ladyironchef Jakarta Meet-And-Greet At Nomz Kitchen & Pastry On 22 Aug

Nomz Kitchen

Hello, Jakarta! We are coming by for a party this month!

We are really excited about meeting all of you at our upcoming Meet-And-Greet session on 22 August 2015 from 3pm to 5pm at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry (Grand Indonesia) in Jakarta. For so long now, all of you Indonesian readers have been so supportive towards Ladyironchef, and we cannot be more thankful. And because we’ve made a promise to visit Jakarta, we are going to make that happen.

Nomz Restaurant Jakarta

As mentioned, the party will happen on 22 August 2015, from 3pm to 5pm; we are going to have a fun-filled afternoon with canapés and drinks and lots of catching up.

We will be picking 25 readers, and everyone can bring a friend along to the party. If you are keen to be with us at this Meet-And-Greet session at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry, all you have to do is to:

Send an email to, and include the following:

1) your name
2) contact number
3) your Instagram username
4) who you are bringing along

P.S: Thank you for the overwhelming response, all the slots have been filled within the first hour. The application is closed. 

ladyironchef Jakarta Meet-And-Greet
Date: 22 August 2015 (Saturday), 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Address: Grand Indonesia East Mall Ground Floor #06-07