18 MUST-TRY Street Food In Bangkok

Bangkok Street Food

Take a stroll down any where in the city of Bangkok and you will be greeted with street food of all kinds – from basic grilled hot dogs to more unique choices that include pan-fried squid eggs.

Each and every one of these tasty street food never fail to tempt us, and what makes it even better? The inexpensive price tags. Street food ranges from THB5 to THB100 (S$0.20 to S$4).

There are so many interesting street food options just waiting for you to explore. Here is a list of the Street Food in Bangkok you must try.

Chatuchak Street Food

Fizzy Drink


Fizzy drinks, iced coffee and even iced green tea, every drink sold along the streets of Bangkok is always pumped up in size and we could not be any more satisfied.

For THB20-50 (S$0.80 – S$2), you get an XXL-sized drink. Fizzy drinks or fruit smoothies are prepared fresh in front of you, so are the Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee (our favourites!).

Some street stalls in Bangkok serve coffee made the traditional way, but the newer ones brew the coffee a la minute with a coffee machine.

Quail Eggs


This is one of our all-time favourite snacks in Bangkok and they cost an approximate THB100 (S$1). These quail eggs are simply fried then dressed in seasoning and black pepper.

They taste great, albeit extremely simple. The special seasoning used is a sauce that elevates the savoury taste. The egg is also usually not fully cooked, so the yolk bursts once you bite into it.

Platinum Popsicles


We first set our eyes on these cute popsicles while strolling towards Platinum Fashion Mall, and we knew we had to get it. These beautifully-shaped popsicles (THB80 or S$3.20) are pretty new in Bangkok but are already very popular.

They come in an array of shapes and sizes, and include both fruity and chocolate options. And yes, they need to be on your Instagram feed.

Ice Popsicles


These can be found at every corner of Chatuchak market, and random streets along the city. They are basically soft drinks frozen into popsicles. Surest way to combat the ever sweltering heat in Bangkok!

Thankfully, these popsicles costs a mere THB5 (S$0.20), which explains why we could not stop having one after another.

Mochi Ice Cream


These adorable mochi balls can be found at Chatuchak Weekend Market for THB25 (S$1) each. They come in flavours such as Thai Ice Milk Tea and Mocha Chip.

You bet these mochi balls are sweet and addictive. A plus point is that the stall-owner will cut every pieceinto smaller pieces for easy eating and sharing.

Olive Rice


Filled up generously with fresh ingredients, this bowl of Thai Olive Rice (THB40 or S$1.60) that we had around Union Mall was one of the most value-for-money rice bowls ever. We can never forget that intoxicating aroma.

There are many other rice options along that stretch outside Union Mall too, and you can even find Thai-style chicken rice stalls.

Deep-Fried Squid Egg

Pan-Fried Squid Eggs


Squid eggs sound a little intimidating but we knew we had to get it. These are found at Chatuchak Weekend Market and are done two ways – deep-fried or pan-fried.

We prefer the deep-fried version (THB40 or S$1.60) – first coated with batter for a crispy outer layer, before deep-frying in hot oil, then drizzled with a tangy green chilli sauce for an extra oomph.

Thai Coconut Ice Cream


This needs no introduction. After the sudden onslaught of coconut ice cream places and the craze that followed it, you know you still can’t beat the best Thai coconut ice cream in the world – the ones at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Of course, there is always a battle of which stalls serves up the best one, but after trying 3 different stalls, the difference is minimal and it all depends on what ingredients you prefer to have yours with.

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Thai Fish Cake

Thai Fish Cakes


These are probably one of the best snacks for us and thankfully, they are easily available in Bangkok.  If you are lucky, these fish cakes will be freshly deep-fried in front of you, so you can have it piping hot with a generous drizzles of Thai sweet chilli sauce.

We had our fix at Pratunam Market and Chatuchak Weekend Market, and they cost no more than THB60 (S$2.40) for an entire bag.

Thai Ice Cream


Singapore has her ice cream uncle that sells the best S$1 ice cream. Bangkok has their own version, serving similar-style ice cream for even less. For THB20 (S$0.80), you get a huge cup of ice cream with various flavours and you get to choose various free toppings that range from sticky rice to attap seeds.

These stalls aren’t common, but we chanced upon this friendly uncle in the vicinity of Pin Klao.

Fried Chicken


Now, if you haven’t tried, fried chicken from the roadside stalls along Bangkok is a different league of its own. They are wonderfully marinated – often salty and sometimes with a hint of pepper – and if you order the drumsticks, they might just be the juiciest you will ever have.

These are everywhere, and we urge you to forget your diet and just indulge in a piece of these THB20 (S$0.80) fried chicken. The prices may vary from stall to stall, and is dependent on the size.

Som Tum


For the uninitiated, somtum is essentially Thai-style green papaya salad. There are many roadside stalls selling fresh somtum that is prepared to order.

Unripened green papaya are shredded and mixed with chilli, sugar, garlic, lime, fish sauce, tomatoes and several other ingredients to produce a spicy-sour taste that will have you lingering for more.

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Thai Mango Sticky Rice


The vast abundance of street food might be a tad too overwhelming for first timers to Thailand, but one will never go wrong with this classic Thai dessert.

Made with coconut milk, fresh mangoes and sticky glutinous rice, this dessert is a delightful contrast of sweet and saltiness. Mango Sticky Rice can be easily found at roadside stalls, and prices usually range from THB60 to THB150. The more expensive ones use mangoes of better quality.

BBQ Squid


BBQ Squid seems to be a common street snack throughout Asia. We always see them around cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Tokyo. And Bangkok is no exception.

The ones here are bbq-ed as a whole, often very juicy and fresh, and comes with various dips.

Sukhumvit 38 Wanton Mee


Or dumpling noodles with char siew, if ‘wanton mee’ sounds strange to you. These are among the most popular causal meals by the streets that both locals and tourists enjoy.

The one at Sukhumvit Soi 38 is the best. Springy egg noodles tossed in oil, soya sauce and chilli, accompanied with greens, small dumplings and slices of honeyed pork – Thai-style wanton mee is our all-time favourite.


BBQ Skewers


Sausages, meatballs, sausages and more meatballs… these are common items on skewers and there are so many ways to enjoy them. Have them fried, or simply ask for them to be grilled and then eat it with dips; think chilli and peanut sauces.

These skewers by the streets of Bangkok are more than affordable, and prices start from as low as THB5 (S$0.20).

Thai Omelette

Fried Omelette Rice


We swear by these damned Thai-style omelette. You might dismiss it already thinking that they are just eggs, but we are telling you that by doing so, you will never know what does ‘best omelette in the world’ means.

For some unbeknownst reason, the omelettes in Bangkok are the fluffiest and sweetest, and we eat them every day when in Bangkok.

Crepe Stall


Crepes may not be exclusive to Bangkok, but we love the ones here in the city for its amazing price tag. Averagely priced at THB60 (S$2.40), you get a big “cone” with nutella, whipped cream, fresh fruit slices and what-have-you.

Sometimes, there are savoury options too, and fillings include ham, cheese and lettuce.

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