Kooks Creamery: Legit Molten Lava Cookies + 50% OFF Desserts

Kooks Creamery Cafe

You have seen molten lava cakes and molten cheese tarts, but have you tried Kooks Creamery’s exploding molten lava cookies?

This humble ice cream parlour in Serangoon got us all excited with homemade cookies that ooze out molten goodness, alongside a huge range of ice cream flavours that range from light and refreshing fruit sorbets to rich and creamy options.

The cafe is small and intimate with ample natural light flowing in, and also has bouquets of flowers on display (and on sale too!) so you have ready props for your photos. Thumbs up for the thoughtfulness!

Kooks Creamery Singapore

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Kooks Creamery


Kooks Creamery’s ice cream range is extensive and you get about 20 different flavours (S$3.60 single, S$6 double, S$8.40 triple, + S$0.50 for premium flavours) to choose from.

Kooks Creamery Ice Cream

Some flavours are mainstays; others rotate seasonally. Their signature flavours are Brown Butter, Raspberry Lychee, Nougat, Milk Cereal, Arabica Coffee and Coconut—and these are available every day.

The Raspberry Lychee, a refreshing sorbet, was one of our favourites. Apart from that gorgeous shade of fuchsia, you can really taste the fresh berries with only a slight hint of tartness without being overly sour.

Besides that, you must try the Arabica Coffee flavour because it reminded us strongly of Kopiko, a classic coffee sweet that is a childhood favourite of many. The coffee flavour was strong but it did not have that super robust and bitter flavour, possibly catering to a more general audience.

Chocolate Molten Cookie


Molten cookies are actually pretty novel and unique and you can find this kickass treat at Kooks Creamery. The folks at Kooks Creamery spent months of R&D to perfect their molten cookies recipe. The end result? The cookies are crumbly on the outside; soft and chewy on the inside.

Served with a scoop of ice cream of choice, the good old combination of warm pastry and cold ice cream is one that always lifts our spirits.

“The classic cookie is elevated with a molten lava center. Each cookie is baked upon order and served warm. Add a scoop of homemade ice cream to it and you can watch the magic happen.”

Every cookie is baked upon order and the cookie will be served to you in 10 minutes—warm and fresh out from the oven, brimming with the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

They took a classic cookie and elevated it with a molten lava center, added a scoop of ice cream and ta-dah! Fuss-free, unpretentious and seriously good.

Kooks Creamery Cookies

Once the cookie reaches your table, the server will add a scoop of your ice cream of choice on top of the cookie, and you can watch the magic happen. That is some serious food porn you have to look out for.

We picked Raspberry Lychee sorbet for this cookie as the refreshing sorbet complements the rich chocolate extremely well. However, some will argue that having a creamy flavour would suit the cookie better; well, each to its own.

Molten Cookie Kooks Creamery

You can also have the molten cookie on its own (S$5.50), without the ice cream. But what’s the fun in that?

Kooks Creamery Matcha Cookie


Or you can go for this green beauty, the Matcha Molten Cookie. The matcha inside the cookie, while not overly rich, is still rather sweet so you might want to pick an ice cream flavour that would cut the sweetness—Black Sesame would pair well.

Kooks Creamery Christmas Cookie


The Earl Grey Molten Cookie is the latest flavour on the menu and it is just the cutest thing for Christmas. Deck with pretzel ears and dressed in a bed of cranberries, the earl grey molten cookie is a limited edition flavour.

While we thought the taste of earl grey could be stronger, the flavour was actually well-elevated with a scoop of Kooks Creamery’s signature nougat ice cream; it was certainly redeemed.

Kooks Creamery Tea Blend


Need a drink to pair up with your desserts? Why not get a nice cup of flavoured tea (S$3.50 warm, S$4 iced)? Try the Strawberry Sundae, Jasmine Blossoms or even Pomegranate Roobois.

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Kooks Creamery
211 Serangoon Avenue 4
Singapore 550211
Tel: +65 9006 8748
Tue to Thu, & Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Closed: Mon
Nearest Station: Serangoon

Festive Opening Hours
24 Dec 2016 (Sat): Closed
25 & 26 Dec 2016 (Sun & Mon): 12 – 10pm
1 Jan 2017 (Sun): 12 – 10pm
2 Jan 2017 (Mon): Closed

This post is brought to you by Kooks Creamery.