7 Instagrammable Street Food In Bangkok – Cheese Toastie, Watermelon Ice & More

Bangkok Instagrammable Food

There are few places in the world that can match up to Bangkok when it comes to cheap and delicious street food.

As Thailand’s tourism industry flourishes, we are definitely not surprised to find out about emerging food fads and trends that have gone viral on social media.

While it is easy to brush them off as something gimmicky, we applaud the creativity and effort that went behind creating these ‘Instagrammable’ food. If you are curious about where you can find them, here is our list of 7 Street Food In Bangkok That Will Spice Up Your Instagram Feed.

Changchui Cheese Toast

JJ Green Cheese Toastie Stall

JJ Green Cheese Toastie


One of the best finds in Bangkok when it comes to Instagram-worthy food is probably cheese toasties. That cheese pull is enough to garner all those likes on social media for you. Besides, who can say no to cheese right?

Where To Get It: ChangChui, JJ Green Night Market

Talad Neon Cheese Fries Stall

Talad Neon Cheese Fries


Anything with cheese and we are game for it. While cheese fries are nothing new, it sure makes a delicious snack when you are looking for something to keep your tummy satisfied at the night market.

Where To Get It: Talad Neon

Talad Neon Taiyaki Stall

Talad Neon Taiyaki


You get to choose which flavours you fancy (there is also durian) and the fillings are usually extremely generous. Pull your taiyaki apart for that photogenic cheese pull which does not lose out to the cheese toastie.

Where To Get It: Talad Neon

Rod Fai Watermelon Ice


Even if you have not been to Bangkok before, we are sure you have seen this dessert at pasar malams in Singapore. Nothing feels better than an icy watermelon dessert to cool off from Bangkok’s humid weather.

Where To Get It: The New Rot Fai Ratchada

JJ Green Crepe 2

Rod Fai Crepe

Rod Fai Charcoal Banana


Choose to have your crepes savoury or sweet—we had our charcoal crepe with sliced bananas. You are likely to find crepes in most night markets of Bangkok as it is a common snack you can find even on the streets itself.

Where To Get It: JJ Green Night Market, The New Rot Fai Ratchada

Talad Neon Bloody Drink

Talad Neon Red Drink


This blood bag drink got us feeling like vampires sucking on real blood (it is actually just fruit punch)—eat your heart out Edward Cullen!

The taste is nothing amazing as it is just your regular syrup water but the beverage definitely helps to quench your thirst.

Where To Get It: Talad Neon, Artbox

Chatuchak Milk Tea Man

Talad Neon Milk Tea Stall

Talad Neon Thai Milk Tea


You have to film down the process of locals making traditional Thai milk tea. We were staring in awe as we watched the tea being pulled from one jug to the other. The end result is a delicious, frothy drink that is served at the right temperature for consumption.

Where To Get It: Chatuchak Weekend Market, Talad Neon

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