Talad Neon – Is This Popular Hipster Night Market In Bangkok Worth Going?

Talad Neon Bangkok

Talad Neon is a new night market in Bangkok that has been making rounds on social media this year. It is just like any other night market in Bangkok but here’s what sets them apart from the rest—they offer extremely photogenic or ‘Instagram-worthy’ food which will gain the envy of all your friends.

Located near to the popular Platinum Fashion Mall, many young locals and tourists make their way to Talad Neon after 5pm to indulge in street food and shopping for the latest fashion apparels.

Is this popular hipster night market in Bangkok worth going?

Talad Neon Stalls

This downtown night market in Pratunam is home to over 900 stalls ranging from food to fashion and even a hipster barber shop housed in a shipping container! Talad Neon is best visited during the evenings from Wednesday to Sunday.

Talad Neon Cheese Fries Stall

Talad Neon Cheese Fries

We are always up for anything with cheese and could not tear our eyes away from this stall. Imagine hot crispy fries drenched in rich nacho cheese—we died and went to cheese heaven.

Talad Neon Taiyaki Stall

Talad Neon Taiyaki

As we were queuing up for the cheese fries, we got distracted by the neighbouring taiyaki stall which offers this delicious snack in a range of flavours such as cheese and even durian.

Being cheese fanatics, we got our taiyaki with cheese fillings and boy, were we impressed with the generous portions of cheese found inside which spilled over when we tore the taiyaki apart. Don’t forget to capture a Boomerang video of that cheese pull!

Talad Neon Meat And Cheese BKK

Talad Neon Meat N Cheese

Talad Neon Meat And Cheese

Is there a better combination than meat and cheese? We highly doubt so. You can watch your meat being grilled right in front of your eyes at this stall called Meat & Cheese in Talad Neon.

There are four options for you to choose from—meat, meat and cheese, premium sausage and meat & sausage. Top up slightly more for the addition of bacon or cheese.

Talad Neon Finger Food

Those who are looking for a snack will find plenty there as well. All these small bites that you get along the way is enough to fill your tummy and keep you full for an entire night of shopping.

Talad Neon Fish Stall

Talad Neon Fruit Stall

Talad Neon Bloody Drink

Talad Neon Red Drink

‘Bloody’ Drink may be gimmicky but we had lots of fun taking pictures with the blood bag. The blood bags are filled with fruit punch and those with a sweet tooth can consider getting this drink to cool off from the humid Bangkok weather.

How it works is actually pretty simple. Take a sip from the working tube that is attached to the bag and once you are done, just close the clip to prevent the water from leaking out.

Talad Neon Galaxy Cocktail

Talad Neon Milk Tea Stall

Talad Neon Thai Milk Tea

Of course, no trip to Bangkok is complete if we skipped their traditional Thai milk tea. If you have seen videos of locals spinning around as they pour Thai milk tea in a thin stream, this is exactly what it is.

We were treated to a marvelous show where our milk tea was poured from one jug to the other. Doesn’t he remind you of our Singaporean teh tarik uncles?

Talad Neon Bags

Another reason why Talad Neon is an up-and-coming destination is that you can find affordable fashion hauls there as well. From clothes and bags to accessories and shoes, you probably can find something that suits your preference.

Talad Neon Barber

Since shipping containers are now in trend for many lifestyle destinations, Talad Neon is no exception as well. Look out for this vintage barber shop as you wander along the night market. If you are feeling up to it, you can even leave the place with a new haircut!

Talad Neon

All in all, we felt that this hipster night market is a worth a visit if you are not willing to squeeze with the large crowds you will find at the more established night markets in Bangkok. However, we would not prioritise Talad Neon in our itinerary as it is not as interesting as the more popular night markets such as JJ Green and Rot Fai Market Ratchada and you are unlikely to find plenty of traditional Thai street food at Talad Neon.

Talad Neon
1087 Khwaeng Makkasan
Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Bangkok, Thailand
Thu to Sun: 5pm – 12 Midnight
Nearest BTS: Chitlom