Kindred Folk – Hidden Gem At King Albert Park With Deep-Fried Mantou Ice Cream

Kindred Folks Collage

Nestled in the new KAP Residence Mall along King Albert Park, Kindred Folk is a charming double-storey ice cream café that provides a relaxing respite where families and friends can gather and indulge in an array of comforting, homemade recipes.

Serving a decent selection of unique homemade ice cream such as Roasted Rice Milk Tea and Wasabi, patrons get to pair them up with charcoal waffle, cone and even deep-fried man tou (Chinese buns)! Beyond that, the menu also features a variety of fusion pasta and finger food such as Tom Yum Aglio Olio and Fried Chicken Drumlets.

Place your orders on the first floor before heading up the second floor where you will find seats with an idyllic view and a hammock you can rock on.

Kindred Folk Mi So Sexy

Kindred Folk’s tantalising Mi-So Sexy pasta (S$15) was full of flavours and it came with al dente Capellini tossed in savoury miso sesame sauce, topped with an onsen egg and  generous amounts of sautéed shimeiji mushrooms.

The café also offers lunch sets (S$12.90) that come with a bowl of wholesome pasta and a drink of your choice (black coffee/ ice lemon tea/ canned drink). Students studying in the campuses nearby can consider dropping by for their student meals (S$9.90).

Kindred Folk Ice Cream

Ice cream flavours that caught our attention were Roasted Rice Milk Tea (S$3.70) and Cereal Milk (S$3.70). Customers can top up a dollar for the Charcoal Cone or a Fried Mantou.

The Roasted Rice Milk Tea ice cream with Charcoal Cone was a unique combination. The charcoal cone had a subtle earthy flavour that complemented the slightly nutty Roasted Rice Milk Tea.

Kindred Folks Cereal Milk with Fried Mantou

Kindred Folk’s Fried Mantou (S$1 for a mantou, add S$3.7 for a scoop of ice cream) is a must-order! Sandwiched between the Cereal Milk ice cream, the piping hot Fried Mantou provided a very good crunch and texture that grows on you with every bite. The Cereal Milk ice cream may be on the sweeter side but it paired so well with the savoury Fried Mantou that we devoured ours in seconds.

Kindred Folks Menu

Kindred Folk Interior

With that, Kindred Folk is a hidden gem in Bukit Timah that makes a perfect place to unwind and relax or study if you wish. This humble ice cream café won us over with their down-to-earth concept that focuses on serving quality food.

Kindred Folk
9 King Albert Park
#01-09, King Albert Park Shopping Mall
Singapore 598332
Tel: +65 6928 3043
Mon to Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Nearest station: King Albert Park