En Sushi – Feast on Fresh Sashimi, Mouth-Watering Maki Rolls and Delectable Donburi

En Sushi

Named after the Japanese character for gratitude, En Sushi pays homage to the treasures of the ocean in the form of sashimi and sushi. They craft each and every dish with Japanese perfectionism in their work and authentic ‘omotenashi’ hospitality to each customer they serve.

With their new relocation to Middle Road, co-founders Mr Kenneth Koh and ex-Nogawa chef, Mr Kenneth Tan hope to bring an elevated Japanese cuisine and experience to every diner.

Decked out in modern Japanese wood furnishings, cosy chairs and backlit walls featuring row after row of Japanese sake, the restaurant offers affordable meals that certainly do not skimp on quality.

Here’s everything to love about En Sushi and why you should really pay them a visit soon the next time you’re hankering for some quality Japanese fare.

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En Sushi Chef Kenneth


En Sushi is helmed by Chef Kenneth Tan who has two decades of culinary experience in Japanese cuisine under his belt.

It is also note-worthy that En Sushi strives to provide an atypical sashimi selection; seasonal fishes and the most interesting catches are air-flown in on a daily basis so that consumers are pampered with nothing but the best. This enhanced the overall sashimi-appreciation experience and it really sets En Sushi apart from your usual Japanese outlets.

All these commitments are in place to ensure an impeccable experience at En Sushi without the hefty price tags; aren’t you tempted?

En Sushi Maguro Ginger Steak


First on our table was the Maguro Ginger Steak—a thick cut of blue-fin tuna, seared around the edges and drizzled with a tangy ginger sauce. The tuna steak was wonderfully tender; the ginger sauce complementing the rich taste of the fish immaculately. This was one of the best dishes we had tasted.

The plate was garnished with an assortment of greens dressed in the same ginger sauce, pickled radish, and bubbles of ikura speckled around the dish.

En Sushi Sushi Canapes


An innovative modern spin on sushi, these are actually pan-fried rice-side down that produces a nice crisp to the sushi. Then, they are topped with various kinds of seafood such as seasoned jellyfish, negitoro (tuna) and uni (sea urchin).

Our favourite was the negitoro, which boasted a beautiful creamy texture that paired well with the crunch of the seared rice. The medley of flavours left us salivating for more.

En Sushi Aburi Mentai Maki


Slices of juicy scallops are atop rolls containing deep-fried fish stick with cheese and chunks of cucumber, then drizzled with a generous helping of spicy mentaiko sauce before being flame-torched. This is the Spicy Sakane Hotate Aburi Mentai Maki. A mouthful, but in other words, something you must order.

The scallops lent a slight sweetness to the sushi, boosted by the crab within. The mentaiko sauce was only slightly spicy, but definitely still palatable to those who enjoy a milder kick.

Unagi Ebi Aburi Maki En Sushi


Our favourite maki has to be the Unagi Ebi Aburi Maki. This sushi roll features sweet crab meat and tempura bits, topped with unagi, shrimp and bonito flakes.

The myriad of textures and complementing umami flavours make this sushi roll a delightful one, and one that would please any palate.

En Sushi Seasonal Sashimi Platter


The undisputed star on our table was the En Signature Sashimi Moriawase. For this grand selection, we were treated to exotic Japanese fish such as Mebaru (Black Rockfish), Madai (Seabream), Hirame (Flounder) and Shimaaji (Striped Horsemackerel). A variety of other fresh exotic fish such as Itoroyi (Threadfin Bream), Mejina (Rudderfish) and Kasago (Marbled Rockfish) are also available according to its season.

They were skilfully filleted to highlight the best of their flavours. Also included in this gorgeous dish was a generous helping of creamy, fresh uni.

The platter was adorned with a vibrant array of edible Japanese flowers, minty shiso leaves and several other natural embellishments.

En Sushi Sushi Platter


The 9-Kind Premium Sushi is a rainbow display on a plate. The 9 kinds of sushi include Otoro (Premium Tuna Belly), Chutoro (Tuna Belly), Akami (Premium Tuna), Madai (Seabream), Shimaaji (Striped Horsemackerel, Uni (Sea Urchin), Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Aka Ebi (Argentina Red Shrimp).

This elegant and fine plate of sushi is sure to impress and is great if you cannot decide on just one or two types of fish. Don’t we all love having a bit of everything? This is hence the answer. With just the right amount of wasabi along with soy sauce, the simple condiments elevate the flavours of the ocean in every piece of sushi.

Ebi Katsu Pasta


This main course was a pleasant surprise. It was the most unassuming plate after all the vibrant colours of the sushi and sashimi, but it was actually very flavourful!

Delightfully crisp, perfectly fried to a golden brown and wonderfully fresh from the flavours of the shrimp, the Ebi Katsu was just lovely munch on. The spaghetti was coated in a sauce that was savoury and held a hint of sweetness that complemented the Ebi Katsu superbly. The Ebi Katsu Spaghetti is definitely a must-try at En Sushi.

En Sushi Chirashi Don


En Sushi’s rendition of chirashi will satisfy your hunger pangs with thick slices of seasonal sashimi over a bed of Japanese pearl rice. Alongside the fish is sweet tamagoyaki (Japanese egg roll), aburi salmon and some edible flowers.

The Chirashi Don is not only wallet-friendly but also impresses with the diversity of seafood that it comes with. Talk about value for money!


Other than the dishes we savoured, En Sushi also offers seasonal omakase courses, available in 5-course, 7-course and 9-course options. Let these skilled chefs bring you on a gastronomical journey with the vibrancy of Japanese cuisine through these multi-course meals; it would be a luxury your taste buds will thank you for.

En Sushi Interior

Located just a stone’s throw from Bugis MRT Station, En Sushi has to be your next go-to restaurant for some unforgettable Japanese are. With such an array of fresh seafood, sashimi and a plethora of other delectable dishes for you to indulge in, your inner foodie will be nodding with satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy 50% OFF the second Donburi from now until 7 August 2019,. This promotion is valid from Sundays to Thursdays during lunch and dinner.

En Sushi
112 Middle Road
#01-00B Midland House
Singapore 188970
Mon to Thu: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Bugis

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