O Cha Cha II

Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect for LIC food event @ O Cha Cha next tue!

A friend and I went down to O Cha Cha last week after i got my DSLR, we went to discuss the menu with Ochacha’s boss Miss Lee Yin Siau.

From left anticlockwise, is Mr.Ochacha Mondo, on its right is our friend Miss Matcha Panna Cotta, and followed by Ochacha Rocks, and the top is Gyokuro.

Gyokuro uses the same tea leave made into Matcha, just that the whole tea leave is being use for Gyokuro which is evident inside the tea.

Say hello to Ochacha Rocks! He rocks all righty! There’s also Matcha Azuki at the left background of the picture!

And Miss Matcha Panna Cotta! We will be seeing all of them next tue!

Just in case you do not know what’s going on, LIC is proud to organise a food event outing at Ochacha, raffles city basement next tue 13th May.

The Place: OChaCha

The Date: 13th May Tuesday

The Time: 730pm

The Price: $17.50 per person

The Menu:

Drinks: OChaCha Rocks, Azuki Freezzie, Passion Rocks, OChaCha Latte, Chado

Sandwiches: Sakura Egg, Wasabi Tuna, Furikake Salmon

Soups: Shiitake Mushroom

Desserts: Matcha Cotton, Matcha Azuki, Financier, Matcha Panna Cotta

All the cold drinks will be served in the shooters while the hot latte in individual cups.

1. LadyIronChef
2. Claudia
3. Jiaying
4. Sok Peng (2)
6. Qiu Gui
7. Caleb
8. Hisham (2)
10. Elisa
11. Christine
12. Peter Tan (2)
14. Jasmin (2)
16. Zheng Ni
17. Vicki (3)
20. Andy
21. Michelle (2)
23. Estelle (2)
25. Jon (2)
27. Anonymous (2)

Currently a total of 28 people have signed up for the event, the maximum capacity is 30, so RVSP now! Drop me a sms at 9623 2581 to confirm your place or should you have any enquiries. All are welcome, and feel free to bring along your friends too!

See you all at Ochacha next tue!


LIC! I’ve only just gotten home and am far too late to make dinner after I shower (which I desperately need) and change. I’m so jealous for missing the dinner and meeting everyone :( ((

Please let me know if I need to pay $17.50 for my missed seating. I’m very happy to do so, I fully understand how it is when people cancel on meals already ordered & prepared!

Hello Christine: No worries, there isn’t any addition cost, i was more disappointed that you couldn’t came! I’ll let you know on my next outing : )

Hello Styke and Sihan: The pleasure’s all mine! Check out the post on our dinner. Its up!

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