Arteastiq Bistro - Revel In Their New Botanical Paradise At Jewel Changi Airport


True to its name, Arteastiq is the quintessence of elegance with its beautiful posh restaurants featuring exquisite dining ambiences, scrumptious nosh and eclectic ranges of artisanal teas. The establishment already has two existing outlets that are conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery and Plaza Singapura, and they’ve decided to expand to the East to include an outlet at fresh-faced Jewel Changi Airport.

Arteastiq Bistro Jewel

Overlooking the world’s biggest indoor waterfall and shrouded in lush greenery, Arteastiq Bistro at Jewel Changi Airport is a dreamy sanctuary for travellers and city dwellers alike to retreat to for some much-needed respite away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Arteastiq Jewel

Aside from the majestic view, take your senses on a gastronomical adventure with their all-day multifaceted menu that has been created by Arteastiq Group’s executive chef, Chef Yip. The adroitly curated menu focuses on the reinterpretation of continental cuisines and features the likes of snazzy high tea sets, delectable mains and ambrosial desserts.


This botanical haven sits in a quiet corner on the top floor of Jewel Changi Airport. Its strategic location at the rooftop area lets in plenty of sunlight that bathes the entire restaurant in a warm, soothing glow.

With its sleek furniture and verdure accents in the colour scheme of cyan, white, gold and black, the bistro exudes a chic and modern charm that provides its diners with a tranquil and luxurious Al fresco dining experience.



Iindulge yourselves with Arteastiq Bistro’s new National Treasure High Tea Set (S$32 for 1 Pax, S$48 for 2 Pax), which is the perfect embodiment of Singapore’s rich and diverse multi-cultured food history.

This glorious display includes two speciality teas of your choice (not including their alcoholic range) and bites such as kueh pie tee with crab stick, rainbow kueh lapis, soft gula melaka with red bean and glutinous rice wrapped in spicy shrimp.

Our absolute favourite has to be the glutinous rice wrapped in spicy shrimp — dense, chewy and accompanied by a spicy kick, this small but fiery mouthful undoubtedly packs a mean punch.



Start off your feast with one of their enticing starters which include Cheese Tofu (S$9), Pan Seared Foie Gras (S$15) and Scallop Bruschetta (S$12). Out of the lot, our favourite is the Spicy Escargot (S$11) which consists of sauteed snails doused in a sauce made from chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onions and light cream.



Arteastiq Bistro’s extensive menu serves up a bountiful range of hearty, soul-comforting mains but out of them all, the ones that grabbed our attention were the Sambal Sea Bass with Dry Laksa (S$25) and Pan Roasted Satay Chicken Boneless Thigh (S$22).

Drenched in a tangy and fiery dried shrimp sambal chilli sauce, the fork-tender oven-baked sea bass had a decent amount of heated kick to it that didn’t overwhelm the palate.

The dry laksa, on the other hand, was aromatic and chewy with a slight zest to it that made it the perfect accompaniment to the sea bass.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the Pan Roasted Satay Chicken Boneless Thigh, which features a succulent slab of chicken thigh that comes with a side of rice vermicelli, prawns, rice cake and a pot of fragrant peanut sauce.

Tender, moist and well-marinated, the chicken thigh proved to be a more elevated version of Singapore’s classic chicken satay. The rice vermicelli and satay sauce also served to add a nice variance in texture when eaten together with the chicken.



Get yourself a carbonora; their version is a sinful Truffle Carbonara (S$18). This bowl of goodness comprises unique tri-colour spaghetti that is drenched in a luxurious cream sauce and enhanced by the addition of black truffle, garlic, turkey bacon and parmesan cheese.

If cream-based pasta isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for the Spicy Crayfish Spaghetti (S$16) which features two generous slabs of crayfish atop a bed of tri-coloured pasta that is tossed and sautéed with chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onion and light cream.

arteastiq dessert collage


Arteastiq Bistro has a range of decadent desserts that we’d gladly get fat for.

The Rainbow Kueh Lapis (S$12) is a whimsical take on the classic kueh lapis and is served with red beans and a scoop of ambrosial durian gelato. Dense, fragrant and addictively buttery, the kueh lapis pairs really well with the light and creamy durian gelato.

Another dessert to try is the Pandan Kaya Lava Cake (S$12) which is served with red beans and a sinful (but shiok) scoop of gula melaka gelato. Slice through the cake’s soft exterior and watch the viscous lava ooze out of the cake. The cake as a whole manages to be rich and saccharinely sweet without being too overwhelming and we appreciate how it tastes like authentic pandan and kaya.



If you’re a night owl, Arteastiq Bistro at Jewel Changi Airport offers an outlet-exclusive Mid-night Menu from 8pm to 10pm. Order yourself a brightly hued cocktail and enjoy the magnificent view of the majestic indoor waterfall from the comfort of your seat. Some cocktails that you can try are Flight Fantasy, Bewitching Grove and Dragon Gin & Tonic.

If you’re feeling peckish, get yourself some grub from their bar menu which includes savoury finger foods such as Salted Egg Fried Chicken Thigh (S$9), Beef Chilli Waffle Fries (S$12) and Prawn Paste Fried Squid (S$12).


Lo and behold, there is the Mid-night High Tea set at S$48 for 2.

The grandiose set comes with speciality tea for two, with a choice of an upgrade to a sharing cocktail or sangria for an additional S$20. We recommend upgrading your drink because that would mean that you can get yourself a massive sharing glass filled with your choice of alcoholic beverage and pearls; definitely not something you get to try every day!

Accompanying the drinks is an array of bite-sized treasures such as smoked salmon roulade with cream cheese and tobiko, truffle shell pasta, sweet potato fries with truffle oil and vol au vent with tuna and cheese.

Arteastiq Bistro
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, #05-201
Singapore 819666
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Changi Airport

This post is brought to you by Arteastiq Bistro.