14 Best Ice Cream Delivery In Singapore With Flavours Like Sea Salt Hojicha & Pistachio


The dessert scene has seen the arrival of many quirky and innovative creations, with some that are too pretty to be eaten. However, at the end of the day, nothing truly beats a classic scoop of ice cream.

We adore our ice cream and we love how over the years, more exciting, unheard of flavours have popped up in the market. Nutty beer? Chilli Chocolate? Rhubarb Buttermilk? Sign us up.

While we enjoy having our ice cream in the parlour itself, sometimes, it just feels better to have it at home. Especially during this period where most people would prefer to stay home, we know that some of you would want another alternative that’ll allow you to get your hands on your favourite dessert. Therefore, we have put together this guide of 16 places that do ice cream delivery in Singapore for your reference.



Having many quirky flavours up their sleeves, Apiary has etched its name in many Singaporeans’ ice cream dictionary. All their ice cream is made from scratch and they use natural, fresh ingredients to create ice cream of the highest quality.

Flavours you can look forward to indulging in include Caramelised Strawberry (S$15) and 73% Dark Chocolate (S$17) and Black Sesame (S$17).

Order a tub of their ice cream on their website and engage in their ice cream delivery services. A minimum spend of S$50 is needed and a flat islandwide delivery fee of S$5 applies.

Birds of Paradise Gelato Strawberry Basil and Spiced Pear


Situated along East Coast Road, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique is an ice cream paradise that is highly popular on social media for its extremely photogenic interior and ice cream that are both inspired by botanical elements.

Look out for favourites such as Lychee Raspberry (S$17), Pistachio (S$20) and Sea Salt Hojicha (S$17).

Get your ice cream fix from this popular ice cream store in Singapore by placing an order on their website. A minimum order of 3 pints and a maximum order of 4 pints is needed. Delivery charges are at a flat rate of S$8.

butterknife folk


Specialising in handcrafted gelatos and sorbets, Butterknife Folk offers a diverse range of creamy sweet treats in a multitude of flavours. The folks behind the brand are very passionate about what they do and this is evident in their products.

A tub of their ice cream in any flavour is priced at just S$19. From unique picks like butterbeer to even vegan creations like Red Fennel, there is truly something for everyone.

Butterknife folk provides free islandwide ice cream delivery for orders above S$57. Pick out what you want from their online ice cream shop.

Camaca Roasted Oolong Gelato


Hankering for a sweet treat but need to watch your sugar intake? Engage in Camaca, a sugar-free dessert cafe that has a variety of desserts that taste good even without the added sugar. Yes, this includes their ice cream!

Classic flavours to choose from include Swiss Chocolate (S$15) and Tiramisu (S$15). Want something more premium? Go for their Musang King Durian (S$22) that is made with authentic Malaysian Maoshan King durians.

Check out what they have available for ice cream delivery on their website. They provide free delivery within 5km of their premises (Bukit Timah, Clementi, Holland Village etc) with a minimum spend of S$35. Other locations will be charged a fee.

creamier peanut butter jelly ice-cream


Best known for being a heartland artisanal ice cream gem, Creamier has long been a go-to for lovers of good, honest ice cream and waffles.

Popular ice cream flavours such as Roasted Pistachio (S$16), Sea Salt Gula Melaka (S$12) and Blue Pea Vanilla (S$16) are some of what you can expect from this well-loved ice cream shop in Singapore.

Get free ice cream delivery when your order goes above S$55. Orders below that amount will be charged a flat delivery fee of S$12. Have a look at what they have to offer on their website.

Dopa Dopa Speculoos with lotus biscuit


Dopa Dopa Creamery is the very definition of quality over quantity. While they have a very small selection of ice cream options to choose from, each and every flavour they have for sale is meticulously made with plenty of passion. The result? Thick, rich and creamy scoops that will blow you away.

Get yourself a tub of their bestselling Pistachio ice cream. Not a fan of that? They also have Coconut Pandan, Ferraro and Peanut Butter.

Whatsapp them at +65 9123 2143 to check for the flavours of the day and to place an order. They provide free islandwide delivery when you order at least 4 tubs of ice cream.

Kind Kones Black Forest Cone


Happen to be vegan? Fret not, as we have an ice cream option for you too! Kind Kones is an ice cream parlour in Orchard that serves vegan ice cream that is made without milk, cream, eggs or refined sugar. You would think that this would affect the taste and consistency of their ice cream but surprisingly, it doesn’t.

Kind Kones has gluten-free ice cream cups such as Salted Chocolate Chip (S$4.90) and Black Forest (S$6.90). If you can’t take nuts, get their Pandan Gula Melaka (S$4.90) or Madagascan Vanilla Bean (S$6.90).

Free ice cream delivery is available for orders above S$100 and anything below that will be charged delivery rates according to distance.

Kindred Folks Roasted Rice Milk Tea with Charcoal Cone


Nestled away in KAP Residence Mall along King Albert Park is Kindred Folk, a charming ice cream cafe that serves a decent selection of unique homemade ice creams.

Choose from decadent tubs of Belgian Dark Chocolate (S$13) to vegan options like Sea-salt Gula Coconut (S$13).

Place an order for Kindred Folk’s ice cream here. A minimum order of 2 pints is needed for free islandwide delivery. Deliveries to Sentosa will be an additional S$5.

Kooks Creamery Ice Cream


Miss Kooks Creamery’s molten cookies and ice cream pairings? You can now enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

They have special bundles for their ice cream and lava cookies. All you need to do is pop the cookies in the oven for 9 minutes and top it off with a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Some bundles you can choose from are the Chocolate Lava Cookies & Ice Cream Bundle (S$59.70) and the Matcha Lava Cookies & Ice Cream Cooker Bag Bundle (S$71.70). They also sell their cookies and ice cream separately.

For free islandwide ice cream delivery, spend a minimum amount of S$65. Orders below that amount will be charged a flat fee of S$10 per location. Get more information on their website.

Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato Brown Butter Sage and Burnt White Chocolate Cone


Named after the gorgeous butterfly, Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato is a gelato boutique that specialises in interesting botanical flavours.

Regular customers will be glad to know that popular ice cream flavours like Brown Butter Sage, matcha and Pistachio will be available for ice cream delivery. They charge S$16.50 per pint for regular flavours and S$20 per pint for premium flavours.

You can Whatsapp them at +65 9665 7534 to get your share of their artisanal ice creams. Delivery charges depend on your location.

Moosh Softserve Nutella Brownie Cheesecake


Moosh is a Muslim-owned soft serve shop situated along the ever-hip Haji Lane. Their soft serves are velvety smooth and lusciously creamy without being too sweet on the palate, just how we like it!

Pints of their Nutella Brownies Cheesecake, Ondeh Ondeh or Milo Monster soft serve is available for ice cream delivery. All pints cost S$12. Order more to get a discount.

To order, drop them a Whatsapp at +65 8790 7077. A flat ice cream delivery charge of S$10 is applicable for all orders.

SUNDAY ROSE ICE CREAMPhoto Credit: Sunday Rose 


Sunday Rose specialises in handcrafted Artisan gelato that is not created with synthetic flavourings, dyes or off-the-shelf mixes. These pair fantastically well with the signature buttermilk waffles which are also available for delivery.

Belgium Dark Knight (S$15), Sapporo Lavender Milk (S$17) and Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$20) are just some of the flavours they have available for ice cream delivery. If you’re keen on getting some of their Original Buttermilk Waffles, they cost just S$12 for a pack of 2.

Head over to their website to order your ice cream online and get free islandwide delivery with a minimum order of S$80. Orders below S$80 will be charged S$10 per location.

The Daily Scoop - Kaya Ice Cream


As one of the pioneers of artisanal ice cream, The Daily Scoop has multiple outlets islandwide that has had successful reception over the years.

Have a peek at their ice cream delivery menu and find flavours like Chendol (S$12.50), Kookie Monster (S$12.50) and Maoshan (S$18.50).

Fill up their order form to get ice cream delivery. They provide free deliveries when you spend above S$50 and anything below that will be charged a flat fee of S$5.

Tom's Palette


Local ice cream parlour Tom’s Palette specialises in homemade ice cream that comes in a range of exotic flavours. Everything here is painstakingly made from scratch and their hard work really shines through.

Mango Sticky Rice ice cream (S$18), anyone? Or what about Lemon Cheesecake (S$18)? You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when you look at all their ice cream offerings.

Spend S$54 and above to be entitled to free islandwide delivery