An Afternoon Of Fun: Ladyironchef Cocktail Workshop at Changi City Point

Cocktail Workshop

Ladyironchef Cocktail Making Workshop at Changi City Point’s Table Manners on 16 August was a huge success, and we want to thank all our supportive readers for being such a great audience, as well as Changi City Point for putting things together. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Throughout the two-hour long event, Bar Stories’ Head Bartender, Dave educated and entertained us simultaneously with his useful bartending demonstrations. His kooky sense of humour was also something everyone enjoyed while the crowd engaged in learning and preparing four delicious samples of Dave’s cocktail concoctions.

Cocktail Event

We sincerely hope that everyone had a great time learning about the fundamental preparations of cocktails. It was such a pleasure meeting our lovely readers! For everyone else, we would love for you to join us for our next food workshop on 6 September. But now, do read on for the highlights of our workshop!

ladyironchef cocktail

The Cocktail Workshop kickstarted with mixologist Dave explaining the fundamentals of cocktail making. Dave’s vast knowledge of cocktails is truly remarkable, and everyone was infected by his passion!

From basic must-have equipment to preparation techniques, he went through every single nitty gritty detail that could essentially attribute to the success/failure of your concoction. He even went through the history of cocktails in the most amusing way! Whoever said history lessons were boring has yet to meet Dave.

ladyironchef cocktail workshop

It was an eye-opening sight as Dave explained the impact when using different shakers, strainers and muddlers etc. Being a professional bartender is seriously no easy feat. There are so many techniques to master and so many things to learn about, e.g. pairing of ingredients. Advanced bartending is a skill that can only be acquired with experience and time.

Bartender Tools

Fortunately, an economical basic bartending set costs less than S$50 and is great for any rookie who would like to try making cocktails at home. You read that right – S$50 is all you need to start.

cocktail workshop ladyironchef

A few of our lucky readers volunteered to join Dave on a hands-on demo. From mixing the concoction in a Boston Shaker to straining out the liqueur mixture, we kept our eyes peeled on the steps.

The volunteers did a great job, especially when it was all their first time preparing a cocktail! Alongside with Dave, they went through the preparation of Table Manners’ tasty cocktails, including Table Manners’ SG50 Red Lion Cocktail.

Cocktail Making Event

All attendees were invited to sample Table Manners’ delicious concoctions of Rhubarb Caipirinha, Southern Old Fashioned, Passionfruit Martini and SG50 Red Lion Cocktail. Dave as he self-confessed, has a sweet tooth, which explain the relative sweetness and fruitiness of each cocktail we had sampled.

Cocktail Appreciation

You know you have to head down to Table Manners for more of these alcoholic goodness! You will be in good hands with Dave. And if there is nothing on the menu you fancy, no worries! Just share your preference with him anyway, and he will create something just for you. He’s so talented, and our readers can vouch for that.

The event ended off on a high note with everyone indulging in samples of mouthwatering cocktails and taking part in a useful Q&A segment with Dave. We had an enjoyable time learning how to prepare cocktails and interacting with our readers.

Cocktail Receipe

Once again, special thanks to Changi City Point, Table Manners, Dave Koh and our awesome readers for making this event possible! Till the next, which is pretty soon!

This post is brought to you by Changi City Point.