KFC’s Spicy Thai Crunch — KFC’s Newest Thai-rrific Hot & Crispy Fried Chicken

KFC Spicy Thai Crunch Cover

That’s it. We’re calling off our diet. How does one eat clean when KFC exists? This year, they’ve been spoiling us silly with the most sinful, delicious treats. We don’t know how they’re coming up with all these amazing creations but we’re certainly not complaining.

First, it was the Spicy Nyonya Chicken. Then, it was the shell-less Kentaco. And if those weren’t guilt-inducing enough, they brought back their crispy chicken skin.

And now, they’re incorporating culinary flavours from the land of smiles into their signature fried chicken. Not travelling to Thailand any time soon? The newest KFC Spicy Thai Crunch will surely satisfy your cravings.

KFC is bringing the taste of Thailand to our very doorstep.

KFC Spicy Thai Crunch With Props

Feast your eyes on KFC’s Spicy Thai Crunch.

You don’t need to be a gourmand to know that Thai flavours are all about the spices and heat. If you’re an absolute slave for Thai food, you’re in for a treat. Set your lips on fire with KFC’s Spicy Thai Crunch, a Thai-inspired spicy fried chicken creation.

This feisty dish features KFC’s Signature Hot & Crispy Chicken glazed with a mouthwatering spicy Thai sauce and sprinkled generously with citrusy, rice crisps.

The secret to this fantastic dish is really, the rice crisps. Spiked with a tastefully sour spice combo of galangal, lemongrass, garlic and onion, these bits of goodness completely elevate the dish.

KFC Spicy Thai Crunch Breast Meat

Now, comes the billion-dollar question — how does it taste?

Just like the rest of KFC’s fried chicken, its batter was shatteringly crispy. The crunch was elevated by the addition of the zesty crisps, which had a strong lemongrass-galangal profile. The chicken itself was juicy and tender, from the drumstick down to the breast meat.

As for the spiciness level, the heat doesn’t hit you right away, and rises steadily like a coastal wave. The climax of its spicy kick isn’t unbearable, though. The heat is also balanced out by the aromatic seasoning, which is truly aroy mak mak.

KFC Spicy Thai Crunch

The KFC Spicy Thai Crunch is available in stores now! They come in various meal bundles such as the Spicy Thai Crunch 2pc Meal (S$8.95).

American and Korean fried chickens get a lot of attention, and not so much their Thai counterpart. But, with this new creation, we can see the tables turning very soon.

KFC Spicy Thai Crunch will available at all KFC restaurants except KFC Kidzania and Singapore Zoo.

This post was brought to you by KFC Singapore.