Fresh Fruits Lab – Our Favourite Pastel Kids-Friendly Cafe In The East

Fresh Fruits Lab Pastel Cafe

No surprises here—Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) is our favourite cafe in the East of Singapore. This has never changed since our first visit in 2015.

The themed cafe has seen a revamp recently and it is nothing short of amazing. Still keeping their core laboratory theme and incorporating fruits into their menu, FFL now boasts a colourful, pastel interior that is both whimsical and photogenic.

It has also become a kids-friendly dining outlet with a play corner for your little ones as well as a low-salt kids menu that is so reasonably priced.

How can a cafe make us fall in love so much? FFL always does it best. Here are some of our favourite dishes from its current menu. You need to bring your squad here for your next gathering!

Fresh Fruits Lab Pastel Interior

So you think the cafe only looks pretty?

FFL has always been consistent with their food. No effort is spared to serving only the best—from their dedicated culinary team (most of the chefs have years of experience cooking and baking in top hotels in Singapore!) to the freshness of ingredients.

The menu goes beyond a typical cafe’s standards. It has a wide range of appetisers, salads, mains, desserts, coffee and juices; basically everything that attributes to a good meal. And as its name and theme suggest, FFL incorporates fruits as much as possible into everything for that healthy and refreshing touch.


If we had to pick only one dish to love at FFL, it would be their Signature Fish & Chips. Fish & Chips may sound boring but wait till you’ve tried FFL’s version!

For just S$19, you get a huge piece of beer-battered pacific dory fried to a golden perfection. As if the generous serving is not filling enough, it comes with a larger portion of fruits salad, a mountain of fries and homemade tartare.

This is comfort food for the soul, guys.

Fresh Fruits Lab Soft Shell Crab Pasta


Also at S$19, this pasta is our favourite among the four choices on the menu.

Featuring a huge and crispy soft-shell crab sits atop al dente spaghetti, the Soft-Shell Crab Pasta is a slightly spicy rendition that is not for the faint-hearted. The chilli crab sauce is homemade, by the way.

Fresh Fruits Lab Beef Burger


Need your burger fix but don’t want your wallet to take a beating? The FFL Da Bomb Burger (S$19) will make your trip to FFL worth the while.

This beauty is everything a burger should be—juicy beef patty (200g) that is grilled to medium well, fresh romaine lettuce for the crisp,

Fresh Fruits Lab Salmon Steak


A healthier option for the ladies (and even the kids) is the Salmon Steak (S$26). This dish is set on fire (literally) as it is served to you and the end result is a sweet piece of pink salmon that boasts a subtle smoky flavour.

It is accompanied by asparagus purée, mashed carrots, arugula and a homemade grape sauce served in a cute onion cup! That is a fair bit of greens if your skinny jeans are getting a little tight but you still need good food in your life.

Fresh Fruits Lab Kids Pancakes


This is probably the cutest item on the kids’ menu. At only S$10, this is a pancakes dish that is prepared with low-salt bacon and ham. It is completed with fresh blueberries.

Fresh Fruits Lab sweet potato cake


This is too cute, even the adults might not be able to resist the Boo-Boo Bear (S$13)!

And it tastes as good as it looks. We wouldn’t want to cut the bear up but the fried sweet potato cake is too yummy to pass. Stuffed with chicken, zucchini, mushroom and tomato, the sweet potato cake is wrapped with an egg—yes, the bear’s blanket.


The perfect dish for your boys (or girls who love cars!), the Lightning Cars (S$12) is a simple yet hearty grilled chicken that is tender and flavourful despite the fact that no salt is used in cooking.

This chicken main is served with purple sweet potato purée and mixed fruit skewers for a more balanced meal.

Fresh Fruits Lab Duck Tortilla Wrap


Fancy something more filling for the older kids? The Creepy-Crawly (S$13) is a wholesome tortilla wrap that is jam-packed with yummy smoked duck, onion, lettuce and carrots.

There is also a side of homemade fruit yogurt—blueberry, strawberry, granola, honey yoghurt.

Fresh Fruits Lab Peanut Butter Choc Cake


FFL has a dedicated pastry chef and he bakes the prettiest French-style sweets. The one that we really love is the Ultimate Peanut Butter Choc Cake.

Priced at S$7.50, this decadent treat is our newfound guilty pleasure. Every mouthful of the dense cake is so rewarding; the taste of the rich peanut butter lingers on.

Fresh Fruits Lab Tea by Lupicia Infused Cake


For a lighter but no less satisfying cake option, this doll is your best bet. The Tea by Lupicia Infused Cake is also priced at S$7.50 and it totally reminds us of sweets we’d see in French patisseries.

The whiff of the aromatic tea will first enrapture you, and as you take a bite, you’d realize just how well balanced the sweet and bitter notes of the tea are.

Fresh Fruits Lab Emerald Green Tea


The Emerald Green Apple Tea (S$12) may not sound like much, but just wait until you see it in real life. Served in a test tube, the Emerald Green is made of butterfly pea tea, green apple juice and soda water. Get your phone ready and watch as the staff adds in edible dry ice for a mini explosion. We won’t spoil it for you; make sure you order the drink when you are at Fresh Fruits Lab!

Fresh Fruits Lab Coloured Latte


Just when you thought coloured lattes are so gimmicky, you might want to consider trying FFL’s versions. These 4 pretty colours are all achieved using natural ingredients.

There is the Beetroot Latte which boasts a shocking shade of pink, the Sweet Potato Latte which is the gorgeous lavender-coloured cup, the Butterfly Pea Latte which spots a dreamy blue hue, and the Matcha Latte in the usual green.

Because zero artificial colouring is used for these lattes, you shouldn’t expect a super sweet cup with strong flavour notes. Instead, think good old latte with nuances of sweetness and aroma.

Fresh Fruits Lab
351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818
Tel: +65 6677 6741
Tue to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Eunos/ Kembangan

This post is brought to you by Fresh Fruits Lab.