Ladyironchef Food Workshop (6 Sep 2015) At Changi City Point

Ress Room Changi City Point

If you have missed out on last month’s interactive Cocktail Workshop at Changi City Point, fret not. We are extending our invitation to our readers again and this time round, another 50 readers will be treated to an afternoon fiesta of Spanish gourmet at RessRoom Restaurant. We are ever thankful for our supportive readers, and what better way to give thanks than to have you join us on our epicurean journey in real life?

25 readers and their +1s will be invited to a sneak preview media tasting on Sunday, 06 September 2015 from 4pm to 6pm. Our invited guests will get to sample a variety of tantalising Spanish dishes at RessRoom, and also watch/partake in a live demo on how to prepare the classic Mixed Fruit Sangria. This event is completely free of charge and we are looking forward to meeting you lovely people!

Read on more to find out on how you can win an invitation to our upcoming tasting preview.


ladyironchef Jakarta Meet-And-Greet At Nomz Kitchen & Pastry On 22 Aug

Nomz Kitchen

Hello, Jakarta! We are coming by for a party this month!

We are really excited about meeting all of you at our upcoming Meet-And-Greet session on 22 August 2015 from 3pm to 5pm at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry (Grand Indonesia) in Jakarta. For so long now, all of you Indonesian readers have been so supportive towards Ladyironchef, and we cannot be more thankful. And because we’ve made a promise to visit Jakarta, we are going to make that happen.


ladyironchef Cocktail Making Workshop (16 Aug 2015) At Changi City Point

Changi City Point Cocktails

If sipping cocktail is something you love, can we interest you with a Cocktail Making Workshop with us at Changi City Point? It will be a fun day out, and a great chance for us to meet you lovely readers who have always been with us through our gluttonous journey!

Come August, our team is partnering Changi City Point in bringing you a fun-filled cocktail making workshop at Table Manners, one of the outdoor alfresco dining restaurants at The Oasis, where we get to hang out together over chats and drinks.

50 readers will be invited to join us on 16 August 2015 from 4pm to 6pm, and we will be watching several cocktail demonstrations. This Cocktail Making Workshop is exclusively for Ladyironchef’s readers, and is completely free of charge.

Here is what to expect, and how to win entries to this event:


Le Halo at Jalan Bukit Ho Swee – Retro-Themed Cafe In The Heartland

Le Halo Cafe Singapore

Le Halo at Jalan Bukit Ho Swee prides itself in being a retro themed cafe situated in the heartlands of Singapore. Together with online retail shop Chairish The Moments, the owner of the cafe furnished its interior with vintage knick-knacks from the yesteryears.

With the bright splash of colours found at almost every corner of the cafe, there will never be a dull moment here.


ladyironchef’s New Website Design By PRODDDesign

ladyironchef Website

A good website design is everything.

It can make or break a brand, and we are ever grateful to PRODDDesign - especially Hong Guan and Kevin – for always working out the bests for our design. For so many years now, they are the talents behind Ladyironchef’s website design. The clean layouts and user-friendly interface are only possible with them.

With a good website design comes easy viewing and navigation, and users tend to spend more time enjoying and appreciating your content if your interface is kept clean. Whether your website is for commercial purposes or to document your personal interests, investing in a team to help with your web design is a necessity.

It has been a while since we launched this new design, and we want to do a huge shout-out to the great guys at PRODDDesign for making this possible. All of them have worked hard with us for months to perfect this design that you are seeing now, and we cannot be more pleased with it.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your effort and professionalism, PRODDDesign. And to all of you who are searching high and low for the best web designers, honestly, PRODDDesign is the way to go. Drop them an email at [email protected] to pick on their expertise. Place your trust in them, and you will see returns on your investment in time to come.

Luke’s Lobster – The Most Value-For-Money Lobster Rolls In New York City

Luke's Lobster

There are tons of restaurants that sell lobster rolls in New York City, but Luke’s Lobster has made a name for itself by bringing the best of the Maine Coast to New York City with fresh Maine lobster, crab and shrimp rolls at unbeatable prices.

The Shrimp Roll starts at just US$8, while the Crab Roll is US$13. Unlike most seafood restaurants in the Big Apple which charge over US$30 for a Lobster Roll, Luke’s is selling its Lobster Roll at a jaw-dropping price of only US$16!


[Closed] La’ Coffee – Traditional Kopi and Toast in a Modern Cafe

La Coffee Kaya Toast

Kaya toast and eggs is the nation’ favourite breakfast combination. Together with an aromatic cup of local-style coffee or tea – or what we affectionately call kopi or teh – it is the simplest form of comfort food and one that we will never get sick of.

Whenever we dine at YaKun or Toast Box, we’d wish for an operator to reinvent the environment of a toast-and-eggs joint with a modern and cafe-like take. So when we heard about La’ Coffee - located next to Old Hen Coffee Bar in the Rangoon Road neighbourhood - we headed down on its first week of operation to check them out.


London’s Top 24 Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

London's Best Cafe

We were in London for a week last month, and the sheer number of good cafes and coffee shops in the city amazed us. Some are like coffee institutions, some are casual joints, some make lovely outlets when you need a midday break, some are totally worth waking up for.

Whether you are looking for a nice spot to chill out and to have a light lunch, or to satisfy your caffeine addiction, here is our guide to London’s Top 25 Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops.


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