[Closed] JJ Green – 5 Things To Know Before Visiting Bangkok’s Most Popular Night Market

JJ Green Bangkok

Jatujak Green—or commonly known as JJ Green Market—is one of our favourite night markets in Bangkok. Situated near to the popular Chatuchak Market, JJ Green Market is where you will find both locals and tourists indulging in Thailand’s best street food, haggling prices with retail stall owners and chilling the night away with a beer or two.

The crowd starts coming in after 5pm and the place is most happening from Thursday to Sunday nights. If you are not planning to take a cab because of the peak hour jam, you can take a slow walk from Mo Chit BTS Station.

Not sure what to do or eat there? Take a look at our guide to JJ Green Market.

JJ Green Ramen Stall


There are many Thai eateries in JJ Green Market serving a range of local and fusion food. Depending on your preference that day, choose to have a hot bowl of tom yum goong or go for some Japanese-inspired ramen noodles that day.

JJ Green Boat Noodles

JJ Green Noodles

What we would recommend though, is this Thai boat noodles (small – THB35/S$1.45, large – THB50/S$2.05) in JJ Green Market. It was hands down one of the better ones we have tried in Bangkok and judging from the crowd that night, we are sure many locals and travelers agree with us too.

The flavourful broth and tender meat won our hearts in an instant and we found ourselves polishing off the bowl within minutes. In fact, it was so good that we would come back to JJ Green Market just to have this again!

JJ Green Omelette Rice JJ Green Omelette Stall

Watch the chefs in action as they whip up your food right in front of your eyes.

JJ Green Cheese Toastie Stall


If you are not having a meal there, go for some snacks instead. It is impossible to resist the strong aroma of street food when you are walking around JJ Green Market. What we suggest for you to do is to munch on some light bites along the way as you wander around the market.

JJ Green Cheese Toastie

Cheese toasties are all the rage now and you can find them at JJ Green Market too! We decided to go for extra cheese which set us back at THB65/S$2.67.

The cheese toasts are first grilled on a hot pan with generous amounts of butter. Thereafter, a handful of cheese bits will be placed in between two pieces of hot toasts. While the flavour is exactly how a normal cheese toast would taste, the cheese pull is definitely Instagram-worthy!

JJ Green Satay

JJ Green Grilled Meat

JJ Green Grilled Meat 2

Grilled skewers are a must-have when it comes to night markets and that is exactly what we ordered there too. Choose from a selection of savoury meat including pork, chicken and even seafood.

We popped by a random grill stall and was surprised by how intense the marinate was; it was so sinful yet so delicious.

JJ Green Crepe 2

JJ Green Ice Cream


When you are ready to move on to some sweet treats, JJ Green Market has plenty to offer. Share a crepe with your friends or cool off from the heat with scoops of ice cream sitting on attractive cones.

JJ Green Bar


Nothing feels more relaxed than a chill drinking session with your squad at JJ Green Market. Many of the bars there come with a live band so you can sing along to your favourite tunes or dedicate a song for your loved ones.

Party animals would be glad to know that some of the bars open till wee hours of the day, so you can party the night away!

JJ Green Clothes


The endless rows of fashion retail stalls make JJ Green Market a shopaholic’s heaven. This is where you can get your hands on the latest fashion hauls and cheap accessories. If you are looking for souvenirs to bring home, you can actually find great deals there without having to purchase cliche items such as key chains and magnets for your friends.

JJ Green Shoes

JJ Green Earrings Stall

JJ Green Snacks

Yes, you can find snacks that are going for only THB5/S$0.20 to THB20/S$0.80! The range is extensive too so take your time to pick what you like.

JJ Green Stall

JJ Green Market
1 Kamphaeng Phet 3
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
Thu to Sun: 5pm – 2am
Nearest BTS: Mo Chit

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