KFC’s New Parmesan Truffle Chicken Is Its Best Seasonal Item Yet!

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken

Ushering the year of the Pig in the best possible way, KFC introduces their new Parmesan Truffle Chicken. A unique creation that combines Singaporean’s all-time favourite truffle with parmesan cheese.

Crispy from edge to edge and boasting a heady aroma of both savoury parmesan and nuanced truffle, this fried chicken delight is a luxury that’s fit for any festive gathering. Available from 11 January 2019 onwards islandwide, this is one KFC offering not to be missed!

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken 3

Our favourite fast food fried chicken brand is never one to disappoint and it is safe to say that this time, they have far exceeded our expectations for this is, hands-down, one of the best seasonal items we’ve tried thus far.

If you love parmesan cheese and truffle, then you’d be glad to hear that you get the best of both worlds here.

Available from 11 January 2019 onwards, what you can expect is juicy, succulent and tender fried chicken fried to golden perfection, drizzled with an aromatic truffle-infused cheese sauce that bursts with umami before being topped with shredded parmesan cheese for the final touch.

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken 2KFC SJORA Strawberry Kiwi Drink

We relate to the disappointment when we don’t taste any notes of truffle after paying a hefty amount for truffle fries, so trust us when we say you will not experience the same disappointment with this. Their Parmesan Truffle Chicken is imbued with distinct notes of truffle as well as strong umami-packed cheese flavours. The two ingredients are truly a match-made-in-heaven!

The Parmesan Truffle 2-piece Meal comes with a cup of SJORA Strawberry Kiwi drink, 1 mashed potato and 1 coleslaw and is priced at S$8.95. Feeling peckish? Opt for their Parmesan Truffle Box Meal (S$10.95) which comes with an additional regular fries and 2-piece Hot & Crispy Tenders!

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken Meal FOr 2

Usually, a 2-piece chicken meal would suffice to leave us fully and extremely satisfied. But their new seasonal flavour left us oh-so-addicted upon the first bite that we want more to ourselves!

Their Parmesan Truffle 5-piece Meal (S$21.95) is the perfect bundle meal for sharing amongst two. Featuring 5 pieces of flavour-packed parmesan truffle chicken, 3 pieces of succulent and crispy tenders, 2 whipped potato, 2 coleslaw and 2 SJORA Strawberry Kiwi drinks, this bundle will definitely satisfy two fried chicken-lovers (or one extremely hungry sumo wrestler).

KFC Parmesan Truffle Chicken 4

KFC’s Parmesan Truffle Chicken will be available from 11 January 2019 onwards and will only be available for a limited period of time. So better hurry and get yours today!

This post was brought to you by KFC Singapore.