The Marmalade Pantry – Festive Takeaway Spread Featuring One Of The Best Roast Turkeys

The Marmalade Pantry Christmas Takeaway

Everything about The Marmalade Pantry impresses from its stellar array of delicious food and its cosy spaces that provide a temporary respite from the hectic city. But beyond indulgent afternoons and solid meals, they also have a series of festive offerings available for a takeaway feast that’s fit to grace any house or office party.

Looking for Christmas centrepiece roast that’s sure to have your guests in total awe, try out the Whole Roasted Turkey with Fresh Herbs that surprises with its irresistibly moist and succulent meat. Brined in a sauce comprising salt and various aromatics for a long period of time, flavours are allowed to penetrate deep into the meat, making for a proper roast fit to grace your dinner table.

Whatever kind of Christmas gathering you’re looking to throw, you can count on The Marmalade Pantry’s repertoire of festive treats and delicious roasts more than sufficient to fit the merry-making bill. And for our dear readers, you get to enjoy a 10% Mastercard discount when you quote ‘ladyironchef10’ upon checkout online or when you call to make a booking.

The Marmalade Pantry Turkey


In light of any Christmas get-together, there’s really only one way to do Christmas dinner properly, and that’s with a big, bold, roasted turkey. Roasting it yourself is often a hassle and getting around the whole dryness part is even more so.

Promising a tender, succulent turkey that is neither bland nor dry, is the Whole Roasted Turkey with Fresh Herbs (S$98++ for 4.5kg). Brined in a salt mixture with fresh aromatics for at least 6 to 7 hours prior to marinating, stuffing and roasting, the flavours are allowed to permeate all the way through, ensuring that the end result is flavourful, properly seasoned and most importantly, moist.

Stuffed with orange wedges and mirepoix—basically, a fancy French term to mean carrots, onions and celery—the turkey develops a mild sweetness with a pleasant zing to it.

The Marmalade Pantry Ham


An intrinsic staple at any festive gathering, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a whole ham of sorts. Boasting a marvellous sheen of basted honey and stubbed with cloves all around, the Maple Honey Glazed Ham (S$88++ for 2kg) is one that won us over with ease.

Mildly smoky with a coating of honey that adds a buttery sweetness to it, this centrepiece delight was nicely balanced in both its aromatic qualities and taste. The ham was soft with a pleasant bite to it, which makes having leftovers (provided there are any left) in a sandwich just as enjoyable too.

The Marmalade Pantry Roast Beef


Nothing says indulgence quite like a luxurious slab of roast beef, perfectly seared from edge to edge while staying pink and succulent in the middle. This festive season, take your Christmas party spread up a notch with The Marmalade Pantry’s Angus Ribeye with Merlot Beef Jus (S$88++ for 1kg).

The marbling on the Angus ribeye was just a couple of sinews shy of being immaculate. Encrusted in a solid crust that only provided a nice crunch but effectively locked in moisture, the ribeye was truly a pleasure to eat. It is what it is, beef of exceptional quality, prepared and cooked properly sans any fancy twists to best bring out the true flavourful qualities of the meat.

The Marmalade Pantry Stuffing


Stuffing is a quintessential component at any festive feast and while it may not boast the same grandeur as that of a roast turkey, it still has a significant part to play nonetheless. The Traditional Stuffing (S$20++) impresses with its unique blend of flavours as well as its moist texture.

Sprinkled profusely with a myriad of fresh herbs, the otherwise unflattering side dish is given a flavour wake up call. The mirepoix gives the dish sweetness and the nuggets of bread act as the mortar as well as a sponge to soak up all the flavours. We never have much to say when it comes to stuffing but the one made here certainly got our attention.

The Marmalade Pantry Cauliflower Salad


With every Christmas roast there are a wealth of side dish options and accompaniments that go alongside it, most—take salads for example—are interchangeable, and contrary to what you may believe, not all salads have to consist of leafy, green veggies.

A salad that comes with a surprising amount of flavourful depth and a subtle smoky note to it, is the Cauliflower & Bulgur Salad (S$20++). Roasted prior to being tossed with the bulgur wheat, the salad takes on a subtle burnt note that gives the salad depth.

The Marmalade Pantry Mash


Don’t be fooled by its plain appearance. Loaded with butter and fresh garlic, the Garlic Mash (S$20++) is heaven on Earth for anyone who loves a good mashed potato. Mashed to a smooth consistency but doing well to leave some chunks in, the mash complemented the roast meats beautifully.

The Marmalade Pantry Roast Vegetables


While Christmas is often more of a meaty affair, greens are an integral part as well, and you would do well not to forgo their Roasted Winter Vegetables (S$20++).

Most of the veggies that go into this heaping pile are flavoured with honey and thyme butter which give it a sweet and savoury tinge along with a velvety sheen. A vegetarian option that stands up well on its own, we dare admit that being vegetarian or not, this delicious side dish option is something that we’d readily gun for in a heartbeat.

The Marmalade Pantry Rainbow Cake


Encased in a dense creamy exterior but revealing a stunning rainbow centre when cut into, the Rainbow Log Cake (S$60++) is something that’ll resonate well with both the young and the young at heart.

The layer of cream may feel too rich at first but the sweet, fruity-flavoured interior more than makes up for it.

The Marmalade Pantry Chocolate Red Velvet


Presenting a medley of soft and crunchy textures and a luxurious burst of chocolate, the Macadamia Chocolate Log Cake with Red Velvet (S$60++) is bound to make you squeal like a kid. Layer upon layer of decadent goodness, this epic dessert comes generously filled with whole macadamia nuts that sit neatly atop a pillow of red velvet.

A rich, decadent delight, the red velvet sponge cake at the bottom centre does well to remind you that it is still a cake.

If you happen to be a Mastercard holder, you’re in luck, because we’re extending a 10% Mastercard discount to you. All you’ve got to do is quote ‘ladyironchef10’ upon checkout online or when you call to make a booking.

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