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Strictly Pancakes Singapore

Some of my friends have been commenting that Strictly Pancakes at Prinsep Street is probably one of the best pancake restaurant/cafe in Singapore. As usual, I waited a while before visiting because I wanted them to sort out the teething problems first.

The concept of All Day Dining restaurant serving only pancakes is not new, I have been to Pancakes on the Rock in Sydney which has a similar idea. But Strictly Pancakes is certainly the first of its kind in Singapore, and their menu has both savoury and sweet pancakes.

I heard that they are usually full during lunch and dinner, so we went there during mid afternoon and we had the whole cafe to ourselves.

Strictly Pancakes

If it was the ‘old’ me, I’d have rejected the idea of savoury pancakes: “how can pancakes be savoury, they are supposed to be sweet, they are dessert!” But hey, there’s always a first time for everything, right?

After settling down on the cosy sofa, I took a look at Strictly Pancakes’ menu and went for the Snuggle Up ($13). Tasty hotdogs held within the fluffy pancakes, drizzled with the sweet maple syrup and butter; perfect! Who can refuse a hot and puffy pancake? Not me.

We felt that the mushy peas didn’t really blend in well with the pancakes and sausages, but it was a good attempt anyway.

Savoury Pancakes

Eeew, pancakes and GARLIC BUTTERED PRAWNS?

Yes. The stack of pancakes were served together with prawns buttered generously with garlic. To be fair, it wasn’t as weird as we thought. The Garlic Buttered prawns pancakes ($14) that silvia ordered were actually pretty tasty.

Here’s a tip: if you are a savoury person, by all means order the savoury pancakes like the Beef Patty, Chicken chunks, and Smoked Salmon from Strictly Pancakes.

But for those who have a sweet tooth and find it hard to accept the idea of a savoury pancake, I will still suggest you to give it a try. Think of it this way, if worse comes to worst, you can always have the savoury toppings separately, and finish the pancakes with maple syrup and butter as dessert.

Give them a try with an open mind, there’s really nothing to lose.

Pancakes in Singapore

The Strawberries & Co ($10) is a medium stack of pancakes with mixed berries, strawberries coulis, and vanilla ice cream. Whenever I go to Epicurious Cafe for breakfast, I’ll always order their pancakes as it is affordable and good.

But after having the ones from Strictly Pancakes, I will go as far to say that they have the best pancakes in Singapore. Three fluffy and thick pancakes with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream for just ten bucks – how do you beat that?

Having pancakes is just an excuse for me to eat maple syrup, and ice cream.

Strictly Pancakes Cafe

We also had the Bananas-Scotched ($10). The pancakes were the perfect vehicle to soak up the rum and maple syrup, together with the caramelised bananas and vanilla bean ice cream — I think I am in sugar heaven. Mind you, this is extremely sweet, so only order it if you have a high tolerance for sweet stuff.

* * *

The pancakes are definitely substantial enough for lunch, we were so full that we couldn’t finish all the pancakes. For those of you who are keen to try the Prinsep Street Pancakes, I’d advise you to share the pancakes (for 4 person, 3 different pancakes should suffice).

Strictly Pancakes reminds me of Hatched and Wild Honey, which serve all day breakfast daily. Now you can have your pancakes during breakfast, afternoon tea, or as desserts after dinner. There’s no doubt. I definitely will come back to Strictly Pancakes at Prinsep Street to satisfy my pancakes craving.

Strictly Pancakes has the best pancakes in Singapore, it’s time to drop by for a pancake party!

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