9 Things That We Love about M&C.Duck Hong Kong

M&C Duck Hong Kong

Every time we visit Hong Kong, the sheer number of new restaurants and cafes that have opened since our previous trip amazes us. There is always somewhere new to check out, and quite frankly, it is impossible to tick all of them off our checklist. We always end up weighing our options with various factors – price point, location and type of cuisine.

On a recent trip, we went on a food tour with Maxim’s Group (you can read our pick on the best restaurants here), and one of the places that really impressed us was M&C.Duck at Harbourcity shopping mall. It is one of the newest dining concepts by Maxim’s Group – one of the largest F&B groups, with 70 brands and 840 outlets in Hong Kong, Vietnam and China – which opened in December 2013 – and it is one that has fast rocketed to our list of favourite restaurants in Hong Kong.

M&C Duck

Offering a modern twist to traditional Peking and Shanghainese cuisine, M&C.Duck is not quite what you would expect of a typical Hong Kong restaurant. The familiarity of a Chinese outlet is comforting yet reveals hints of sexiness; the list of dishes is what tugs your heartstrings yet surprises with the unexpected.

Well, we would go there especially for the very good Peking duck, but there is much more to love, and we say them with a passion. Here are 9 reasons to fall in love with M&C.Duck, and the next time you find yourself in Hong Kong, you know where to go to feed your souls.

M&C Peking Duck


The highlight of the show is, without a doubt, the signature Peking Duck. While we love Peking Duck, we do not get many chances to eat it because most restaurants go by the whole duck – which is quite impossible for two persons to finish.

Peking duck

But this will not stop us from eating at M&C.Duck, because they have brilliant menu which serves a smaller duck (2.4 – 2.5kg, the norm is 3kg), plus the option of ordering half a duck! No more couple dining woes! The Peking Duck (HK$150 for half bird, HK$288 for whole bird) truly lived up to its name. We like that it is a lot leaner and every bite combines the sharp and crisp skin with tender and succulent meat. And best of all, you don’t need to dine in a big group to enjoy it – perfect for small families and couples.

M&C Interior


Whenever we are in Hong Kong, we always head to HarbourCity because it has all the shops you would ever need. M&C.Duck’s location in HarbourCity is easily accessible, and there is really no excuse for not going there. And if you are lucky, you get the booth seats that overlook the Harbour!

Sliced Peking Duck

Sliced Peking Duck Jelly


What makes M&C.Duck stand out from the usual Chinese restaurants is its take on Chinese dishes that speaks of nothing but creativity with a modern twist. Take for instance, the Sliced Duck with Osmanthus Pudding (HK$80 for 4 pieces). Who would have thought the jelly texture would be perfectly sandwiched between a slice of duck and potato chip? They are like mini sliders, but even better.

The Apple Salad with Bacon in Sesame Dressing is another item that you would not expect from a Chinese restaurant. It is a nice way to begin your meal and have your senses feel refreshed before spoiling your palate with the Peking Duck.

M&C Maxim

MC Restaurant


Most Chinese restaurants are, in general, not the kind of place that you would bring your partner to for a hot date. But think again if it is M&C.Duck. And it is worth the consideration. The interior is immaculately furnished with a modern touch, and the atmosphere is one so sexy and vibrant that eating Peking Duck has never been more inviting.

Now you know a Chinese restaurant that is good for dates.

Sliced Boiled Beef


Yes, the name may sound unappealing and anything but mind-blowingly good, but trust us – this Sichuan boiled beef in spicy sauce is really so darn good. The tender beef slices are simmered and cooked in chili oil and spices, and there is a slight burning after-taste that warms your tummy up. Best enjoyed with plain fragrant rice!



Of course, what is Hong Kong without dim sum? If you need your fix, M&C.Duck will take care of it too. Some of the dishes include Deep-Fried Glutinous Rice and Potato Cakes (HK$45), Steamed Xiaolongbao (HK$60), and Pork Dumplings in spicy sauce (HK$48).

Black Pepper Prawns


The chefs are given a free rein to exercise their creativity in the kitchen and offer a refreshing take on Chinese cuisine. Some of the dishes are inspired and influenced by cuisines from all over Asia.

For one, the creation of Sautéed Prawns in Pepper & Soya Sauce was inspired by Singapore’s very own black pepper crab. We absolutely loved it!

Stuffed Apple Dessert


End your meal with the very pretty Stuffed Purple Rice in Apple with Osmanthus Syrup. This is as pretty as it is tasty, and certainly a lovely change from the usual Chinese desserts like your puddings and sagos.

M&C Duck Restaurant


Above all, the food at M&C.Duck is reasonably priced for the quality. Most of the dishes are priced between HK$80 – HK$150, and the Barbecued Peking Duck is only HKS$150 for half a duck. Feasting can be affordable, too!

Peking Duck HK

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Shop 3319, level 3, Gateway Arcade
Harbour City, 17 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2347 6898
Daily: 11.30am – 4pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Tsim Sha Tsui

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