Fat Cow – New Chef’s Table Omakase With 10% OFF

The Fat Cow Omakase

With its extensive array of succulent and high-quality Japanese Wagyu beef that is specially curated from different regions of Japan, Fat Cow is one of the best steak restaurants in Singapore and our go-to place whenever our carnivorous urges kick in.

Presenting the new Chef’s Table Omakase headed by Chef Shigeru Kasajima—a seasoned Japanese chef with many decades of French culinary skills under his belt—allow your senses to take flight as Fat Cow takes you on an edible trip like you have never experienced before.

Every item on the Omakase menu is specially curated and designed by Chef Kasajima himself. From delicate and bright tasting starters to a stellar line-up of sashimi and sushi options, what you can expect from this dinner situation is an array of alluring flavours that will have you drooling between courses.

Fat Cow Omakase Counter

For foodies looking for a lavish and elevated gastronomic experience, Fat Cow’s Chef’s Table Omakase is available at S$120++ per pax during lunch and S$280++ per pax during dinner. Only eight counter slots are available per session so you better snag those seats quick—especially since that from now until 31 March 2018, you can quote “ladyironchef” upon making your reservations to enjoy a 10% discount off Fat Cow’s omakase menus.

High ceilings and a heavy emphasis on wooden elements and bright amber lights give this space a rather warm and cosy vibe.

Fat Cow Chef Kasajima

Helmed by Chef Shigeru Kasajima, the Omakase dining room offers an exclusive and intimate dining experience for discerning guests. With a sleek counter that sits just eight, guests are able to witness his culinary prowess that embodies the very best of Japanese precision and French flair.

With the opportunity to interact directly with the chef, each guest gets to enjoy a highly personalised dining experience and the calming ambience also allows diners to marvel at Chef Kasajima’s intricate preparations with minimal disturbance.

Fat Cow Starter Collage


We had the Chef’s Table Omakase Dinner (S$280++ per pax) and our sensorial gastronomic trip commenced with four different starter items—each boasting delicate yet refreshing flavours that helped ease us into the heavier courses.

The first tasting platter that greeted our eyes consisted of three different components, of which the stand-out was undoubtedly the marinated egg yolk. For a better idea of how it tastes, think tasty and luscious ramen egg without the egg white.

Served in a martini glass, the Japanese Fruit Tomato Cocktail comprises a chilled Japanese tomato, sweet and sour jelly (Tosazu Jelly), white fish, uni and Oba leaf pesto sauce. Every mouthful was a combination of bright flavours that were nicely underscored by savoury and umami notes.

The Yude Kani (crab) features sweet flakes of handpicked crabmeat mixed with earthy Kani miso. The crabmeat is complemented with Chef’s Kasajima’s special sanbaizu sauce and a tiny dollop of yuzu foam that sits neatly above it. The citrusy qualities helped to balance out the robust flavour of the crabmeat nicely, resulting in a surprisingly refreshing starter.

The tai fish head soup was a much-needed soul booster—hot, comforting and a great palate cleanser.

Fat Cow Sashimi

The sashimi offering is a line-up of Shima-aji (Striped Jack) sashimi with Himalayan pink salt freshly grated over top, Tsubugai (whelk) sashimi and Kinmedai (snapper) Sashimi. Each sashimi item was fresh and we also appreciated the chef’s use of freshly grated wasabi instead of the conventional powdered version.

Fat Cow Botan Ebi

Depending on the day’s catch, look forward to the delightfully succulent Botan Ebi. Large, clear water prawns come served with a ponzu dipping sauce infused with umami-packed truffle oil. Before you lower the prawn into your mouth, you are first hit with the robust aroma of truffle, followed by the salty, citrusy profiles of the ponzu sauce.

This was easily the best item of the omakase dinner menu.

Fat Cow Ohmi Wagyu ribeye

Lightly-grilled Grade 4 Ohmi Wagyu ribeye comes served with Chef’s “secret recipe” ponzu sauce and a creamy goma dare sauce. The dish comes with three slices of beef, allowing you to savour the experience with each dipping sauce or simply on its own to soak in the natural beefy flavours of the Wagyu.

Fat Cow Sushi

The Chef’s Table Omakase dinner comes with 10 pieces of nigiri sushi. The sushi selection encompassed a smorgasbord of fresh ingredients that were each carefully executed so as to not overplay one another.

Fat Cow Sushi Collage

The sushi line-up featured Aburi Otoro sushi, grilled foie gras sushi, baby leeks, sour plum paste and bonito flakes sushi, Maguro Zuke (marinated tuna) sushi, Anago (fresh water eel) sushi as well as the astonishingly refreshing Hotategai (sea scallop) with yuzu foam and grated lime zest.

Fat Cow Uni Sushi

The uni (sea urchin) sushi was phenomenal and a true luxury to behold. Generous spoonfuls of uni are neatly placed over sushi rice and upon that first mouthful, flavours of the ocean come bursting through.

Fat Cow Saga Wagyu Uni Sushi

One of the highlights was the Chef Kasajima’s insanely decadent signature ‘Surf & Turf’ sushi that heaved Wagyu beef tartare, uni, amaebi and ikura. While it seemed at first like a flavour overkill, we were surprised at the different textures present—from the light popping of the ikura to the chewy amaebi, every component could be felt (and tasted) prominently.

The omakase dinner ends off with a hot, hearty bowl of miso soup, a sweet tamago egg (branded with the initials ‘FC’) as well as sliced Japanese pears.

Fat Cow A La Carte


At S$98++, the Fat Cow Premium Donburi is possibly the most decadent Japanese rice bowl out there. Served on a bed of rice is a perfectly grilled slab of Wagyu steak accompanied by pan-seared chunks of creamy foie gras, uni, Ikura, caviar and an onsen egg.

This extravagant dish seduced us with its heady aroma of truffle, smoke and vibrant colours. The Wagyu stood up well against the fresh uni, caviar and ikura and although this rice bowl is by no means affordable, it certainly lives up to its price point with each component being executed perfectly. On the contrary, if you think about it, it is actually very value-for-money for all that premium ingredients you get in one bowl!

If you love cod, then the Gindara Saikyo Yaki (S$48++) is sure to get you reminiscing about it for days. Miso-licked black cod is grilled and served alongside pickled ginger root. The miso added a sweet and savoury quality to the fish and its charred exterior provided a secondary depth of flavour.

Fat Cow Omakase Dinner

Fat Cow’s Chef’s Table Omakase Dinner at Fat Cow (S$280++ per pax) comes with starter, appetiser, fish soup, crab, wagyu, seasonal sashimi, 10 pieces of nigiri sushi, Akadashi Miso Soup, Japanese omelette and Japanese fruits; what you will be paying for is fresh and seasonal produce of the highest quality.

Otherwise, you can also go for the Chef’s Table Omakase Lunch (S$120++ per pax) which consists of a starter, appetiser, 8 pieces of nigiri sushi, Akadashi Miso Soup, Japanese omelette and dessert.

From now till 31 March 2018, reember to quote “ladyironchef” upon making your reservations to enjoy a 10% discount off Fat Cow’s omakase menus.

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