Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes – Superhero-Themed And Lava Mooncakes

Meixin Mooncakes

Year after year, Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin Mooncakes impress with the most authentic tastes of Mid-Autumn Festival coupled with innovative new flavours such as lava custard and lava chocolate flavours which performed exceptionally well in recent years.

This year, they aim to do no different with their traditional varieties, snow skin collection, the ever-popular lava custard mooncakes and even a superhero-themed mooncake collection featuring iconic Marvel characters Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Their mooncakes are crafted intricately, encompassing both time-honoured recipes and passion to create stunning confectioneries for families from all over to enjoy, which is no surprise why they are the best-selling mooncake brand in Hong Kong for 19 consecutive years.

Innovative new flavours may intrigue the senses, but nothing is quite as comforting as a slice of tradition.

Mei-Xin’s White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks and Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks are the most popular from their traditional collection. Both are epic masterpieces comprising smooth lotus seed paste and rich, bright salted egg yolks that ooze with savouriness.

Mei-Xin also has a low sugar series of mooncakes for those who are health conscious. It retains the natural taste of mooncakes and you will be happy to know that it is practically sugar free.

Meixin Lotus Lava Mooncake

In recent years, the Lava Custard Mooncakes have successfully won the hearts of mooncake lovers and the rate at which they were sold out is a testament to its taste.

This year, Mei-Xin Mooncakes launches the Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake. In addition, their new Delicate Trio Mooncake offers you an assortment of Lava Custard Mooncake, Egg Custard Mooncake and Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake—something to entice all salted egg yolk fans out there.

Meixin Marvel Themed Mooncakes

For the kids, consider their new line of superhero-themed gift boxes and mooncakes featuring iconic characters such as Iron Man and Spider-Man.

The Spider-Man Egg Custard Mooncake gift box is designed with the iconic head portrait of Spider-Man in navy blue. Each box contains 4 Egg Custard Mooncakes bearing his iconic hand gesture.

On the other hand, Iron Man shows up on the Iron Man Green Tea & Red Bean Mooncake gift box. It is embossed with Iron Man’s helmet and his gift box contains 4 Green Tea & Red Bean Mooncakes stamped with the crest of the Avengers—any comic book lover would want to add these 2 gift boxes to their collection for sure!

Mei-Xin Mooncakes have been honoured with a number of world-class awards for its magnificent mooncakes—namely their signature products of Traditional Mooncakes, Snowy Mooncakes, and Lava and Custard Mooncakes.

If authentic and high-quality mooncakes are what you are after, there is no reason why Mei-Xin Mooncakes should not be at the top of your wishlist this year. It is our favourite every single year.

Mei-Xin Mooncakes are available at the following places in Singapore:
Takashimaya: 31 Aug to 04 Oct
Change Alley: 04 Sep to 06 Oct (Closed on weekends)
VivoCity: 05 Sep to 04 Oct
Nex: 14 Sep to 04 Oct
Novena Square: 18 Sep to 03 Oct
Causeway Point: 18 Sep to 04 Oct
Compass One: 18 Sep to 04 Oct
Westgate: 18 Sep to 03 Oct
Tampines Mall: 20 Sep to 03 Oct

For more details, head over to www.sgmeixin.com.

This post is brought to you by Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes.