TASTE by TungLok – New Dining Concept Focusing On Sustainable and Organic Chinese Fare

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TungLok Group has added a new establishment to its ever-flourishing list of restaurants – TASTE by TungLok.

TASTE by TungLok intends on revolutionising the way many view healthy Chinese dishes by serving everyday dishes with quality and organic ingredients with a refined twist. It is TungLok’s belief that through good food and good taste, family bonds are strengthened and friendships are forged.

Their meticulously-curated menu boasts over 70 heart-warming dishes that will bring many for a trip down memory lane, featuring Chinese-cuisine classics such as their Double-Boiled Fish Maw with Chicken, Australian Barramundi Fish Head and Crisp-Fried Tiger Prawn with Sichuan Spice.

Feel the nostalgia and taste the goodness of traditional recipes with the new TASTE by TungLok. Check out what we had and our thoughts on this new Chinese restaurant.

appetizer TASTE by TungLok


We started the meal with TASTE by TungLok’s Shredded Kampong Chicken with Jellyfish and Shredded Cucumber (S$20++), and their Deep-fried Prawn Paste & Chinese Cabbage wrapped with Beancurd Skin (S$22++).

The combination of cold chicken and jellyfish may be an odd combination to many, but they paired together seamlessly in a ginger-sesame dressing. The slices of cucumber also added to the freshness and texture of the dish.

Another appetiser that you should order is the classic Chinese Deep-Fried Prawn Paste and Chinese Cabbage wrapped in Beancurd Skin. Each bite is flavourful yet not at all greasy. Dip these crispy morsels into a bit of soya sauce and you’ll be diving in for seconds.

fish maw chicken soup TASTE by TungLok


In Chinese cuisine, hearty soups are a must at the dinner table. TASTE by TungLok has concocted a hearty Double-Boiled Fish Maw soup with tender chunks of Organic Chicken. The flavourful soup is a chock-full of wolfberries, traditional Chinese herbs and of course, Fish Maw and Organic Chicken (S$55++ for 2 pax, S$98++ for 4 pax).

TASTE by TungLok uses Santori MD2 Kampung Chicken – the first and only Healthier Choice Kampung Chicken in Singapore. Paired with fresh fish maw from locally-bred Barramundi, the soup is double-boiled for over 5 hours. It is nutritious yet delicious and will definitely whet your tastebuds for the rest of the meal.

This one-pot wonder was definitely the highlight of the meal as the soup was so flavourful and rich without being too cloying. The savoury taste of the soup was balanced with a mild sweetness from the wolfberries and fish maw. This soup is the perfect heart-warming dish for sharing with your family and loved ones.

TASTE by TungLok curry baramundi fish head macro


Up next on the table was TASTE by TungLok’s Australian Barramundi Fish Head cooked in spicy Curry Sauce (S$48++). Their rendition of a classic Curry Fish Head dish is bound to please families that like having this crowd-favourite often at home with their loved ones.

The sustainable barramundi (locally-farmed) is impeccably tender and pairs deliciously well with the spicy yet tangy curry gravy. Besides the fresh barramundi, the curry is full of other delectable ingredients such as tomatoes, beancurd skin and slices of lady’s finger.

TASTE by TungLok garden pea baramundi fish head 2


Another way to have the sweet Barramundi Fish Head is to have it steamed with savoury Garden Pea Sauce (S$48++). TASTE by TungLok dresses this signature fish dish with deep-fried lard bits and spring onions.

This plate was one that we could not help but go for seconds and thirds. The Garden Pea sauce was so indulgent and addictive, pairing with the sweet fish wonderfully well. The best part of the dish was eating the lard bits, that had absorbed the gravy, complementing the fish.

crispy duck TASTE by TungLok


Half Irish Duck (S$38++) is fried till golden-brown and shredded, to be put in delicate wraps. The crispy duck comes with julienned carrots, cucumbers and cabbage, along with a sweet bean-paste sauce. Add a little of everything to make your perfect wrap!

We loved how the duck was almost bursting with flavour from the succulent meat to the crispy skin. Despite being fried, the duck was not overly-greasy and was super addictive.

Taste Tunglok Tiger Prawn Sichuan


Springy, succulent and spicy, this dish was a delight to eat. The Tiger Prawns are fried with a Sichuan Spice that packs both flavour and heat, making the seemingly-simple dish extra delicious (S$38++).

The prawns were so fresh and had a mild sweetness that contrasted the spiciness of the Sichuan spice. Puffed rice topping is also generously sprinkled over the dish, allowing for textural contrast.

Taste TungLok Chilli Crab Mantou


We also savoured TASTE by TungLok’s signature Chilli Crab (S$68++ for 700 grams) that was served with a basket of fluffy deep-fried mini buns. The gravy was sweet, savoury and spicy all at once, made richer with the slurries of egg added to it. Each bite of sweet crab meat that was coated in the gravy was heavenly.

Such a delicious sauce definitely should not go to waste, so dip your deep-fried mantou into the decadent gravy once you are done with the crab to fully savour this dish.

Taste Tunglok Roast Meat Platter


TASTE by TungLok’s Barbequed Combination Platter features tender Roast Duck, Roast Pork and sweet slices of Char Siew (S$38++).

The Roast Pork’s crisp crackling skin contrasted the melt-in-your-mouth meat. Pair this with a bit of spicy mustard to fully enjoy the smoky flavour of the pork. The char siew was coated in a sweet-and-savoury glaze, making every single piece worth the battle of chopsticks to get to it.

We especially loved the roast duck and how fresh and tender the meat was. The skin was nicely crisp and had that lingering aroma of smokiness.

poached cabbage TASTE by TungLok


This light dish may seem simple, but it was packed with the clean flavours and sweetness of wolfberries, cabbage and tofu skins. It was a welcome treat to cut through the intense flavours of the previous dishes (S$28++).

french bean eggplant TASTE by TungLok


Tender slices of eggplant are fried together with crunchy french beans for this savoury dish, tossed with garlic and an aromatic sauce. We liked how the two main components of this dish contrasted texturally yet came together superbly. The wok-hei was strong and added that extra edge to this simple plate (S$28++).

TASTE by TungLok
23 Merchant Road
Park Regis Singapore, Level 1
Singapore 058268
Tel: +65 6721 9118

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