Mooncake Singapore 2017 – 9 Places To Buy The Best Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake 2017 Collage

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is one Chinese festival in Singapore that we always look forward to. Falling on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, it is often celebrated at night when there is a bright full moon and is usually accompanied by the soft glow of paper lanterns, Chinese tea and mooncakes.

Without a doubt, mooncakes are the main highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival and with each year that passes by, we are spoiled with even more innovative mooncake varieties. This year, you can expect some pretty strange yet tantalising mooncake flavours from tom yum to American Ginseng—boozy ones are also available for the grown-ups. And for those of you who prefer the traditional white lotus mooncake with egg yolk, we’ve also included a list of our favourite places.

From traditional to contemporary mooncakes, here is our guide to 9 places to buy the best mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival this 2017.

AC Mooncakes 3


Highly regarded for their luxurious and high-quality chocolates, we were anticipating Awfully Chocolate Singapore’s gorgeous Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival this year. We expect nothing less from the expert chocolatiers at Awfully Chocolate who have been in the business for almost 20 years.

This year, they will be showcasing their stunning Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes that come in two variations—Dark Moon and White Moon. These mooncakes are like mini chocolate desserts that mimic an actual mooncake and they are all handmade using premium chocolate and natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

AC Mooncakes 1

The former is made entirely of premium dark chocolate. The centre comprises a smooth nutty praline filling, chocolate cake and a white chocolate “yolk” centre. The Dark Moon mooncake is encased with a chocolate shell made from delicious 60% dark chocolate for a nice crunch and textural variation as you bite into it.

If dark chocolate is not your thing, the White Moon will be right up your alley. The centre is filled with premium white chocolate ganache infused with fresh vanilla bean, chocolate cake and a white chocolate “yolk” centre. To get the gorgeous white “casing”, quality white chocolate is used to surround it.

If you are looking to buy them from Awfully Chocolate’s stores, the set of 4 mooncakes is only available via pre-order (4 days in advance) at the Marina Bay Link Mall and McCallum St stores. For online purchases, you can choose either the box of 2 (S$38) or box of 4 (S$68) mooncakes.



Be enchanted by Bakerzin’s Crème de la Crème Mooncake Collections! This year’s festive line-up features 8 stunning collections of beautifully handcrafted mooncakes—Bold Collection, Supreme Collection, Signature Collection, Premium Collection, Pure Divine Collection, Majestic Collection, Prestige Collection and Heavenly Collection.

The Signature Collection (S$62 per box of 4) features four Premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake, and the Premium Collection (S$60 per box of 4) features two Premium Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes and two Classic Melon Seed Mooncakes.


Allow the sweet pastel gems of the Prestige Collection (S$60 per box of 8) and Pure Divine Collection (S$56 per box of 8) to invigorate you with their tangy exotic flavours. Booze lovers are in for a treat as these collections featuring liqueur infused white chocolate truffle ganache such as Butterscotch Baileys Snow Skin and Coconut Liqueur Snow Skin.

All mooncakes will be available for pre-orders from 07 August 2017 onwards at all Bakerzin and Nom La La by Bakerzin outlets in Singapore or via their website at

Bakerzin mooncakes are also available online on Qoo10, ezbuy, Fave, Redmart, as well as two O’Coffee Club outlets (Paragon and Raffles Place). You can also find them at the following mooncake fairs in Singapore—Takashimaya, NEX, North Point, Tampines1 and Hillion Mall.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Mid Autumn


Every year, we look forward to our favourite snowskin mooncakes from Grand Hyatt Singapore which come in all sorts of interesting flavours. This year is no exception of course, and as with every Mid-Autumn Festival, we seek joy and comfort in indulging in the snowskin mooncakes with premium truffles. Trust us on this; Grand Hyatt Singapore’s snowskin mooncakes will have you falling head over heels in love.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Snowskin Mooncakes

For snowskin mooncakes (S$69 for eight) this year, Grand Hyatt Singapore is featuring two new flavours which are Violette & Gin and Chocolate-Mint Fondant. Violette & Gin is the beautiful purple piece which comes with floral flavours and is infused with Tanqueray No. TEN gin and crème de violette liqueur; the green one is Chocolate-Mint Fondant and it is a mixture of both white and dark chocolate with a mint fondant centre.

From 28 Aug to 15 Sep 2017, enjoy 15% discount when you pay with selected credit cards while Damai and Club at the Hyatt members are entitled to 20% off their bill.

Thereafter, those who make their purchase from 16 Sep to 04 Oct 2017 enjoy 10% discount with selected credit cards while Damai and Club at the Hyatt members get 15% off.

Find out more details of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s mooncakes at

Meixin Mooncake


Year after year, Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin Mooncakes impress with the most authentic tastes of Mid-Autumn Festival coupled with innovative new flavours such as lava custard and lava chocolate flavours which performed exceptionally well in recent years.

This year, they aim to do no different with their traditional varieties, snow skin collection, the ever-popular lava custard mooncakes and even a superhero-themed mooncake collection featuring iconic Marvel characters Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Mooncakes Mei Xin

This year, Mei-Xin Mooncakes launches the Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake. In addition, their new Delicate Trio Mooncake offers you an assortment of Lava Custard Mooncake, Egg Custard Mooncake and Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake—something to entice all salted egg yolk fans out there.

For the kids, consider their new line of superhero-themed gift boxes and mooncakes featuring iconic characters such as Iron Man and Spider-Man. The Spider-Man Egg Custard Mooncake gift box is designed with the iconic head portrait of Spider-Man in navy blue. Each box contains 4 Egg Custard Mooncakes bearing his iconic hand gesture. On the other hand, Iron Man shows up on the Iron Man Green Tea & Red Bean Mooncake gift box.

For more details, head over to

Baked Mooncake with Double Yolks and White Lotus Paste


This year, InterContinental Singapore’s award-winning restaurant Man Fu Yuan unveils a divine collection of handcrafted mooncakes featuring four new tantalising snowskin mooncakes that come in floral flavours, and a selection of six baked mooncakes handcrafted by Executive Chinese Chef Kwan Yiu Kan using time-honoured recipes.

Making its debut this year, the Garden Collection features four snowskin mooncake flavours that include Roselle and Red Date; Rosemary, Almond and Green Tea; Rose and Pistachio; and Pandan and Macadamia.

Snowskin Mooncakes_Garden Collection

The Garden Collection (S$72 nett for a box of four) features a stellar line-up of innovative snowskin mooncake creations that incorporate the use of botanicals and floral flavours—think elegant aromas such as rose, pandan, and rosemary.

The Baked Mooncake selection is available in a variety of flavours to suit all palates, such as White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (S$68 nett for a box of four) and Double Yolks (S$72 nett for a box of four), Red Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (S$64 nett for a box of four) and Double Yolks (S$68 nett for a box of four), Assorted Nuts (S$66 nett for a box of four), and Low-Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (S$68 nett for a box of four) for a healthier indulgence this Mid-Autumn.

These dazzling mooncakes are all available online until 03 October 2017, and guests enjoy a 5% savings when they make their purchases at

If you prefer to make the trip down, you can also get them at the Man Fu Yuan Shoppe, located at the entrance of InterContinental Singapore from Bugis Junction until 04 October 2017.

For more information, you may visit, email or call +65 6825 1131 or +65 6825 1132.

Hai Tien Lo Traditional Four Treasure Baked Mooncakes


This year, a captivating ensemble of Mid-Autumn delights await at Pan Pacific Singapore’s Hai Tien Lo. Commemorate the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival with their stellar line-up of seven delicately handcrafted baked mooncakes such as Pandan Paste with Single Yolk and Caramel with Lotus Paste Single Yolk just to name a few.

Hai Tien Lo Pandan & Caramel Mooncake Collage

New flavours this year include the Pandan Paste with Single Yolk (left), which features an aromatic blend of pandan-infused lotus paste and single egg yolk, elegantly cocooned within golden brown pastry. The Caramel with White Lotus Paste Single Yolk (right) features a seamless blend of rich caramel and fine textured egg that provides a charming contrast between sweet and salty.

For an unconventional option, savour the Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham that boasts a combination of walnuts, almond, preserved melon, sesame seeds, melon seeds, olive seeds and macadamia nuts.

These exquisite mooncakes are available between 07 August and 04 October 2017. These seasonal treats may be purchased from Hai Tien Lo, by calling +65 6826 8240, emailing or via their website at

Swatow Mooncakes


Die-hard fans of Teochew cuisine would know that Swatow Seafood Restaurant is one of the best when it comes to traditional Teochew dishes and handmade dim sum. For the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, it only makes sense to trust Swatow to delight our taste buds with their Traditional Teochew Mooncakes.

Swatow Orh Nee Mooncake

Yam is an essential ingredient in Teochew dishes and it is reflected in Swatow’s signature mooncake—Crispy Orh Nee with Single Yolk (4 for S$45). Think sweet yam paste moulded and encased in a flakey pastry; it is a classy mix of sweet and savoury notes. This is something the older folks would love!

If you are looking for another classic to please the Teochew cuisine loving folks, you cannot go wrong with the Traditional Teochew Baked Mixed Nuts (4 for S$62). The mooncake is infused with a mixture of wheat and healthy grain nuts. On top of that, the chefs are including bak kwa for the very first time too!

From now till 15 Sep 2017, Swatow is offering a 20% discount off their 4 and 8 pieces mooncake boxes. Now, this is an irresistible deal you must not skip.

Swatow’s mooncakes are available at all Swatow outlets and they come in boxes of two, four and eight to suit your needs—whether you are gifting them to families and clients or for your own personal indulgence.

Blue Lacquer Box


The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s premium mooncakes are sure to impress your family, friends and colleagues this Mid-Autumn Festival. Expect to choose between traditional baked mooncakes and the ever popular snowskin creations which come in intriguing flavours.

For baked mooncakes this year, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore is introducing the new White Lotus Seed Paste with Five Grains (S$72 for 4 pieces). It is a healthier and nuttier version of your classic baked mooncake with the addition of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, oats and sesame seeds to the white lotus seed paste.

Mini Custard Lava with Vanilla

The Mini Lava Custard with Vanilla (S$78 for 8 pieces) and Mini Snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian mooncakes (S$78 for 8 pieces) make a comeback this year.

The former is a delectable combination of salted egg yolk and vanilla flavours while the latter boasts the bittersweet flavours of ‘Mao Shan Wang’.

Purchases for these stunning beauties can be made online at From 19 Sep to 01 Oct, simply use our code ‘LIC2017’ upon ordering to enjoy a 25% off Baked Mooncakes, as well as 15% off Mini Custard Lava with Vanilla & Snowskin mooncakes.

TungLok Mooncakes 1


This Mid-Autumn Festival 2017, indulge in TungLok Group’s new mooncake creations on top of the classics. The household brand is a well-loved name in Singapore and we are abashedly die-hard fans of all their gastronomic creations.

Newly introduced this year are the Petals Mochi Snowskin Mooncake, Sweet Hearts Mochi Snowskin Mooncake and Lava Custard & Matcha Oolong Mooncake. They are beautifully shaped into hearts and flowers, and are a treat to savour.

TungLok Mooncakes 2

You can also look forward to TungLok Four Seasons, which includes the traditional quad of Egg Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk Red Lotus and Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios and Mixed Nuts. This old-school set will never go out of style.

TungLok mooncakes are available at all TungLok restaurants from 15 August to 04 October 2017, or whilst stocks last.

For enquiries and more information, call +65 9088 8008 or visit

This post is brought to you by TungLok Group.