Shui Kee Coffee – Old-School Eatery In Hong Kong With Cheap Local Breakfast

Shui Kee Coffee

Shui Kee Coffee in Hong Kong has been around for decades and it is as old school, as traditional, as Hong Kong as you can get to a cha chaan teng.

You almost don’t see tourists dining there; just locals who want breakfast in the most comforting form they know, without having their wallets take a beating.

Shui Kee HK

Where Hong Kong-style buns, sandwiches, French Toast, noodles and milk tea are concerned, Shui Kee Coffee does it in the most traditional no-frills way. You have to try it for yourselves if you want a true taste of Hong Kong-style breakfast.

Shui Kee Coffee Sheung Wan

Shui Kee Coffee sits within the food centre, on the third level of Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building. You wouldn’t “chance upon it” if you didn’t know about it and hunted for it. It is one of those places where locals in the know go to and one that they always return to for a quick, casual and affordable breakfast.

Shui Kee Milk Tea

On the very straight forward menu, you have your usual Hong Kong-style beverages (HK$13/ S$2.16) such as Milk Tea, Yuan Yang and Almond Milk. Shui Kee Coffee is famous for its Hong Kong-style Milk Tea; you have to go for the Milk Tea, of course. We loved the cold one that came in an old-school glass bottle. It was silky with a subtle bitter after taste.

Shui Kee Luncheon Meat Noodle

For breakfast, there is no better way to start your day in Hong Kong than with a bowl of Noodles (HK$24/ S$4). What is essentially just instant noodles is made better with two slices of luncheon meat and a fried egg; the locals sure love their “can tan mee”.

Shui Kee Egg Beef Bun

The Beef & Egg Bun (HK$14/ S$2.30) is a popular choice. Honestly, there is nothing special about it, but it is one of those typical breakfast items that locals grow up eating. Shui Kee Coffee’s rendition comes with eggs that are fried with chives for an elevated flavour.

What you must not miss is the Hong Kong-style French Toast (HK$23/ S$3.83). Shui Kee Coffee’s rendition is one of the best that we’ve had in Hong Kong.

The next time you find yourselves in Sheung Wan, make a trip to Shui Kee Coffee and eat like a local.

Shui Kee Coffee
Shop 17, 18167, Sheung Wan
Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building
Tel: +852 2850 8643
Mon to Sat: 8am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Sheung Wan