Miyagawa Honten – 125-year-old Unagi Speciality Restaurant Is Opening In Singapore

Ichinoji Miyagawa Singapore

Miyagawa Honten—125-year-old Unagi Speciality Restaurant—is opening its first-ever overseas outlet in Singapore.

With the arrival of so many international brands in Singapore this past couple of months, it has been a challenge to keep track but one, in particular, that has got us stoked out of our minds is the renowed unagi speciality restaurant, Miyagawa Honten.

For those who are unfamiliar, Miyagawa Honten is one of Tokyo’s most well-known unagi restaurants, with a history that spans 125 years. Its first outlet was Tsukiji Miyagawa Honten back in 1894, and it has since grown from strength to strength, now operating 20 outlets in Japan alone!

The restaurant’s very first foray out of Japan and the very first one out of Japan will be known as Ichinoji Miyagawa and we are all ecstatic to get our hands—or rather our tastebuds—on their speciality eel that boasts a unique, thick and somewhat spicy sauce—very different from the usual unagi dishes that we are familiar with.

The 34-seater restaurant located at Riverside View, Robertson Quay will serve unagi in three of its signature styles: hitsumabushi, seiro mushi and donburi.

Ichinoji Miyagawa Hitsumabushi

Hitsumabushi is a traditional Nagoya’s style of cooking freshwater eel that involves slitting the eel open along the belly and grilling it whole without steaming beforehand. This style of preparing freshwater eel can be enjoyed on its own or with dashi, nori, wasabi and green onion.

For those who are wish to experience and savour the natural flavours of grilled unagi at its purest should definitely opt for the donburi option that features clean flavours and neutrally-flavoured accompaniments to really bring out the taste of the fish.

Ichinoji Miyagawa Seiro Mushi

Photos credit: Miyagawa Honten

Ichinoji Miyagawa Singapore has yet to announce its official opening date. Watch this space as we bring you the latest news about its opening in Singapore.

Ichinoji Miyagawa Singapore
01-05 Riverside View
Robertson Quay Singapore 238251
Nearest Station: Clarke Quay