Spice Brasserie – Yuletide Buffet With Epic Roasts, Crustaceans, Oysters & More!

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Promising a seasonal spread of festive meats and treats along with a bevvy of authentic local and Asian delights thrown into the mix, Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road ranks high as one of our top venues of choice to indulge in a full-on feast this festive holiday.

Pulling out all the stops and ready to tantalise the senses (especially our taste buds) on all fronts, the culinary team behind Spice Brasserie impresses with their selection of colossal roasts featuring the likes of the all-new Peranakan-Style Roasted Spice Cured Turkey that wowed us with its succulent meat and its heady aroma of Nonya spices.

As far as drool-inducing food goes, they’ve nailed down their various festive roast meat offerings, but if you’re pining for something to satiate your sweet tooth, then you will not be disappointed with their Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake. But seasonal dishes aside, be sure to tuck into their various Asian and international items as well, not forgetting their selection of crab dishes—a mainstay and what Spice Brasserie is classically known for.

This festive feast will be going on from 17 December 2018 to 1 January 2019 and diners can quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making reservations to enjoy 20% off both the lunch and dinner festive buffets.

Spice Brasserie Peranakan Turkey


A brand-new addition to this year’s lineup of festive delights and one that’s worthy of a second round is their Peranakan-Style Roasted Spice-Cured Turkey. Specially created by Malacca-born Baba Chef Jimmy Bong, this unique rendition makes use of simple everyday spices and aromatics such as cinnamon, chilli, lemongrass and more, all working together to give the dish a vibrant appeal.

The meat was tender, robust and paired very coherently with the flavourful curry gravy—in place of the classic giblet sauce—that comes served along with it. Complex, hearty and full of flavour, the curry gravy is crucial for maximum enjoyment.

Spice Brasserie Roast Turkey


Not wanting to be restricted by the common notion of what a classic turkey should have, Chef Jimmy, takes it up a notch with his Roasted Brined Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Snail Sausage & Porcini Giblet Sauce, that sees a marriage of flavours and textures coming together to complement one another.

An element of umami is imbued into the sauce through the addition of porcini mushrooms that do well to elevate the overall dish, but unlike the many roast turkeys that we’ve tried, this version was fully capable of tasting delicious sans the sauce.

Boasting a crisp layer of perfectly seasoned skin and tender, succulent meat, this version easily trumps the conventional roast turkey and is something that warrants multiple trips to the live carving station.

Spice Brasserie Honey Baked Ham


A quintessential component of any Yuletide feast is a honey-baked ham. Period.

Studded with whole cloves and given multiple bastes of sweet, sticky honey, the Honey Baked Ham with Pineapple Raisin Sauce hits the spot with its deep smokey, subtly-spiced appeal, coupled with a sweet fruity undertone.

Spice Brasserie Ham

A showstopper in its own right, the ham was easy to gobble down as it was soft, tender and enriched with a sweet, fruity bouquet that balanced out its saltiness well. The pineapple glaze sauce gives the ham sweetness but also a good amount of acidity that gives the dish balance.


Spice Brasserie Roast Pork 2


Charming our palates with its combination of unctuous flavours and textures, the Roast Pork with Rocket, Pine Nut, Feta Stuffing & Apple Jam was easily our favourite of the entire spread.

Spice Brasserie Roast Pork

This mouth-watering Goliath of a pork delight sees an entire belly of pork, stuffed with salty feta cheese, peppery rocket and earthy pine nuts, before undergoing a slow, roast.

The result? Crackling that is literally to-die-for, succulent (and sweet) pork and a medley of flavour sensations that tantalised and teased our taste buds. This, if anything, is something worth shouting about—and don’t even get us started on how heavenly it was when paired with their house-made apple jam.

Spice Brasserie Salted Egg Mayo Crayfish


Grilled over charcoal to develop a charred, smoky taste before being generously slathered with a dollop of their homemade salted egg mayo, we can imagine the Baked Crayfish with Salted Egg Mayonnaise to be a surefire hit among both fans of barbecued seafood and of salted egg alike.

Boasting a heady aroma of curry leaves, accented with its signature savoury-sweet qualities, the salted egg mayo was viscous yet not cloying at all. It did well to enhance the naturally sweet flavours of the crayfish and provided a blanket of creaminess to balance out the bittersweet charred element.

Spice Brasserie Baked Oysters


This baked oyster trio is anything but simple. Designed to enhance the briny qualities of the oysters using an array of complementary flavour components, you have your choice of either the Oyster Kilpatrick, Oyster with Cheese and Oyster with Mentaiko Sauce—all prepared á la minute, bubbling and begging to be devoured.

The Oyster Kilpatrick comes punctuated with an apparent smokiness that resonates well with the briny oyster and the crunchy bits of crispy bacon and wilted spinach provided a nice texture

Mentaiko Baked Oyster is enriched with a silky smooth cream sauce that is savoury, umami-dense and velvety, making knocking back a dozen or more of these bad boys way too easy. The cheese version is flame-torched prior to serving, allowing a crust to develop and also to give the oyster a charred flavour.

Spice Brasserie Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake


A quirky yet unsurprising twist on the traditional Christmas log cake, Spice Brasserie’s version features ingredients that play on the balance of salty and sweet with a creamy, crispy feature—courtesy of the hazelnut crunch—that worked incredibly well.

The decadent mocha sponge, accompanied by the sea salt caramel mousse and caramel core gives the cake a profound savouriness that makes reaching in for seconds (or even thirds) impossible to resist.

This festive feast will be going on from 17 December 2018 to 1 January 2019 and diners can quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making reservations to enjoy 20% off both the lunch and dinner festive buffets.

Festive Buffet Lunch
17 to 21 December 2018
26 to 30 December 2018
Adult: S$42++, Child: S$21++

22, 23, 25 & 31 December 2018
Adult: S$54++, Child: S$27++

24 December 2018
Adult S$68++, S$34++

1 January 2018
Adult: S$42++, Child: S$21++

Festive Buffet Dinner
17 to 21 December 2018
26 to 30 December 2018
Adult: S$50++, Child: S$25++

22, 23, 25 & 31 December 2018
Adult: S$70++, Child: S$35++

24 December 2018
Adult S$88++, S$44++

1 January 2018
Adult: S$50++, Child: S$25++

Terms and Conditions:

  • Menu items are subject to changes at the chef’s discretion.
  • All prices are subject to service charge and Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Child prices are valid for children between 6 to 11 years old.

Spice Brasserie
181 Kitchener Road
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
Singapore 208533
Tel: +65 6428 3160
Reservations: [email protected]
Daily: 6am – 10.30am, 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

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