How To Cook The Perfect Scotch Eggs At Home

Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are such best bundles of joy.

Essentially 6-minute hard-boiled eggs wrapped in minced meat before being breaded and deep fried, scotch eggs are easy to prepare, and make splendid breakfast options and picnic treats.

Nothing gratifies us more than slicing through the breaded pork, adorned with a crispy golden exterior, and witnessing the translucent yolk oozing out of the egg that is beautifully encased in the meat – that is when you know you have got yourself a good scotch egg. Scotch Eggs are often served alongside sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard or even a gorgeous salad.

Here is an easy Scotch Eggs Recipe that you can try out at home.


3 large eggs
350g minced meat, preferably pork
1 bowl of spring onions
2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
1 teaspoon of mustard powder (optional)
1 bowl of plain flour (for dusting)
1 bowl of beaten eggs, for the egg wash
1 bowl of breadcrumbs
Vegetable/Cooking oil

Scotch eggs preparation


1. Boil water in the saucepan. Add 3 eggs into the boiling water and cook them for around 6 minutes so that they will form a runny yolk center. After which, scoop up the eggs and plunge them into ice water.

2. Mix the minced meat, salt, pepper, mustard and spring onions together.

3. Gently crack and peel the cooled eggs.

4. Take a chunk of meat and flatten it on your palm until it resembles a patty. Encase the boiled egg in the middle of the meat and mould them together with your hands. Ensure that there are no gaps in the meat.

Tip: It is best to wet your fingertips with water to prevent the minced meat from sticking to your hands.

5. Dip the Scotch egg in flour, egg wash and coat it with breadcrumbs before deep frying.

6. Heat the oil till 350 degree Celsius. Lower the Scotch eggs in and deep-fry evenly for around 5 to 8 minutes.

7. Arrange them on a plate with a side salad or mustard sauce, and you are ready for some awesome snacking!