Sushi Jiro At Keppel Bay – A Brand New Space With Luxe Omakase & Stunning View

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay

Presenting a brand-new space that boasts breathtaking view of Keppel Bay’s stunning architecture and multi-million dollar yachts along with a larger floor space that can accommodate more than 100 diners, dining at Sushi Jiro at Keppel Bay promises a multi-sensory Japanese dining experience not easily forgotten.

Curated and crafted by esteemed Chef Kenji, diners get to savour a delightful mix of seasonal seafood and fish along with other premium ingredients all moulded into gorgeous masterpieces by the chef himself that will target your taste buds in ways that you’ve never experienced before. Promising wave after wave of sensorial bliss, every ingredient is handpicked and air-flown up to 4 times a week from Japan.

Housing a sophisticated repertoire of signature, elegantly crafted items—both classic and contemporary—get ready to be teased by the likes of their Japanese Premium Wagyu A5 Beef Steak along with a bevvy of new creations, diners will be spoiled for choice.

If you’re ever looking to indulge, go to where every single cent will count—go to Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay. From now until 31 Jan 2019, there’s an opening promotion of 15% discount when you dine at Sushi Jiro’s new outlet at Keppel Bay.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Chef Kenji

Behind every great sushi experience is a master sushi chef with countless years of experience honing his skill. Armed with a passion that transcends all boundaries, Chef Kenji Nakagawa of Sushi Jiro never fails to astound and leave us awestruck every time we visit.

A master in the art of Edomae Sushi, Chef Kenji believes that simplicity is the key to crafting great sushi and that the freshness of every ingredient should be enough to speak for themselves. As such, his treatment of many of his dishes are minimal and relies heavily on his expansive knowledge of Japanese produce.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Jiro Special Set


When it comes to indulging in champion-quality Japanese food, you either go all the way or go home, and there truly is no better way than to opt for the brand-new Jiro Special Set (S$68++).

A massive culmination of dishes highlighting some of Japan’s greatest produce, the set comprises sashimi, uzaku (vinegared unagi & cucumbers), tempura, ika uni ikura, salad, onsen egg, a half portion of udon, chawanmushi, rice and ice cream. Every course is executed with utmost precision and care, ensuring the flavours are well-balanced, allowing diners to savour every plate without overwhelming the palate.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Tempura

Lightly battered and deep-fried, the assortment of tempura retained a lightness to it them along with the dish’s signature crunch factor. Neither greasy nor lacking in seasoning, the tempura was prepared very well and the ingredients used were at their optimum freshness.

Sushi Jiro Ikura & Uni Bowl

A shot of pure decadence that comprises ikura and uni carefully placed atop a mound of squid sashimi, this side dish is best enjoyed with slivers of pickled ginger in between. Every mouthful is a culmination of briny, savoury flavours that will literally have you swooning.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Assorted Sushi


Freshly grated wasabi is the standard at luxe omakase joints and besides giving you the real deal, it actually tastes fundamentally better. Here, every piece of nigiri sushi comes dotted with fresh wasabi and licked with an appropriate amount of soy sauce which accents and influences the sushi the way that it’s meant to.

The Assorted Sushi Premium (S$108++) presents a lineup of 10 different nigiri sushi offerings with each one boasting unbeatable freshness as well as its own unique characteristic.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Sushi

Piling over a generous slice of fresh fish atop carefully pressed mounds of seasoned sushi rice, along with the appropriate seasoning added, Chef Kenji carefully ensures that every piece of sushi is well balanced.

The otoro (fatty tuna) boasts a buttery, almost creamy texture and is one that we always save for last.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Sashimi


Offering a wide assortment of sashimi ranging from 5 kinds (S$65++), 8 kinds (S$110++) and 10 kinds (S$140++), knock yourselves out with some of the finest quality seafood you’ll ever find.

Using only the best fish that the season has to offer, treated with so much care and precision and displayed in a manner so elegant that it is almost too stunning to tuck into, the various sashimi platters here are truly worth the splurge.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Wagyu Steak


One particularly noteworthy item includes the moreish Japanese Premium Wagyu A5 Beef Steak (S$64++) that comes from Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture.

Of the four unique Wagyu breeds raised in Japan, Miyazaki Wagyu is easily crowned king. This particular breed is best known for its cherry-red colour, impeccable quality and snowflake-white marbling that is evenly distributed.

Here at Sushi Jiro, they treat it simply with minimal seasoning, using only salt and the garlic to flavour the beef. The steak is served pre-sliced across the grain, revealing its stellar marbling before being topped with shards of fried garlic and garlic oil.

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay Interior

Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay
No.2 Keppel Bay Vista #02-01,
Marina at Keppel Bay,
Singapore 098382
Tel: +65 6252 4333
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Harbourfront

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