How To Cook The Perfect Scotch Eggs At Home

Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are such best bundles of joy.

Essentially 6-minute hard-boiled eggs wrapped in minced meat before being breaded and deep fried, scotch eggs are easy to prepare, and make splendid breakfast options and picnic treats.

Nothing gratifies us more than slicing through the breaded pork, adorned with a crispy golden exterior, and witnessing the translucent yolk oozing out of the egg that is beautifully encased in the meat – that is when you know you have got yourself a good scotch egg. Scotch Eggs are often served alongside sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard or even a gorgeous salad.

Here is an easy Scotch Eggs Recipe that you can try out at home.


10 MUST-TRY Street Food In Johor Bahru

Malaysian Street Food

One of the perks of being on a holiday is experiencing the different cultures and trying local foods offered by the country/ city. And street food is something that always gets us all excited.

If you ever find yourself in Johor Bahru – a land where a truckload of delicious street food and shopping haven awaits - here are 10 Amazing Malaysian Street Food that you should try.


7 Non-Mainstream Sushi Rolls To Try In Singapore – Itadakimasu!

Mad Nest Oishii Maki

Sushi Rolls are a prominent dish in most Japanese eateries or restaurants, or what we otherwise know as ‘maki’. These delightful rolls comprise amalgamations of flavours that can never go wrong, and the combinations are endless.

What we love about sushi rolls is the palatable fillings and toppings, often drenched with sauces that are absolutely addictive.

Without further ado, here we share with you 7 Creative Sushi Rolls That Taste As Good As They Look.


Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups – The Easiest And Best Thing You Can Make For Breakfast

Bacon wrapped egg cups 1

Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups are just about the simplest form of happiness. They are easy to make, ingredients required are readily available, and when done well, they taste extraordinarily satisfying.

Possibly the most delicious breakfast you can make for yourself, we honestly think it is easier to screw up an egg omelette than this wondrous creation. Follow our recipe and you are on your way to amazing Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper… anytime, actually.


7 Things Only Egg Lovers Will Understand

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are incredible little shells of joy which can be cooked in so many ways – poached, scrambled, deviled, baked… it will take us forever to ramble on.

When you fall in love with eggs, you basically fall in love with the world of cafe breakfasts, ramen, omu rice or simply just anything with the rich gooey goodness. Well of course, for the genuine love for protein. Yes, we are with you on that.

Having that key item in your meal(s) can brighten up your day, or send you down the drain if it is not well-executed. Our expectations are high, and nothing should ever stop us from getting the egg-cellent dish. Egg lovers, you know exactly what we mean.

For those who hear us, don’t you agree with these 7 Things Only Egg Lovers Will Understand?


7 Speculoos Cookie Butter Desserts In Singapore For The Cookie Butter Fanatics

Speculoos Brownie Tart Bloomsbury Bakers

Speculoos Cookie Butter, or Cookie Butter in short, has been famed for its nutty and creamy flavour worldwide. This spread is essentially made with baked cookies, before crushing and mixing them with oil until they become a mouth-watering spread – akin to the texture and colour of peanut butter, but even better. We love cookie butter for its addictive taste and would eat it straight from the jar if it was not so fattening.

Speculoos Cookie Butter spread has been leaving its mark across desserts as one of the ultimate ingredient that can never go wrong – macarons, cakes, waffles, ice cream – you name it, they would probably have dominated it all already.

Join the party as we uncover 7 Speculoos Cookie Butter Desserts For The Cookie Butter Fanatics.


Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake – Easy No-Bake Recipe To Try At Home

Strawberry Jello Cheesecake

Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake is not just another stunning dessert; if you do not have a clue, it actually tastes as good as they look, if not better. When the decadent cheesecake filled with fresh strawberries marries the distinctive crust base, and is topped off with a soft jello layering, it transforms into a medley of contrasting textures that will send you scrambling for seconds.

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Checked! Or a simple birthday present that is filled with sincerity? This will do just fine! Sometimes, an afternoon of baking and a dosage of love is all we need to bring a smile to our loved ones’ faces.


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