KFC Saucy Wings – Super Addictive Wings In Garlickin’ Soy & Chillickin’ Hot Sauces

KFC new saucy wings

KFC Singapore has impressed us with Parmesan Truffle Chicken, Mala Chicken, and even a HotBlaze Grilled Chicken this year that hooked us in for repeats and got us keenly watching what they have up next. Their latest seasonal entrant is the new KFC Saucy Wings which comes in two delectable flavours: Garlickin’ Soy and Chillickin’ Hot.

KFC takes their chicken seriously and a special batter was created just for these Saucy Wings. The wings are freshly breaded and fried to perfection before being doused in a thick glaze, adding an intense umami depth to it. It stays crispy from edge to edge as we would expect from KFC so they will no doubt continue to add to our waistline.

From 24 May 2019 and on, their Saucy Wings will be tantalising your taste buds so make a beeline to the nearest outlet with the besties because they are too good for you to hold back on. Get ready to set your phones aside because your fingers will get sticky with this messy treat that is finger lickin’ good!

KFC Saucy Wings

Our favourite fast food fried chicken brand has not been one to disappoint. Their Saucy Wings are freshly breaded with a special batter that forms a light coating that is cooked to crispy perfection before being slathered in sauces that impart bold and robust flavours.

Garlickin’ Soy is a delicious glaze of garlic and soy but for spice lovers who can take the heat, Chillickin’ Hot has a strong kick with chilli and cayenne.

Garllickin' Soy

The beautifully glazed Garlickin’ Soy Wings will have you experience the marriage of sweet and salty. A blend of garlic and soy sauce and hints of sugary sweetness, these wings will definitely have you reaching for piece after piece.

We licked every bit of sauce off of our fingers.

Chillickin' Hot

The Chillickin’ Hot was tangy and packed a punch. Spice lovers rejoice, because this is definitely on the hotter side. Not going to lie, it made us tear a lil’. But hey, they were happy tears. It is reminiscent of a bowl of hot and sour soup.

The zest from the vinegar cut right through the spice from the mix of chillies and cayenne pepper.

KFC Wings

Crisp skin and a flavourful sauce are the crux to a good saucy wing and the new KFC Saucy Wings nails down both. The new piquant sauces on these chicken are thick and form an even and sticky coat that makes for a messy enjoyment; we are always happy to dirty our hands for good fried chicken.

KFC 12 pc

Get your with their box sets for a full meal. Choose between the Garlickin’ Soy or Chillickin’ Hot set for their Chicken ‘N Wings Box at S$10.55 which comes with 4 pieces of Saucy Wings, 1 piece of Original or Hot & Crispy Chicken, a regular Whipped Potato, a Regular Coleslaw, and a regular Pepsi Black.

If you are dying for a burger to go with, their Zinger N Wings Box (S$10.95) comes with a Zinger in place of the single piece of Original or Hot & Crispy Chicken.

Those with a smaller appetite can get the 4-piece Wings Meal (S$8.25), choosing between both flavours of Saucy Wings. It comes with 4 wings, a regular Whipped Potato, a regular Coleslaw, and a regular Pepsi Black. If you are in it just for the wings, KFC also has the option for a 4-piece Saucy Wings (S$5.95) choosing between either favour.

If you are all ready to dig into the ultimate experience with the family or your favourite food crew, go with Wings Family Feast (S$39.95). What begs to be devoured are 4 pieces of Garlickin’ Soy Wings and Chillickin’ Hot Wings each, 8 pieces of Original or Hot & Crispy Chicken, 3 regular Whipped Potatoes, and 4 regular cups of Pepsi Black.

This post is brought to you by KFC Singapore.