Le Castella – Famous Castella Cakes From Taiwan That Are Worth Queuing Up For

Le Castella Cake Cutting

Le Castella, a famous Castella cake shop from Taiwan, opened in Singapore back in May 2017 and it kickstarted a new trend for castella cakes in Singapore.

For the uninitiated, a Castella cake is a sponge cake from Nagasaki, Japan, known for its pillow-like appearance and moist interior. Its ingredients comprise sugar, flour, eggs and starch syrup, however, the baking process remains a trade secret.

At Le Castella in Tampines One, people begin queuing for this jiggly, yummy sponge cakes literally an hour before the shop even opens.

Le Castella Castella Cake

The main draw at Le Castella is being able to witness the freshly baked Castella cakes being brought out from the back kitchen and cut in full view of the public eye every 10 to 15 minutes. Eager customers can feel free to snap photos of the amazing spectacle that is—the reveal of the moist and fluffy interior that oozes cheesy and eggy goodness once it is cut.

Le Castella Original Cake

The Original Castella cake (S$9.90) boasts a fluffy and moist texture that is further accentuated by a strong aroma of freshly cooked eggs. The outer crust possesses a mildly toasted flavour that we thought complemented the richness of the eggy interior well.

Le Castella Cheese Cake

The Cheese Castella cake (S$11.90) on the other hand is exactly the same except for a thin layer of cheese that adds a subtle saltiness and richness to the cake. This is one you have to enjoy hot in order to fully savour the melted cheese.

The overall taste is pretty similar to a steamed egg cake you would typically find in dim sum restaurants. It is light, moist and not overly sweet—this would probably go amazingly well with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Le Castella’s cakes—or Castella cakes in general—should be enjoyed fresh out of the oven when it is still warm and fluffy. The textural experience transcends all other cakes out there but you would have to try it for yourself to understand why.

Le Castella Queue

If you plan on getting your hands on these lovely bakes at Le Castella, we highly recommend that you begin queuing from 10.30am onwards. Each customer is only entitled to 2 boxes of Castella cakes per order.

Le Castella
#B1-32, 10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines One
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tampines

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