15′ to enjoy 15% off when you order before 30 Nov 2019 or ‘LADYIRONCHEF10′ to enjoy 10% off when you order from 1 to 15 Dec 2019. Get your festive goodies from The Marmalade Pantry.

Roasted Whole Turkey with Fresh Herbs


Begin the festivities with their spectacular Roasted Whole Turkey with Fresh Herbs (S$108+/4.5kg). Beautifully arranged in a huge platter, the breathtaking roast is first garnished with glaze and served with sides of charred lemons and chilli. The turkey is full of moist, tender meat that encases a stuffing of well-seasoned spices that only adds to its savouriness.

The Marmalade Pantry only dishes out roasts that are sure to leave your guests gobsmacked, and this turkey is the star of the show. Promising crisp skin seasoned with pepper, salt and citrus to bring out its natural flavours, the turkey is perfumed and fragrant from the spices.

It is then roasted to give it smokiness and a charred taste. The sharp citrusy tanginess on the skin also cut through the umami-packed meat, giving it a refreshing change of flavour.

Maple and Clove Glazed Gammon Ham


A mandatory staple at every Christmas dinner is, of course, ham. Their Maple and Clove Glazed Gammon Ham (S$108+/3.3kg) will definitely take your party up a notch with its marvellous, slightly charred crust and velvety sheen. Stubbed with cloves, the ham is heavily perfumed with hints of earthy spices.

Prior to serving, it is glazed and baked, allowing the buttery sweetness from the maple glaze to permeate through the meat. Slice through its tough exterior, and the meat reveals a soft, succulent, chewy middle.

Slow-Roasted Wagyu Beef


When we think of Christmas, we imagine a slew of delectable roasts alongside turkey that leaves us craving for more. Featuring yet another slab of indulgent meat that impressed us: the Slow-Roasted Wagyu Beef (S$98+/1kg).

Roasted to a perfect medium doneness, the aromatic beef is served with a crisp, smoky crust before it is sprinkled with seasoning, rosemary and thyme. Completely stealing our hearts was its beautifully marbled meat; it was fork tender and boasted both sweetness and umami nuances.

Slowly savour the meat, and you get to taste that chewy, luxurious mouthfeel that bursts apart with flavour.

Lamb Rack with Provencale Crust


Though not as much a majestic grandeur as the turkey or ham, another meat platter that will surely spice up your celebration is their Lamb Rack with Provencale Crust (S$75+/0.6kg). Arriving in a green, herbaceous crust, this dish looks fitting for the Christmas season.

Generously sprinkled and seasoned with herbs such as rosemary, the lamb is covered with a slightly salty exterior that is packed full of spices. When we pulled the meat apart, it tore from the bone easily, giving way to a medium-done middle. The best thing about it was that it was fragrant and juicy and had no gamey trace at all.

Traditional Stuffing


Nothing says Christmas more than stuffing; alongside their wealth of side accompaniments and salads, we have the Traditional Stuffing (S$20+). This is definitely one of the highlights we can look forward to savouring during the festive season. What we liked about their stuffing was that it consisted of a myriad of various simple yet flavoursome ingredients.

Comprising a unique blend of ingredients such as carrots and nuggets of bread, the dish had a soft, creamy mouthfeel that broke apart easily, allowing us to relish in its savouriness. It also had a moist texture that melted in our mouths.

Cauliflower and Bulger Salad


Accompanying the festive roasts is their Cauliflower & Bulger Salad (S$20+). Served atop a fluffy bed of bulgur wheat, this is one of their best-selling vegetarian options included in their lineup again this year. An unpretentious dish, this salad comprises of a medley of contrasting soft and crunchy textures.

The cauliflowers are roasted and tossed together with the bulgur wheat, giving the salad a slight smoky char that elevated the flavour of this simple dish. This is the salad to go for if you are looking to have something light on the palate yet has that extra oomph of flavour.

Roasted Winter Vegetables


Where there are meats, there will be vegetables to give a refreshing palate change as well. Do not forget their Roasted Winter Vegetables (S$20+), a perennial vegetarian favourite that never fails to leave their guests hankering for more.

A colourful mixture of squash, sweet potato and pumpkin, this is a well-balanced dish consisting of both sweet and savoury notes. The chefs have added in their own smoky touch by giving the vegetables a slight char, adding to its savouriness and contrasting the veggie’s natural sweetness.

Garlic Mash


Nothing completes the meaty affair better than some traditional mash. Introducing their Garlic Mash (S$20+) – it may look unassuming but we guarantee that the mash here is beyond awesome.

Simmered with garlic and loaded with butter, the mash is served with a mouthwatering aroma. Mashed to consistency, it had a thick and creamy texture that melted in our mouths. It was also chock full of savoury, herbaceous flavour.

Marmalade Pantry Log Cakes

Photo Credit: The Marmalade Pantry


You know there will always be room for their well-loved desserts, as what better way to end the joyous occasion than to indulge in some holiday sweet treats? In line with their festive takeaway spread, The Marmalade Pantry has doled out log cakes to celebrate the yuletide season: Black Forest Log Cake and Four-Layer Chocolate Log Cake!

The Black Forest Log Cake is fantastic for those who are sticklers for tradition. A classic favourite, this cake is coated with thick cream, luxurious chocolate and topped with chocolate shavings and blueberries. Nothing too fancy, but will definitely remind you of home.

The dessert lovers will also be a fan of their Four-Layer Chocolate Log Cake, as it is carefully composed of four different fluffy layers that simply melts into gooey goodness in your mouth. Crafted with four distinct flavours, this cake is bound to present you with a medley of contrasting, decadent goodness.

Preorders for their festive spread are open from 15 October 2019 onwards; you can head on to their website to order at and choose from their variety of roasts, sides and sweet treats before opting for self-collection or delivery. Self-collection will be available from 1 December to 25 December 2019.

Alternatively, you can also print their online order form and submit it to any of The Marmalade Pantry’s outlets.

Pay with Mastercard and our code ‘LADYIRONCHEF15′ to enjoy 15% off when you order before 30 Nov 2019 or ‘LADYIRONCHEF10′ to enjoy 10% off when you order from 1 to 15 Dec 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and start preordering these goodies!

Festive Bundle
(1 turkey or ham + 2 sides) = S$128+

Family Bundle
(1 turkey or ham + 1 lamb or beef + 4 sides) = S$228+

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