Bali Food Guide – 35 Restaurants, Eateries & Bars You Have To Visit

Bali Best Restaurants

This guide to Bali’s best restaurants was last updated on 19 Mar 2015. 

Bali is Indonesia’s favourite poster boy for tourism; it is the most popular tourist spot in the country and it is understandable why visitors flock there every so often for the beaches, clubbing, and cultural sights. And now, it is safe to say that Bali is also one of Asia’s most vibrant dining destinations where you can get not just good local Indonesian food, but also fine dining restaurants that are of international standards.

Besides staying at chic and swanky resorts, we also checked out many amazing dining concepts which include restaurants like Mama San, Petitenget and Merah Putih at Jalan Petitenget. Perennial favourites such as Ku De Ta and Potato Head remain at the forefront of the local F&B scene. There are so many good restaurants and bars that it is impossible to visit all of them.

Here is our Bali Food Guide of 34 of the best restaurants, eateries, cafes & bars that you have to visit on the Island of Gods.

Angelita Patisserie

#1 Angelita Patisserie

Bali’s very own Ladurée, Angelita Patisserie might just be our newfound favourite in Seminyak. It is every bit Parisian, in the softest pastel hues and candy-coloured chinaware. A stunning display of in-house bakes and sweet creations, Angelita is an elegant tea salon-cum-patisserie that serves French sweets.

Think eclairs in assorted flavours like oreo and passionfruit, chocolate tarts and raspberry mousse cakes, and a very delectable banana and nutella tart with a chocolate biscuit base. Fine and exquisite, everything here is so reasonably priced between RP30,000 to RP50,000.

Jalan Raya Kerobokan no. 10A
Banjar Taman, Kerobokan, Kuta, Bali
Tel: +62 361 7473138
Area: Seminyak

Ibu Oka

#2 Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Babi Guling, or suckling pig, is one of the most famous food in Bali. Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka is an institution in Bali, and it is known to serve one of the best, if not the best Babi Guling. Rice topped with suckling pig skin, grilled sausage, grilled pork, and deep-fried pork, this dish is good for the soul but bad for the arteries.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka is listed in our guide to Ubud’s Best Places to Eat.

Jalan Suewta
Tel: +62 361 2077 490

Jalan Raya Teges
Peliatan, Ubud

Tegal Sari No 2
Tel: +62 361 976435

Balique Restaurant

#3 Balique

Located near Intercontinental Hotel at Jimbaran, Balique is a beautiful vintage restaurant which serves a good balance of Indonesian food and western food. It is by the same owners as The Bistrot, another of our favourite restaurant in Seminyak.

Jalan Uluwatu no. 39
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +62 361 704 945

Bebek Bengil

#4 Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner) is another famous restaurant that you have to try. It rose to fame with its crispy dirty duck, and it is now a dining destination in Ubud. The crispy duck is indeed very very good – tender, succulent and flavourful, with a crackly-crisp skin. It is the benchmark for how a good duck should taste like. In a word, heavenly.

Bebek Bengil is listed in our guide to Ubud’s Best Places to Eat.

Jalan Hanoman
Padang Tegal, Ubud
Tel: +62 361 975489

Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud

#5 Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant

Another place that you must try in Ubud is Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant, which is also famous for its duck dishes. It is a huge outdoor restaurant with many pavilions surrounding paddy fields. It is difficult to decide between between Bebek Bengil and Bebek Tepi Sawah, but if we had to choose, the latter edges out for its beautiful paddy fields backdrop.

Bebek Tepi Sawah is listed in our guide to Ubud’s Best Places to Eat.

Jalan Raya Goa Gajah
Br. Teges Peliatan, Ubud
Tel: +62 361 975656
Daily: 10am – 10pm


#6 Biku

Everyone knows Biku. It is a spot that everyone goes to, and tells their friends who are visiting Bali. It is quite simply, one of the best places to have afternoon tea. They have a fantastic afternoon tea set at Rp 95,000 (S$12), which comes with scones, finger sandwiches, a selection of sweet treats, and tea.

Jalan Raya Petitenget 888
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 8570888
Daily: 8am – 11pm


#7 Cuca Restaurant

Cuca Restaurant in Jimbaran is one of the most popular new restaurants in Bali right now, and after having a meal there, I can understand why. Delicious and playful cocktails, bold and refreshing tapas using locally-sourced ingredients, and a really chill out vibe, Cuca is worth a try if you are staying in the Jimbaran area. Even if you are not, I would highly recommend making a stop here. My favourite dishes are the BBQ octopus with gazpacho, and Crispy Chicken which is done in a Japanese Karaage style.

Jalan Yoga Perkanthi
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +62 361 708066
Daily: 12pm – 12 Midnight


#8 Edogin

Few Japanese restaurants in bali do it better than Edogin at The Mulia Bali. On Friday and Saturday nights, this exquisite Japanese restaurant offers a teppanyanki buffet. Sashimi, sushi, tempura, udon, oysters, desserts, and of course – a heavenly selection of prawn, scallop, chicken, vegetable, and steak, all cooked ala minute by the chefs so that you can enjoy a piping hot teppanyaki meal.

Jalan Nusa Dua
Kuta Selatan, Badung
The Mulia Bali
Tel: + 62 361 3017777

8 Degrees South

#9 Eight Degrees South

Sitting along the coast of Nusa Dua, Conrad Bali has a series of rooms and suites that cater to various preferences. Soak up in the gigantic pool that is surrounded with lush palm trees, or suntan on the sandy beach – just at the foot of the property – that spans across 350 metres.

Our favourite restaurant in the property has to be Eight Degrees South – a beachfront al fresco dining outlet that serves a contemporary menu. Chef Taurik helms the team of culinary talents, and every dish that they whip up is exhilarating in flavours and aesthetics.

It also offers a private romantic dinner by night, where you and your lover get a pavilion to yourselves, and an exquisite multi-course dinner is prepared specially for you in a candlelit setting.

Conrad Bali Resort & Spa
Jalan Pratama 168
Tanjung Benoa, Bali 80363
Tel: +62 361 778788


#10 Fire

Fire at W Retreat & Spa Bali is a stunning restaurant. It is somewhere you would go to for a special occasion, or to impress your date. Not only do they have a very good breakfast buffet spread, they also serve very good steaks from the wood-fired grill during lunch and dinner.

W Retreat & Spa
Jalan Petitenget
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 4738106

Gardin Patisserie

#11 Gardin Bistro

A standalone glasshouse nestled in the quieter part of Jalan Petitenget, Gardin Bistro is a stunning restaurant that took our breath away. A trail through the garden led us to the mysterious and big wooden door, and we stepped in to an elegant space that is warmed by the sun rays. Gardin is romantic and every bit sexy, and so is their menu. Slightly on the pricier side, but we trust that your date would be impressed. The main courses were sadly nothing much to hype about, but their desserts left us lingering for more.

Jalan Petitenget No.106
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 8499799
Daily: 11am – 1am
Area: Seminyak

Ku De Ta Bali

#12 Ku De Ta

Probably the most well-known beach club/restaurant, Ku De Ta is the see and be seen place in Bali. You won’t need any motivation to check it out. Chances are, you already have it down on your list of must-go places in Bali.

Jalan Kayu Aya No. 9
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 736969

Warung Made

#13 Made’s Warung

Made’s Warung is an institution in Bali for traditional Balinese food. While it mainly caters to tourists and travellers, many locals agree that it serves authentic and tasty Indonesian food.

Br. Seminyak
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 732130

Mama San Bali

#14 MAMA San

Opened by Chef Will Meyrick — who is also behind the famous Sarong Restaurant (read below) at Petitenget — MAMA San is an uber-trendy restaurant which serves Asian-inspired dishes. It is one of the most hyped about restaurants in Bali, and rightfully so. MAMA San reinterprets and serves polished and modern Asian street food in an upmarket environment.

Jalan Raya
Kerobokan, Bali
Daily: 12pm – 5pm, 6.30pm – 11pm
Tel: +62 361 730436


#15 Menega Cafe

For the best seafood in Jimbaran Bay, go to Menega Cafe. Indonesians and tourists go there for a seafood feast while watching the sunset. But there is always a long wait, and the whole area tends to be very smoky and smelly during dinner. What I would recommend instead is to go there during the day when it is less crowded. If you want to watch the sunset in Jimbaran Bay, go to Sundara at Four Seasons or Smoqee Sky Bar at Le Meridien.

Jalan Four Seasons Hotel
Muaya beach
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +62 361 705888

Merah Putih

#16 Merah Putih

Merah Putih, a classy restaurant that serves traditional Indonesian cuisine for the purists, and at the same time, dedicating another column in the menu to providing options for Indonesian food with a modern interpretation.

They have done a fantastic job at pushing the boundaries of Indonesian cuisine. Judging by the crowd during dinner, Merah Putih is already very popular even though it has only been around for a few months. It has the potential to become one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Jalan Petitenget No 100x
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 8465950
Daily: 5.30pm – 11.30pm

Motel Mexicola

#17 Motel Mexicola

Another place in Seminyak that I like is Motel Mexicola, a fun and energetic Mexican taqueria that has great drinks, quesadillas and tacos.

Jalan Kayujati 9X Petitenget
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 736688


#18 Mozaic Restaurant

Mozaic Restaurant, Bali’s fine dining temple, is the destination for any hard core food lover. Having won many accolades, it is the most famous restaurant in Bali, if not Indonesia. Mozaic offers two menus for dinner – the Discovery Menu (Rp 700,000++) which combines classic French cooking techniques with local Indonesian flavours and ingredients, and the Chef’s Tasting Menu (Rp 900,000++).

Mozaic Restaurant is listed in our guide to Ubud’s Best Places to Eat.

Jalan Raya Sanggingan
Tel: +62 361 975768

Metis Restaurant

#19 Metis

Another highly rated restaurant in Seminyak is Metis. If you are celebrating a special occasion in Bali, this modern and stylish restaurant overlooking rice paddies is the place to head to.

Jalan Petitenget No.6
kerobokan, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 4737 888

Naughty Nuri's

#20 Naughty Nuri’s Warung

The ‘best pork ribs in Bali’ award goes to Naughty Nuri’s Warung. There are many restaurants serving pork ribs, but they have the best pork ribs in Bali. You must not leave Bali without trying it.

Naughty Nuri’s is listed in our guide to Ubud’s Best Places to Eat.

Jalan Batubelig 41, Kerobokan
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 8476722
Daily: 11am – 10.30pm


#21 Petitenget

There are plenty of good restaurants along Jalan Petitenget, and one of our favourite places is Petitenget, a casual and chic French bistro. It is the kind of place where you can go for breakfast and coffee, and grab a magazine to spend the rest of the day. It is equally charming at night, and it is easy to understand why the bistro is so well-liked by expats and travellers.

Jalan Petitenget No.40X
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 473 3054

Potato Head Beach Club

#22 Potato Head Beach Club

Regulars to Bali always go back to Potato Head. Much has been said about this popular beach club – the awesome location, the superb vibe, the cool crowd – but really, it is a place that you must drop by and experience it on your own.

Jalan Petitenget 51B
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 0361 473 7979
Daily: 11am – 2am

Revolver Espresso

#23 Revolver Espresso

Revolver Espresso is one of the coolest coffee joints in Seminyak, Bali. If you love coffee, and enjoy cafe-hopping, you have to drop by Revolver for a cuppa when you are exploring Jalan Laksmana.

One will be hard-pressed to find Revolver Espresso unless they are in the know, or stumble on it entirely by accident. The easiest way is to look out for Bali Clinic as they are tucked in a lane opposite the clinic. Alternatively, you can enter from the back of Home Store or This is a Love Song store.

Jalan Kayu Aya No 3, Oberoi
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 0361 788 4968
Daily: 8am – 5pm

Rock Bar Bali

#24 Rock Bar

Rock Bar at AYANA Resort is often known as one of the best bars in Bali to watch sunsets. The legendary bar sits on a rock at the base of the cliffs, and it offers an amazing view of the horizon. Go to Rock Bar during the evening to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset. The bar is extremely popular, so get there early by 4pm to get a table.

AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +62 0361 702222
Daily: 4pm – 1am


#25 Sarong

Sarong Restaurant by Chef Will Meyrick is one of the most established, and talked-about restaurants in Bali. It is currently ranked No 13. on the Miele Guide’s ‘Top 20 Restaurants in Asia’, and there is a reason why regulars go back to Sarong again and again. It promises an epicurean experience that lives up to its name.

Jalan Petitenget No. 19X
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 737809

Sardine Restaurant

#26 Sardine

Sardine is one of those restaurants that will stop you in your track and make you “oh-my-god”. It is a stunning restaurant with rice fields as the backdrop. The menu focuses on fresh seafood and homegrown organic vegetables. While there are fewer options during lunch, I would recommend going there in the day as it is more affordable (Rp 90,000 for main course), and you can walk around the rice fields to take some photos.

Jalan Petitenget No. 21
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738202

Sea Circus Bali

#27 Sea Circus

A bright and cheerful restaurant that serves awesome coffee and brunch – most of the items on the menu are priced below Rp 80,000 (S$10). Besides brunch, it is also a great place for a quick lunch, cocktails during the evening and dinner with a group of pals. It is only a stone’s throw away from the famous Ku De Ta, so you will be able to find it easily.

22 Jalan Kayu Aya, Oberoi Road
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738667
Daily: 7am – 1am


#28 Sundara

The newest and hippest addition to Jimbaran Bay, Sundara at Four Seasons Bali is a sexy restaurant and beach club that marries a fantastic location (on the edge of the bay, with stylish cocktails (try the passionfruit mojito, it is so damn good), and fine dining experience.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +62 361 708333
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm


#29 Soleil

This beachfront dining restaurant at The Mulia Bali has an extensive spread of Mediterranean and Pan-Asian cuisines, but what you must not miss is its Sunday champagne brunch. Indulge in a mouthwatering spread, with endless champagne, wines, and cocktails.

Jalan Nusa Dua
Kuta Selatan, Badung
The Mulia Bali
Tel: +62 361 3017777

The Bistrot

#30 The Bistrot

This is easily one of the prettiest restaurants in Seminyak, if not Bali. Well-executed food at reasonable prices for brunch, served in a fabulous space. Its full-day menu means that you can come here for breakfast , lunch, tea or dinner.

Jalan Kayu Aya 117
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: + 62 361 738308

The Cafe Mulia

#31 The Cafe at Mulia

The Cafe at The Mulia Bali has quite possibly one of the best international buffets in Bali. The breakfast buffet is renowned for its amazing spread, while lunch and dinner buffets are equally enticing. You must try the BBQ char siew and roast pork from the impressive cantonese roast station. Also, you must save room for sweets. The dessert room is the dream for every dessert lover.

Jalan Nusa Dua
Kuta Selatan, Badung
The Mulia Bali
Tel: +62 361 3017777

Fat Turtle Brunch

#32 The Fat Turtle

Very new to the cafe scene in Seminyak, The Fat Turtle is fast becoming a favourite among holiday-goers with their impressive menu at even more amazing prices. We did a double take when we first saw the menu, but not kidding – Green Tea Churros (RP27,000), Red Velvet Pancakes (RP45,000) and Brekky Sandwich (RP40,000).

But what took our breath away was the Kaffir Lime Leaf Sweet Corn Fritters (RP50,000) – a beautiful dish that includes crispy bacon, tomato jam, poached eggs and avocado Hollandaise. Definitely a must-go at Seminyak, we’d say!

Jalan Raya Petitenget 886A
Tel: +62 813 37374766
Daily: 9am – 7pm
Area: Seminyak


#33 Ultimo Italian Restaurant

This Italian restaurant is my “go to” place whenever I am in Bali. Ultimo serves good Italian pastas at very affordable prices – all the pastas are priced below Rp 80,000 (S$10) – and it never fails to satisfy. Let’s just put it this way: I can eat here everyday.

Jalan Kayu Aya 104X
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 738721

Warung Pak Malen

#34 Warung Pak Malen

There are several popular Babi Guling (Balinese suckling pig) eateries around – with Oba in Ubud being the most famous. But if you are not travelling to Ubud, you should check out Warung Pak Malen – Jalan Sunset in Seminyak – which is also well known for its Babi Guling.

5 Jalan Sunset Road
Seminyak, Bali

W Woo Bar

#35 Woo Bar

Woo Bar at W Retreat & Spa, undisputedly one of the hippest bars in Bali, is the place to party. They organise the best parties, enough said!

W Retreat & Spa Bali
Jalan Petitenget
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel: +62 361 4738 106
Sun to Thu: 10am – 1am
Fri & Sat: 10am – 2am

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Tips for travelling in Bali There are plenty of things to do in Bali, but really, the best thing you can do for yourself is to read a book, take long strolls along the beautiful beaches, and enjoy good food.

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