Best Pancakes in Singapore

Singapore Best PancakesPancakes from OverEasy

Pancake is one thing that I can have everyday without getting sick of. They taste great with a scoop of ice cream, or if you are like me, I’d have them with just maple syrup and butter.

I LOVE pancakes. Over the last two months, I’ve been trying out different brunch places to find the best pancakes in Singapore. Where can you find good and fluffy pancakes? Which pancake places are worth a try?

Here’s my list of the best pancakes in Singapore.

Pancake lovers unite!


It is no secret that I am a big fan of Chef Pang Kok Keong. Antoinette – a beautiful Parisian style patisserie tea salon – is one of my favourite new restaurants in 2011.

Besides offering French desserts, Antoinette also has an all day dining menu which has eggs, French toast, and Blinis (French thick pancakes). There are both sweet and savoury pancakes like Blinis with blueberries ($10), and savoury Blinis with smoked salmon ($15).

30 Penhas Road

Tel: +65 6293 3121

Pancakes are most people’s favourite brunch food for a good reason: they are fun and delicious.

Barracks Cafe House Dempsey

Everyone needs at least one reliable place for comfort food. For me, Barracks Cafe at Dempsey Hill is one of my favourite cafes in Singapore. With seven layers of fluffy pancakes, the 7-layer Pancake ($18) at Barracks Cafe is quite possibly the biggest pancake in Singapore. Definitely a must-try for pancake lovers.

8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village
Tel: +65 6475 7787

Buttermilk Pancakes

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

Over at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar, they serve a Buttermilk Pancakes ($6 with maple syrup, and $9 with ice cream). For the price, we thought that it was great value for this dish.

Bishan Park 2 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 569931
Tel: +65 6556 1533
Weekdays: 9am till late
Weekends: 8am till late

Cedele Pancakes

Cedele Restaurant & Bakery

A good pancake can be found at Cedele. They have different variations like wild blueberry, pepper corn, apple cinnamon and mushroom onion.

Filled with the goodness of blueberries, Cedele’s Wild Blueberry Pancakes ($12.9) came with butter, maple syrup, salad, and choice of bacon or sausage.

501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Tel: +65 6732 8520

Best Pancakes Singapore

Epicurious Cafe

The pancakes ($7) from Epicurious are not out-of-this-world good. But I still love it, and I always order baked eggs and eat them together.

392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
Tel: +65 6894 5926

Food For Thought Cafe

At Food For Thought Cafe, you can choose from a variety of pancakes: have it plain with fresh cream and Gula Melaka syrup ($6); or opt for the popular combination of banana & walnuts ($10). Breakfast is available from 9am to 5.30pm, let’s have pancakes for afternoon high tea.

8 Queen Street
Tel: +65 6338 9887

Not all pancakes are created equal. Your mission: go in search of the best pancakes in Singapore.

OverEasy Restaurant

Another place that has all day breakfast is OverEasy at One Fullerton. It is an American restaurant that serves your favourite comfort food, it is opened till late 2am. How about having some pancakes ($16) with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bacon for supper?

1 Fullerton Road
#01-06 One Fullerton
Tel: +65 6423 0701

Prive Pancakes

Privé bakery café

Prive Bakery Cafe is one of my favourite brunch places in Singapore. There’s nothing fantastic about the food, just simple, well-executed comfort food served at reasonable prices.

And of course, you must order the fluffy pancakes ($13.5) when you are there.

2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina @ Keppel Bay
Tel: 6776 0777

Pancakes are just an excuse for me to eat maple syrup and butter. Om nom nom nom!

Spruce Cafe Bakery

Perched at the top of Phoenix Park in Tanglin, Spruce is a nice cafe which is just a few minutes drive from Orchard. It is extremely popular for their weekend brunch, and the Banana Hotcakes ($14) with honeycomb butter and blueberry syrup is definitely worth a try.

320 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6836 5528

Strictly Pancakes Singapore

Strictly Pancakes

The concept of all day dining restaurant serving only pancakes is not new – I have been to Pancakes on the Rock in Sydney which has a similar idea.

But Strictly Pancakes is certainly the first of its kind in Singapore. It is one of the few places that serve both sweet pancakes ($10) like lemon curd, strawberries, and blackforest; and savoury pancakes ($14) that come with ingredients like beef patty, salmon and garlic buttered prawns.

44A Prinsep Street Singapore
Tel: +65 6333 4202

Wild Honey Singapore

Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery is a breakfast speciality restaurant that serves different breakfasts from all over the world. The Canadian Pancake ($18) – a stack of classic pancakes served with wild berry, bacon and maple syrup – is one of the most popular items on their all day brunch menu.

333A Orchard Road #03-02
Mandarin Gallery Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 3900

For more recommendations, read my list of best brunch places in Singapore


I enjoyed the pancake stack at Barracks @ Dempsey :) Does Artichoke offer pancakes on its menu?

Did you try the chocolate pancakes at POTR when you were in Sydney? I thought they were quite delicious. I have yet to come across any chocolate pancakes in SG! Have you? :)

IMO, I think pancakes are best eaten sweet rather than savoury!!! :) Guess a McDonald’s hotcakes-lover like me will always prefer to have a sweet experience with pancakes.

eileen: try the pancakes on this list and let me know which is your favourite!

S: haha yeah I tried the pancakes at Pancakes on the rock, but didn’t have the chocolate ones. Nope, never really see any in Singapore so far. Actually me too, pancakes are meant to be eaten sweet : )

ashleigh: Not a big fan of granola pancakes, but the other pancakes are lovely! where else do you go for pancakes?

One of my favourite pancake places so far is at B2 of Plaza Singapura in a stall called The Bratwurst Shop. Apart from their bratwurst sausages/sandwiches, they serve all day breakfast. Lovely buttery and fluffy pancakes!

there are chocolate pancakes at strictly pancakes !!!
2 fluffy pancakes served with chocolate sauce, a few pieces of strawberries and a scope of chocolate ice-cream.

Its the first time i tried chocolate pancakes in SG =)


Know anywhere that does good Dutch pancakes? Savoury and sweet ones like apple and cinnamon, have been searching for a while and found nothing so far.


Hi! My boyfriend and I went to Creperie des Arts last night on prinsep street, just RIGHT NEXT to strictly pancakes, and I have to say that being French, this place serves delicious authentic galettes (savoury crepes – French thin pancakes if others prefer) and sweet crepes! Accompanied with frenh cider and the meal was complete. :)
I went to antoinette and though it was pretty yummy, it just didn’t feel real French… Especially since they use the same dough for sweet and savoury crepes!
As you said, this section is for pancakes, americanised version of crepes so we can’t really compare, but I just thought I would mention about creperie des arts restaurant which is unfortunately hidden by strictly pancakes… People are really missing out… And the service was very good, the owner and chef are French :)
Try the galettes sarrasins while you are in Paris, and when you come back, you’ll see this place is as close as it gets to real French crepes! :)

Hi Martin,
Do you mini dutch pancakes, poffertjes?
You can find them at The Central, Clarke Quay! Basement Central Market.

you should definitely try the red velvet pancake and caramel pumpkin pancake at The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles. PURE BLISS! Can’t get enough of your blog btw, you always brighten my day with divine desserts! <3

hello all,

no offence intended but the pancakes that i have tasted at strictly pancakes are by far the worst pancakes ever!

for some reason, the pancakes are salty and the color is too pale (esp the last layer at the bottom)

on a happier note, i wld vote for antoinette and cedele anytime :)

Time to add the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry pancake from Food for Thought to the list! I thought you said that you’ll go so far as to say it’s the best pancake in SG on instagram or something

If I’m not wrong, there are Dutch pancakes at the basement of Central (the one at Clarke Quay). It’s pretty good ^_^ It’s located near Gong Cha!

There’s also Paddington House of Pancakes at City Square Mall. Claims to have over a 100 different types of pancakes!


Batter flappy flaps pancakes r not bad!!! Especially strawberry cheesecake flakes ^^

Today I ate at strictly pancakes and was absolutely appaled by the low standard of food and terrible service. I would highly advise everyone to stay away from that place and I deeply regret paying for the food. Best part of the experience was opening the door to leave.

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