Shatoburian – The Most Popular Yakiniku Restaurant in Singapore For Prized Wagyu Cuts

Shatoburian Yakiniku

A clever play on the word ‘chateaubriand’—which is a prime tender cut of wagyu—Shatoburian is the most talked-about Japanese yakiniku restaurant in town now. Famed for their extensive menu of prized Hida wagyu cuts, this contemporary Japanese BBQ restaurant is a heaven for wagyu aficionados.

The restaurant sits within Palais Renaissance and is already a regular hangout spot among celebrities, socialites, wagyu connoisseurs and pretty much anyone who wants a good yakiniku meal.

Shatoburian sits on the second level of Palais Renaissance. The elusive restaurant is decked in a predominantly-dark interior with wooden partitions, and it is a cosy, intimate space for any special occasion. You may choose to enjoy your meal at the counter or sit at the tables for your own privacy.

It is wonderful to know that Shatoburian is all about sustainability. Their cattle hail from the Gifu prefecture and the restaurant adopts the nose-to-tail method of importing, hence offering all types of cuts of wagyu on its menu. The culinary team are so confident in their meat quality and flavours that they go easy on the seasoning and artificial flavourings.

Shatoburian wagyu Donburi

You may not know where to start, and we will tell you go to for the Signature Yakiniku Don which comes in three variations—Kurobuta Pork (S$85), Japanese Wagyu Beef (S$118) and Chef’s premium selection of Japanese wagyu beef (S$188).

The Japanese Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Donburi is presented with foie gras, uni, caviar, onsen egg and topped with shaved truffles. Luxurious and indulgent, this heavenly bowl of treasures will make your day, regardless of which variation you go for. This is, hands down, one of the best wagyu donburi in Singapore.

Shatoburian Truffle Gohan

There is this claypot rice dish that is good for sharing, and it is the Truffle Mushroom Gohan (S$98). A mix of French and Japanese mushrooms are cooked to order and topped with shaved truffles—simple but very earthy flavours with a splendid aftertaste of the fragrant truffle.

Shatoburian Beef Cut

On the yakiniku menu, you can choose from thin-slice, normal-slice as well as steak cuts.

Shatoburian Shato yaki

Our ultimate favourite is definitely the Shato-suki (S$80)!

Shatoburian Shatoyaki

100g of Sirloin is BBQ-ed over big flames only until medium-rare, leaving the slices of heaven still soft and tender, before it is served in a Japanese raw egg.

Shatoburian Chateaubriand Steak

Other cuts to love are the Misuji (Oyster blade, S$52), Rib Shin (S$70) and Pork Jowl (S$28), as well as Chateaubriand (S$150)—Shatoburian’s prized cut—which is 120g of the most tender and best cut of the tenderloin.

Most of the meats are available in Shio or Tare (Barbeque sauce) and the steaks are served with Himalayan salt and condiments.

It goes without saying that a meal at Shatoburian doesn’t come cheap. But is it worth splurging on? Definitely! This is the place to head to if you are willing to pay a premium for quality wagyu yakiniku.

390 Orchard Rd, #02 – 08, Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 6904 3308