Window On The Park – Regional Favourites & Boston Lobsters Buffet At S$96++ For 2

Window On The Park Buffet

Window on the Park at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre has a lobster buffet spread that focuses on Asian delights, though there are still international elements.

Paying homage to the ASEAN Golden Jubilee and the region’s rich culinary heritage, Window on the Park will be showcasing culinary styles and dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. This is part of their Southeast Asian Culinary Dinner Showcase that happens every evening from Monday to Thursday and it is only going at S$80++ for two pax.

And as you gear up for the weekend from Friday and through to Sunday, reward yourself with the ultimate seafood treat—the Boston Lobster Weekend. Making its debut at the live station is the pan-seared Boston lobster as well as a myriad of seafood indulgences including baby lobster, fresh succulent prawns and scallops—all this for a steal of S$96++ for two pax! Window On The Park’s buffet promotions will be available from now until 30 November 2017.

While many other buffet restaurants out there pride themselves on having the largest and most extensive range of food and cuisines, Window on the Park adopts the ‘less is more’ approach by dishing out a substantially sized spread of only the good stuff, allowing diners to be able to savour each and every item before their bellies beg them to stop. Read on to find out just what stellar creations they have in store!

With brightly lit chandeliers looming in the air, Window on the Park maintains a cosy atmosphere that is inviting to diners from all walks of life—from t-shirt and shorts-clad hotel guests to office workers.

The evening buffet spread at Window on the Park encompasses the culinary icons from across the region so you can expect to load up on dishes such as chilli crab, fish head curry and roti prata—just to name a few.

This stellar line-up takes is available every evening from Mondays to Thursdays from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, from now right up to 30 November 2017.

Chilli Crab Window On The Park


This iconic dish is one that requires no introduction. Fresh crabs are stir-fried to perfection and tossed with copious amounts of that luxuriously thick sweet and mildly spicy chilli crab sauce. With crab meat that firm and sweet, coupled with a chilli sauce that decadent and flavourful, we must admit that it is difficult to be disappointed.

Deep fried buns (or mantous) are also part of the spread to help you ensure that you mop up every morsel of that delicious sauce.

Curry Fish Head Window On The Park


This spicy Indian dish is a scintillating stew of curry cooked with vegetables and the whole head of a fish—typically a Red Snapper. Subtly tart with a good amount of spice and umami, this is a dish best enjoyed with plain rice.

WIndow On The Park Roti Prata


Many locals may find it ridiculous to eat a dish as common as roti prata at a buffet but we beg to differ. Crispy on the outside whilst maintaining a soft and chewy interior, this is an extremely versatile item that can be used to mop up anything (not just curries)—we used it to mop up the chilli crab sauce and it was pretty darn delicious!

Window On The Park Bamboo Clam


The bamboo clams were juicy and fresh and prepared using common Thai ingredients. The end result was succulent and flavourful shellfish and the use of bell peppers really helped to enhance the sweet flavours of the clams—it was so good that we just had to go for seconds.

Window On The Park Black Pepper Clams


Clams are versatile in that whatever it lacks in a scallop’s melodic sweetness and an oyster’s distinct flavour, they make up for in their rich, earthy notes and subtle brininess.

As such, serving it in a Malaysian style that uses lots of black pepper and oyster sauce does well to bring out a supple sweetness from the clams. Tasty and incredibly flavourful, this dish would certainly go well with some rice to mellow out the flavours.

Window On The Park BBQ Sambal Stingray


The sambal stingray here ranks pretty close to the ones you would typically get at zi char stalls. The sambal was spicy and mildly sweet and the stingray was tender enough to slip off the bone easily. It also gave off a nice smokey aroma which was rounded off nicely with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Window On The Park Lobster Collage


On Friday evenings right through to Sunday, treat yourself to as much Boston lobsters as you can possibly stomach. Cooked to perfection by Executive Chef Ivan Lim and his culinary team, the pan-seared Boston lobsters boast a subtle charred quality that really boosts the umami of this dish.

Window On The Park Lobster

The meat of the lobster itself was sweet, succulent and plump. Overall a hugely satisfying seafood dish, which is no wonder why a batch of these bad boys can disappear in literally minutes.

Window On The Park Dessert Collage


We highly recommend that you do not overstuff yourselves at the main buffet, but even if you do, just make sure to leave a tiny room for dessert. Offering a small yet substantial array of both local and international sweet treats—such as their creamy durian pengat and their Portuguese egg tarts that will have you longing for seconds, and possibly even thirds!

Whoever said that indulging should be a costly affair? This delectable array of Southeast Asian culinary delights can be enjoyed at only S$80++ for two persons. It is available from Mondays to Thursdays between 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

And if you love lobsters, do not miss out on their Boston Lobster Weekend going for only S$96++ for two persons that takes place every Friday to Sunday between 6.30pm to 10.30pm. A price like that for Boston lobsters is as unbelievable as it is hard to come by.

These lovely spreads are available from now right up to 30 November 2017. Do note that the menu items are on a rotational basis and they are subject to changes.

Window On The Park
11 Cavenagh Rd, #02-00
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre,
Singapore 229616
Tel: +65 6733 8333
Daily: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Somerset / Dhoby Ghaut

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