Torikizoku – Popular Yakitori Chain With Yakitori And Beer At Only ¥298 Each


Ask a local where to go for a casual yakitori meal in Tokyo and they would probably point you to Torikizoku. It is arguably one of the biggest yakitori chain in Japan and there are outlets everywhere.

It is almost impossible to not locate a Torikizoku in Central Tokyo; just in Shinjuku alone, there are more than 5 outlets. That they see queues every single night at every outlet speaks of their massive popularity and there is every reason to love Torikizoku.

It is undisputedly the best name to trust when you want a casual, fuss-free, authentic local izakaya experience in Tokyo. And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank for a meal at Torikizoku; everything on the menu—including alcohol—is priced at only ¥298 each. Most of the branches open till 5am daily; you know where to go when you are feeling hungry at night!

Torikizoku Menu

Every item on the menu at Torikizoku is priced at an amazingly affordable ¥298. Yes, regardless of which skewer you order, side dishes or drinks, everything is ¥298 each.

Torikizoku Interior

Its affordability is probably its primary reason for success. The outlets may be big—each outlet sits averagely 150 to 200 people—but be prepared to wait for a table. Queues are common and you would realise the bulk of its patrons are actually locals—students, young executives and whatnot, all merry-making over yakitori and beer.

The vibrant atmosphere of the izakaya-style restaurant still gives you privacy; the seating area is partitioned into individual “booths” of sorts and big groups are definitely welcome.

Torikizoku Yakitori

On its skewers menu, you have a good range of meats. From chicken meatballs to pork belly and beef slices, the skewers come in an assortment of flavours and marination. Some of our favourites are the chicken meatballs with cheese, pork belly with leek, marinated beef and chicken skin.

Side dishes include seasoned eggs, udon, vegetables and the in-betweens.

Suntory Japanese Draft Beer

You know what’s awesome, too? Alcohol is also priced at ¥298! Delicious yakitori and cheap beer; what more can you ask in life?

Yakitori Torikizoku

Now you know the reason why we visit Torikizoku every single trip to Tokyo?

1 Chome-17-12 Kabukicho
Tel: +81 3-3200-9332
Daily: 5pm – 5am