6 Travel Destinations To Consider For Your Year-End Holidays

Tokyo's Times Square

With all the festivities going on, there is really no better time to travel than the last few months of the year.

Aside from all the exciting activities to do such as spending a white Christmas in Korea or Japan, you also get to enjoy the cool temperature climates in certain countries during winter. Yes, that means you get to escape the humid weather in Singapore!

If you are running out of ideas on where your next holiday site should be, we came up with 6 Best Year-End Travel Destinations and some tips on what you can expect there.

Tokyo Shibuya Crossing


As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is anything but lacklustre. From their incredible food culture and outstanding fashion statements to amazingly friendly and polite citizens, and even world-class toilets, we really think it is impossible to not fall in love with that place!

Go for an onsen experience, indulge in cheap yakitori and explore Harajuku’s Takeshita Street—these are some of the many highlights you can find in Tokyo.

Streets of Seoul


Seoul is a cosmopolitan city that has retained parts of its history; there are tall and modern skyscrapers located just beside ancient palaces at one location. Whether you are into the bustling city life or culture experiences, there is plenty to look out for in Seoul.

The cool kids will want to be seen at Common Ground, Onion and Daelim Changgo Gallery CO:LUMN. For food enthusiasts who wish to taste authentic Korean street food and fresh seafood, there is no better place than Gwangjang Market and Noryangjin Fish Market.

Shifen Old Street Taipei


Taipei may just be one of our favourite cities in Southeast Asia. There are so many street snacks to try, museums to visit, night markets to roam around at and most importantly, plenty of karaoke studios to unleash your inner Beyoncé.

There are several spots we will always return to when we visit Taipei—Rao He Night MarketShida Night Market, Fujin Street and Yongkang Street. If you need more reasons to convince you to visit Taipei (we wonder why?), have a look 25 Reasons Why We Love Taipei.

insta pier hongkong


Everyone knows Hong Kong is dim sum heaven. And even if you are not into dim sum, there are also many cha chaan teng that serve comfort food at affordable prices. One hipster neighbourhood we strongly recommend visiting is Sheung Wan, where you can find a myriad of local traditional teahouses and swanky fusion restaurants.

One of the best night time activities in Hong Kong is to visit a rooftop bar where you can take in the scenic skyline while enjoying a tipple or two.

hanoi vietnam


Hanoi is an underrated travel destination that should be included in your travel plans. The capital of Vietnam is famous for its chaotic two-century-old Old Quarter and is the ideal gateway to other must-see Vietnamese attractions such as UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay and the gorgeous Sapa Valley.

Tight on budget? Consider going for a backpacking trip to Hanoi!

melbourne cbd cafes


Those who enjoy cafe hopping in Singapore will absolutely fall in love with the cafes in Melbourne. The standards are set high and you can only expect the best quality when it comes to coffee and food. Take a look at our comprehensive guide on 41 Best Cafes In Melbourne To Visit.

Food and activities in Melbourne may not be cheap but do not be put off by the price tags first because you can always choose to visit these 10 Iconic Attractions In Melbourne For Free. In fact, you can also stay at these gorgeous Airbnb apartments for under S$150 per night.