7 Things Only Egg Lovers Will Understand

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are incredible little shells of joy which can be cooked in so many ways – poached, scrambled, deviled, baked… it will take us forever to ramble on.

When you fall in love with eggs, you basically fall in love with the world of cafe breakfasts, ramen, omu rice or simply just anything with the rich gooey goodness. Well of course, for the genuine love for protein. Yes, we are with you on that.

Having that key item in your meal(s) can brighten up your day, or send you down the drain if it is not well-executed. Our expectations are high, and nothing should ever stop us from getting the egg-cellent dish. Egg lovers, you know exactly what we mean.

For those who hear us, don’t you agree with these 7 Things Only Egg Lovers Will Understand?

Fried eggs


If not, all of our meals.

We try to add an egg in whenever possible. A bowl of ramen is never compete until we see a Hanjuku Egg floating about in the flavoursome broth, and it requires a lot of self-control to pass up a plate of Eggs Benedict at a cafe.

Sometimes, we do extra egg with our char kway teow too!

Aspargus Ham Egg


We aren’t even kidding, because we would be pissed off if the yolk does not flow!

Nothing sends us joy more than witnessing the sight of glistening egg yolks trickling down brioche buns, or slicing upon a 6-minute egg and being greeted by semi-boiled yolks.

And nothing irritates us more than overcooked poached eggs that is an absolute waste of money and calories. This frustration (and anger) might apply to every diner, but on our part, it is a hundred times more aggravating.


Or self-encouraged. We often get too excited when a pretty egg dish is served up to us, and we are not letting go of any chances to photograph our glorious flowy egg yolks.

Any egg lover will have tons of photos/ videos of what we deem as “egg porn”.

Here are 11 things you never knew about eggs, including some fun facts and its health benefits.


Walk through the supermarket, and one will be greeted by trays of eggs in various colours, sizes and nutrient compositions. We understand our eggs, and are acquainted with facts about them – whether it is the differences between white or brown eggs laid by different breeds of hens, or the health benefits associated with consuming them.

Fun fact though: Eating 5 quail eggs is equivalent to 1 hen’s egg!

Crabcake Eggs Benedict


Since we are such major fans of these wondrous shells of goodness, it piques our interests in knowing how they are prepared in various ways. We are even more tempted in getting down to preparing them in the consistency we want.

It is every egg lover’s pride to present you a plate of perfectly executed sunny side up, or know Gordon Ramsey’s secret recipe to a beautiful plate of scrambled eggs (Video is on YouTube, by the way).

Heck, we would even get the half-boiled eggs perfect, else we are not eating them!


It is almost illegal to have a refrigerator without eggs, and egg lovers will never let this happen. What is a kitchen without eggs?!

And, it is the security that lies within knowing that we are well-stocked with eggs at home, and that our source of comfort is always available when we need to whip up a meal.


It is true that egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but only the good kinds that are beneficial for your heart and your brain. Most egg enthusiasts would know, as they would have tried consuming this even without cooking, and there are tons of ways to eat them raw.

Break them into a bowl of porridge for breakfast, or use it as a dip for your meat when having steamboat. For those who have not heard of the latter, you are totally missing out.

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