The Butchers Club Hong Kong

The Butchers Club

When we were in Hong Kong in November last year, we had the pleasure of having a dinner at a popup restaurant by The Butchers Club, a butchery, home catering and private kitchen which specialises in dry aging beef. The Steak Rebellion – the name of their popup event – is one of the most interesting dining experiences we have been to.

Steak Rebellion

A special set-up at the rooftop of a charming old building, we were greeted with a crazy team of hosts & serves in different characters – a bohemian singer, an obsessed violinist & many fierce butchers who just returned from a hunting trip and massively covered in blood.

Cows’ and pigs’ heads decorated the rooftop alongside fatale looking cutting equipments. Candles and roses lined the table and a bottle of wine greeted every guest.

The whole chunky cow was cut up ala table-side style and our preferences were jotted down, though one of the murderous-looking servers told us we were to just eat whatever we were served. Out of jest, in the name of fun of course. Speak about a thematic dinner that sends chills down your spine – literally!


We had super fresh oysters with copious amounts of wine while waiting for the steaks to be cooked. It was a rather long wait, but when they were served, it was all worth it.

Dry Aged Steak

The steaks were amazing. It was hands down one of the best steaks we have ever had. We have been to many fine steak restaurants, but this was something truly special. The deftly seasoned steak was tender, beautifully cooked with a remarkable depth of flavour. It stayed juicy throughout, and it was excellent right down to the last bite. Everyone on our table was blown away by how good it was.

The Steak Rebellion

The Butchers Club is an expert in dry aging beef, and once you have tried one of their top quality dry aged beef steaks, life will never be the same again.

The Butchers Club
13C Sun Ying Industrial Centre
9 Tin Wan Close
Tin Wan, Aberdeen
Tel: +852 2552 8281
Note: This was an invited media event.