Awfully Chocolate – The Only Chocolate Mooncakes You Need In Your Life

AC Mooncakes 2017

Highly regarded for their luxurious and high-quality chocolates, we were anticipating Awfully Chocolate Singapore’s gorgeous Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival this year. We expect nothing less from the expert chocolatiers at Awfully Chocolate who have been in the business for almost 20 years.

Locals trust this homegrown brand to always create chocolate desserts that are made with intricacy and care and this Mid-Autumn Festival, Awfully Chocolate Singapore shows us that they are more than just cakes and ice cream with their interpretation of mooncakes—the stunning Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes that come in two flavours.

These mooncakes are like mini chocolate desserts that mimic an actual mooncake. If you are tired of the traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and salted egg yolk, why not treat yourselves to a sweet delight with these pretty chocolate mooncakes instead?

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These Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes are all handmade using premium chocolate and natural ingredients with no added preservatives. They come in two variations: Dark Moon and White Moon.

The former is made entirely of premium dark chocolate. The center comprises a smooth nutty praline filling, chocolate cake and a white chocolate “yolk” centre. The Dark Moon mooncake is encased with a chocolate shell made from delicious 60% dark chocolate for a nice crunch and textural variation as you bite into it.

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If dark chocolate is not your thing, the White Moon will be right up your alley. The center is filled with premium white chocolate ganache infused with fresh vanilla bean, chocolate cake and a white chocolate “yolk” center. To get the gorgeous white “casing”, quality white chocolate is used to surround it.

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The monochromatic colours of the mooncake make for a sleek and luxurious gift if you want something contemporary looking; there will always be people who are not too fond of traditions and old-school stuff, right?

The mooncakes are aptly named Blue Moon Mooncakes, as they are made and sold only once in a blue moon! Unlike your regular mooncakes such as the traditional baked ones and snow skin mooncakes, the Awfully Chocolate ones are coated with crisp chocolate instead for an ultra-satisfying bite.

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You can pre-order Awfully Chocolate Singapore’s Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes online or in stores but do remember that they can only be kept for 5 days. The mooncakes have to be refrigerated to prevent them from getting too soft.

The best time to consume these mooncakes is about 10 minutes after removing them from your fridge. This time span might seem really short but this is only because the mooncakes have to be kept super fresh for an optimal consumption experience.

The mooncakes come in lovely bamboo boxes that can you can keep and repurpose or to simply use it as a display item.

Go for something a little (maybe, a whole lot) different from your classic mooncakes and explore outside your comfort zone. Who knows? Maybe even those who love traditional mooncakes might prefer this over the usual ones!

Impress the people you love with Awfully Chocolate’s Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Awfully Chocolate Blue Moon Chocolate Mooncakes

Set of 4: S$68 (includes 2 of each variation)

Set of 2: S$38 (includes 1 of each variation)

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes are available for purchase both online and in stores.

If you are looking to buy it from Awfully Chocolate’s stores, the set of 4 mooncakes is only available via pre-order (4 days in advance) at the Marina Bay Link Mall and McCallum St stores. For online purchases, you can choose either the box of 2 or box of 4 mooncakes.

For more information, visit Awfully Chocolate.

This post is brought to you by Awfully Chocolate Singapore.