KFC’s Irresistible New Spicy Nyonya Chicken Will Have You Salivating For More This LNY

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Never one to rest on their laurels, KFC Singapore is back with yet another new, inventive dish to usher in the festivities this Lunar New Year! Let this year of the rat help you sniff out even more delectable delights by spicing things up (literally) with KFC’s latest Lunar New Year creation, Nyonya Fried Chicken.

If there’s one thing any self-respecting F&B establishment in Singapore knows, is that Singaporeans love their spices. KFC surely recognises this, keeping our taste buds yearning after previous seasonal favourites such as the Red Hot Szechuan Chicken and Curry Crunch Chicken.

The common ingredient in these best-sellers? They all provide an addictive and irresistible spice infusion that renders their already finger lickin’ chicken even more finger lickin’ good. With KFC’s track record, this new addition is sure to give your tongues a hot, new thing to salivate over!

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KFC’s latest release this season continues along the tangent of being a high-quality and attention-grabbing number. Burnished in a lively auburn shade, it cuts a striking profile against the golden hues of its usual menu counterparts. Accompanying the vibrant sight is a familiar whiff of fried chicken, but with a feisty peppery undertone that really gets your mouth watering.

Taking a bite out of the chicken unveils a piquant medley of spices – a curated blend of chillies, dried shrimps, curry spices and laksa leaves with a dash of coconut to introduce a sweet, smooth flourish – that persists after your initial tasting. Even past the chicken’s craggy crust, the flavours endure in the juicy centre, thus allowing the fragrance from the spices and herbs to fully permeate each mouthful.

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The secret to the Nyonya Chicken’s intense flavour is courtesy of its preperation technique. The chicken chunks are first marinated before being fried; therefore, even after crunching past the crisp layer, you are still met with a potpurri of flavours courtesy of the marinade’s infusion. It is then coated with the spicy Nyonya sauce to impart each piece with its signature zesty bite for the ultimate satisfying taste affair.

The secret to keeping such an intense and uniform taste is courtesy of the dual infusion of spices. The chicken chunks are first marinated in the aforementioned sauce, allowing the potpourri to infuse the protein until these flavours become innate to the base’s taste profile. The batter is then suffused with the same spicy sauce, imparting it with its signature felicitous colouration and a zesty bite that makes crunching into the skin just as satisfying an affair.

We’ve enjoyed multiple spicy-themed specials before. What then makes the Nyonya Chicken different? With the Nyonya Chicken, we are served a confluence of local flavours tied together with a tinge of spice. More than just another tasty menu addition, the kernel of the dish is no longer the spiciness; while a (very nice) bonus, the essence of the dish resides in the celebration of local Peranakan flavours.

Interested in getting your hands on KFC’s Nyonya Chicken? It is available in-house and via takeaway at S$3.60 for a piece, and S$8.95 and up for meal options.


Need something to alleviate the spice and heartiness of your Nyonya Chicken meal? Refresh your taste buds with SJORA®’s latest flavour, Strawberry Kiwi!

While the chicken is a rich collective of spicy flavours, this drink quenches with its refreshing sweetness. Alluring in pink, the Strawberry Kiwi washes away the chicken’s heavy spices, leaving behind a nectarous lingering aftertaste that tastes like a breath of spring.


To make this Lunar New Year season even more auspicious, treating yourself to any Nyonya Chicken Meal can also reward you with a chance to grab a gift from KFC’s enormous S$388,000 prize pool!

From 2 January to 2 February 2020, a winner will get to take home S$3,888 every week, while three very lucky diners will walk away with the grand prize of S$8,888 from the Grand Lucky Draw. On top of that, you can participate in KFC’s sure-win Ang Bao Rush game for additional chances to nab instant rewards or even the weekly S$388 cash prize.

For a chance at getting your hands on the prizes, simply order any Nyonya Chicken Meal at participating outlets or via delivery. Eligible offers will receive unique code(s) – each code entails one Grand Lucky Draw chance and one try at the Ang Bao Rush Game. Remember to hold on to your original scratch cards and emails even after playing for verification purposes! Don’t want to miss out on your good fortune now, do you?

This Lunar New Year, if you find yourself craving some deep-fried deliciousness, why not pop by KFC for a scrumptious, fuss-free meal? Grab this limited run special while you still can; with flavours as potent, spice as gratifying, and crunch as compelling as the Nyonya Fried Chicken’s, we wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity either!

KFC Nyonya Chicken is available at all KFC restaurants except KFC KidZania and Singapore Zoo.

107 North Bridge Road
Funan Mall, #01-19
Singapore 179105
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest MRT: City Hall
** Multiple outlets islandwide.

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