The Dragon Chamber – First Speakeasy Restaurant In Singapore With Badass Vibes

Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber is the first speakeasy restaurant in Singapore. A new dining concept by TungLok Group, The Dragon Chamber is hidden within Lokkee at Plaza Singapura.

For the uninitiated, a speakeasy usually refers to a bar which is hidden from plain sight; with that, part of the fun is in digging out its whereabouts. Go through a secret entrance in Lokkee and enter a different world. The Dragon Chamber is effortlessly hip and cool without trying too hard.

Dragon Chamber Interior

Do be warned that this new concept is not a space for political correctness. Only individuals aged 16 and above are permitted to enter. Contrasting Lokkee’s familiar, lovable Chinese-American recipes, The Dragon Chamber pushes boundaries by adopting experimental techniques and working with unconventional animal parts—think grilled pig’s tail and crocodile foot—to create a myriad of exotic dishes.

Whoever said dining in Singapore is getting boring most definitely need to know about The Dragon Chamber. Now, we promise you an experience unlike any other.

Dragon Chamber Wall


If you have been wondering about the story behind The Dragon Chamber, it is actually inspired by secret hideouts and gambling dens where Chinese gangsters used to hang out at. Let your hair down and be free from any social limitations!

The short journey from Lokkee to The Dragon’s Chamber is intriguing in itself. Entering through a random red door located in the middle of Lokkee, you will find yourself stumbling through a tunnel filled with mirrors and red fluorescent lighting. After which, you will move past a set of curtains which will eventually reveal a totally different space.

Upon entering and soaking up the atmosphere of the place, we finally understood what being in an underground Chinese triad den felt like. It was rather daunting at first, we won’t deny. The lights were dimly lit (there is only a total of 14 filament bulbs lighting up the entire place), giving the speakeasy restaurant a dark and dingy feel.

Dragon Chamber Bak Kwa Salad


Making a grand entrance with an amazing fog effect, we were blown away by the beauty of the ‘Bakkwa’ Bacon Salad (S$32++). It is indeed a feast for both your eyes and taste buds.

What you get is succulent bacon strips grilled “bakkwa style”, giving it a lovely caramel coloured sheen and has a sweet and smokey flavour. Accompanied by fresh, oriental green salad, do not miss out on the lotus root croutons.

Dragon Chamber Guo Tie


A collaboration with Dancing Crab®, those who are a fan of the Louisana seafood restaurant will recognise its signature cajun sauce which has been incorporated into grilled potsticker dumplings (S$18++). It is then topped with cheese before baking in the oven.

It was subtly spicy, giving it a good kick and the tartness from the sauce helped to cut through the intense meatiness of the potstickers really well.

Dragon Chamber Corn Rolls


Any corn lovers out there? You get to create your very own Crispy Corn Roll (S$14++) at The Dragon Chamber with stir-fried sweet corn and mini Sakura shrimp stuffed in tortilla cones.

Dragon Chamber Pig's Tail


Do not be put off by its name because the Josper Grilled Pig’s Tail (S$28++) is nothing too gross. In fact, it is very flavourful and much effort has been taken to prepare it. Grilled in a Josper oven, this method of cooking results in juicy and tender meat encased in delicate, crispy skin.

The staff will pull the meat apart. You have the option of enjoying it on its own, or wrapped up in lettuce leaves along with fresh cilantro and basil leaves to offset the intense porky flavours. To give it an additional kick, drip in a few drops of chili padi-infused fish sauce and enjoy!

Dragon Chamber Mala Irish Duck


This is not your typical mala dish. What we love about their ‘Mala’ Irish Duck (S$60++ for whole; S$36++ for half) is the in-house special mala sauce drenched over beautifully roasted Irish duck—it has a rich mala flavour without being overly spicy that it stings your tongue. A must-try for all duck lovers!

Dragon Chamber Dragon's Claw


We wouldn’t blame you if you are wondering what Dragon’s Claw (S$60++) is because of its ambiguous name. It is essentially a crocodile’s foot! Yes, not one for the faint-hearted but nobody goes to The Dragon Chamber without trying this.

A Singapore farmed crocodile foot is braised in a herbal sauce and served atop a bed of kale. The melt-in-the-mouth texture and herbal taste resembled that of braised pig’s trotter.

Trust that The Dragon Chamber is not one to skimp on theatrics. The dish comes served surrounded by a ring of fire and once the fire dies out, that’s when you tuck in.

Dragon Chamber X.O. Grub Chop Suey


Daunting as it may look and sound, fret not because no actual grubs were used in making this dish. The X.O. ‘Grub’ Choy Suey (S$24++) features grub-like abomination that is actually a special type of artichoke.

The dish is stir-fried with mushrooms, kale and zucchini.

Dragon Chamber Lobster Crispy Noodles


The Lobster Crispy Noodles (S$25++ for regular; S$48++ for large) at The Dragon Chamber is one of our favourites. The juicy grilled lobster is as stunning to look at as it is delicious.

When the special gravy is doused over and the crispy ‘sheng mian’ absorbs the decadent sauce, enjoy it together with the scrumptious lobster and your day is sure to be made.

Dragon Chamber Wagyu Beef Horfun


It would be a sin to skip the Wagyu Truffle Hor Fun (S$50++). This dish left all of us speechless; it was easily the best dish on The Dragon Chamber’s menu.

Imagine medium rare A4 grade Wagyu beef atop warm hor fun. It is made all the better with crispy deep-fried hor fun strips, poached egg with a runny yolk and truffle gravy. The sheer explosive flavours is mind-boggling. As luxurious as hor fun can get, we will never look at hor fun the same way ever again.

Dragon Chamber Mulberry Egg Tea


End your meal with Sweet Mulberry Egg Tea (S$7++), the house’s signature dessert that is brewed with egg, mulberry tea, dates and cane sugar.

Also known as ‘Sang Ji Sheng’, this is a delectable ancient Chinese dessert with many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

The Dragon Chamber
68 Orchard Road
#03-02 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6884 4566
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Dhoby Ghaut

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