Sweets Garibaldi: New Cake Shop in Singapore

Sweets Garibaldi

Note: Sweets Garibaldi is no longer in operations.

Let’s be honest, the now-defunct haute Italian confectionery DeSte was a flop. Whilst I admired its concept of extravagant, one-of-a-kind creations; the market just wasn’t ready for it. The price point was too high, and few would splurge so much on fanciful cakes.

Garibaldi Group replaced it with Sweets Garibaldi at Mandarin Gallery, which is in a totally different league from DeSte. With prices starting from $4.50 for a slice to $28 for a whole cake, it is evident that the newly launched dessert boutique is after the mass-market.

Amongst the choices available that day, the Lychee Shortcake and Crunchy Heaven caught our attention. The former was light and delicate, with a subtle hint of lychee flavour. In contrast, the latter – chocolate and hazelnut cream on chocolate sponge spread with crunchy praline – made a strong lasting impression.

Sweets by Garibaldi

Sweets Garibaldi’s cake menu is divided into three categories: chocolate, cheese and fruit. Besides sliced and whole cakes, they also offer customised cake service. Please note that the Mandarin Gallery outlet is only a takeaway stall with no dine in area.

I believe Sweets Garibaldi will give most patisseries, cake shops, confectioneries and dessert places a run for their money. I will definitely go back to try the other creations.

From now till 24th July, Sweets Garibaldi is having a Great Singapore Sale promotion: buy 2 get 1 free slice of cake, and 20% discount for whole cakes.

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