Ring In The Holidays With KFC’s All-New Dip, Dunk ’N Share Bundle

KFC Dip, Dunk N Share

For the love of all things deep-fried, greasy and perfect for any occasion, fried chicken is a quintessential comfort food that everybody loves. And where better to indulge our favourite guilty pleasure than at KFC?

They’ve impressed us (and successfully contributed to our waistlines) over the years with their various seasonal offerings, but this new entrant may prove to be even more unforgiving—in a good way, of course.

KFC Festive Bucket

Set to tantalise the taste buds on all fronts, the all-new Dip, Dunk ’N Share Bucket comprises 6 pieces of KFC’s signature Hot & Crispy Tenders, 12 Nuggets, 1 medium fries and a pair of 2 sauces—Sour Cream & Onion and BBQ—as well as a brand-new addition Spicy BBQ Pops.

Providing a medley of flavour and textural elements from tang to heat and even a robust barbecue flavour, all nicely underscored by the added crunch from the Spicy BBQ Pops, this is one solid holiday bundle that has it all.

KFC Dip, Dunk N Share Bucket

At only S$15.95, this new share-appropriate item comes with a heaping portion of fries, nuggets and crispy chicken tenders, all nicely golden, succulent and begging to be devoured.

KFC Sauces

Teaming up alongside the succulent chicken are various condiments which include Smoky Chipotle BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion, as well as their brand-new Spicy BBQ Pops—a crucial component that gives this unique bundle its signature crunch factor.

KFC Dip N Dunk Collage

The way to enjoy this delicious bundle in all its crunchy, flavourful glory is simple, just dip whichever item you choose into one of the two sauces, dunk it into the tub of Spicy BBQ Pops and get as many of the little flavour bits to latch on as possible, and enjoy.

KFC Fries

Out of the two sauces, we much prefer the Sour Cream & Onion as it provides a rich, tangy creaminess followed by a punchy onion flavour that goes exceptionally well with the little crunchy barbecue-flavoured balls.

Its barbecue counterpart, on the other hand, boasts a much edgier, smoky appeal that does well to amplify the barbecue flavour of the Smoky BBQ Pops as well. A double whammy of pure smoky goodness, the Smoky Chipotle BBQ is the way to go if you prefer a little heat.

KFC Chicken Tenders

Have too many mouths to feed? Fret not because the Festive Feast Bundle (S$38.85)—that features an additional 9 pieces of KFC’s good-old fried chicken—will have you well sorted.

When it comes to the holidays, diets don’t apply, so go on, order up a bucket (or ten) of the all-new Dip, Dunk N’ Share Bundle and have yourself a very merry Christmas with your loved ones!

This post was brought to you by KFC.