Dancing Crab Unveils A Second Outlet in the Heart of Orchard Road + Giveaway

Dancing Crab Orchard Central

After the resounding success of their first outlet at Grandstand, Dancing Crab has since opened a brand new outlet at Orchard Central, replacing the space where Noodle Stories used to be. Dancing Crab is known to be one of the best Cajun-Creole restaurants in Singapore, pampering its patrons with authentic Louisianan cuisine.

Now, Dancing Crab in Orchard Central is also open for lunch every day, and you can expect a list of affordable lunch items, featuring their same fresh seafood and ingredients. Some new dishes have also been added to the existing menu, including new flavours for their ever-popular seafood boil.

Here are some highlights and dishes we loved at Dancing Crab, and there is no reason you wouldn’t too! Time to get your hands dirty, pals!

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Drinks - Dancing Crab

A definite thirst-quencher is Dancing Crab’s range of colourful lemonades, served in a mason jar. As the seafood and dishes can be quite heavy in flavour, the lemonades are your best bet to wash down the rich tastes.

They offer a range of homemade lemonades such as the classic Fizzy Lemonade (S$4), our favourite Strawberry Lemonade (S$4) and the unique Key Lime Pie Lemonade (S$4). In Singapore’s relentlessly humid weather, a cup of ice cold lemonade is not only good for the soul, but for your Instagram too. Just how pretty are they?

Grilled Fish Taco

The new lunch menu offers mains that mostly cost S$15 and below. With a pocket-friendly menu, be treated to generous servings of New Orleans-style fare like fish tacos and heartier shrimp dishes.

The Fish Tacos (S$11) has the option of fried or grilled fish and is served on a bed of sliced cabbage and topped off with onions and red peppers. This dish is great for those who do not want an overly heavy lunch.

Shrimp Etoufee

If you are feeling ravenous during lunch, opt for their rice dishes, especially the Shrimp Etoufee (S$13). This is the pinnacle of comfort food, where the medley of flavours will immediately remind you of home. Not to mention that this dish also features a really generous amount of shrimps that will most certainly fill you up.

Black Pepper Shrimp Rice

Shrimp lovers also have another choice of tasty Creole Black Pepper Shrimp and Rice. Accompanied with deep-fried bananas fritters (that tastes just like Singapore’s delicious Goreng Pisang), black beans and a side of mango salsa, we loved that this dish is a marirage of contrasting flavours. Wash this down with a cup of their refreshing lemonade and we promise you you will be recharged for the rest of the day.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

We were wowed by the huge serving of Chicken & Waffles (S$15) at Dancing Crab, one of the best non-seafood dishes here. The batter on the chicken reminded us of the ones we had at New York City, and the accompanying sauces took this dish to a whole new level. It is indeed unexpected for a specialised seafood restaurant to dish such a mind-blowing rendition of fried chicken, and as much as it sounds funny, we will totally return to Dancing Crab for this very Chicken & Waffles.

Popcorn Shrimp Sandwich

Fans of seafood rolls, listen up. The Popcorn Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich (S$15) looks set to be a winner. Featuring a generous serving of fried shrimp cocooned in a buttery toasted brioche, this is what heaven is, and we’d gladly ditch the idea of dinner at a fine dining restaurant for a fuss-free Popcorn Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich fix.

Dancing Crab Cornbread

The team at Dancing Crab has upped the ante of the classic Cornbread (S$5) by tweaking the ingredients so that the cornbread tastes as close to the version in U.S. as it can be. This is a splendid sharing portion if you are dining in a bigger group, and be sure to dip the bread into the cream sauce for a more fulfilling bite.

Dancing Crab Seafood Combo

Now, we are on to the best stuff! Dancing Crab offers a variety of seafood boils that features premium shellfish and crustaceans such as Dungeness Crab, Sri Lankan Crab, Boston Lobster and even the highly sought after Crystal Crab. The boils that they offer are definitely the star of the menu, and it is the reason many flock to Dancing Crab for.

A seafood boil is best enjoyed ‘messily’ with your bare hands. The seafood and other ingredients will be spilled out on the table and to achieve the ultimate experience here, consume the dish the classic way – with your bare hands. Trust us when we say that the food will taste better when you eat it this way, where you can get the full flavours out from the seafood, especially the crabs and lobsters. Of course, sharing it with your loved ones is the cherry on top; communal dining at its best, we’d say!

We had the classic Combo Bag 1 (S$80) that features a full Sri Lankan Crab, 300g of prawns, 250g of mussels with potatoes, corn, carrots and sausages. This bag is good for about 2-3 pax, but some can even finish it up on their own! You can choose between different sauces, and while the signature cajun sauce is the killer, we highly recommend a go at their delicious new addition – the Spicy Miso Butter. Expect intense flavours that will only leave you wanting more.

Lobster with Garlic Butter

For garlic lovers, the Zesty Garlic Butter sauce comes with generous amounts of chopped garlic that makes your seafood boil, of choice, extra tasty and fragrant. The Lobster Combo (S$121) includes a huge Boston Lobster with the same accompanying ingredients. Lobster and garlic is a sure-win combo and we could not stop singing praises of how tasty this sauce is.

Combo Bag 2 (S$40) is a lot more affordable and it comes with 300g of prawns, 250g of mussels, 250g of clams, potatoes, corn and sausages.

Beignets Donuts

End your meal off with Dancing Crab’s delectable Beignets (S$6). Beignets are essentially deep-fried choux pastry, finished off with icing sugar. The beignets here reminded us of freshly prepared doughnuts and we loved how fluffy these ones were. Good desserts need not be fancy, as long as they taste good!

Of the many Louisiana seafood restaurants in town, Dancing Crab has the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality of their ingredients and seafood. And with the introduction of new lunch options, burning a hole in your pocket is the least of your worries now.


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