Artbox Bangkok – The Hipster Pop-up Market Is Now At Chatuchak Until 30 April 2017

Artbox Bangkok

Artbox Bangkok is back at Chatuchak from now until 30 April 2017!

You would have known or heard about Artbox Bangkok by now. But if you haven’t, it is actually a pop-up market that is housed within giant metal containers.

The charm of Artbox Bangkok lies in its hipster factor, of course—from its containers to the design of each stall to the merchandise and snacks, Artbox Bangkok is like the future of Singapore’s ‘Pasar Malam’. And they focus a lot on local designers, affordable vintage fashion, quirky lifestyle products, modern home decor items and innovative snacks.

The pop-up market changes location once every few months, and its current location is at Chatuchak (just across the road from the popular Chatuchak Weekend Market), where it will be there every Friday to Sunday.

Here are the highlights of Artbox Bangkok at Chatuchak.

Artbox Bangkok Shopping

Artbox Bangkok is every bit characteristic, and it is a one-of-a-kind market. It is with little surprise that since its debut, Artbox Bangkok has received visitors from all over the world. It ain’t just about the shopping or the food; the entire vibe is one so inviting.

Artbox Fair

Kick off your shoes and lie on the grass while enjoying music from the live band; drink beer with your pals under the starts at one of them many outdoor benches. An Artbox Bangkok experience is second to none.

Artbox Fashion Stalls

Artbox Shopping

While the shopping at Artbox Bangkok is one thing to look out for because it is quite unlike a typical and tacky experience that most tourists “enjoy” at MBK, the food section attracted us more. That goes without saying, right? Such gluttons we are.

Artbox stall

Artbox Crepe Stall

Artbox Cheese Sandwich

And you can only imagine how berserk we went with all these crazy snacks at the current Artbox Bangkok in Chatuchak.

Chicken Wings

Pork Belly

Artbox Nitrogen Ice Cream

And you can only imagine how berserk we went with all these crazy snacks at the current Artbox Bangkok in Chatuchak.

Frozen Smores


Probably one of the best desserts at Artbox Bangkok! Frozen marshmallows are torched upon order, and that melty gooey goodness got us all addicted.

Artbox Blood Drip Drink


You will have probably seen this from your Instagram feed.

Artbox iFries

Artbox Cheese Fries


There is this stall called the iFries, and they specialise in, well, fries. Just skip all the other options and go for the cheesey ones; there are a few variations, but they are all amazing.

Artbox Pandan Waffle


Who would have thought that a simple, unassuming waffle like that would actually taste so good?!

Artbox Rainbow Drink


Pretty much just colouring and syrup. Nothing special. But your Instagram followers will love it.

Cheese Nacho


Just. Look. At. That. Pot. Of. Cheese.

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak

Artbox Bangkok Chatuchak
Nearest Station: MRT Kamphaengphet (Exit 1)
Every Friday to Sunday
From now until 30 April 2017