PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Lobster & Crab Buffet At S$118++ For 2 Pax

Lobster & Crab Buffet

Talk about a double whammy! Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is introducing its unrivalled Lobster and Crab Buffet at S$118++ for 2 pax!

With so many crustacean buffets in Singapore, sometimes you just cannot decide which to pick – should you go for the lobster or the crab buffet?

But with this, you can have both lobsters AND crabs. Executive Chef Low Hoe Kiat is introducing 8 new lobster dishes and 3 of the most popular crabs from their famed crab buffet for the line-up for the Union of Crabs & Lobsters Buffet. This gives you a multitude of different options, and it is probably the most value-for-money buffet. Cherry on top? There are several live stations where you can watch the chefs prepare your crustaceans!

Lobster Buffet Singapore

This is truly a feast of a century. Here’s what you can expect at Spice Brasserie, and why you should really check out this lobster and crab dinner buffet (during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) which will be available from 07 July to 29 October 2016.

There will be a total of 8 lobster dishes for you to choose from, including sushi options, fresh lobsters on ice and cooked ones.

Lobster in Chinese Wine

One of our ultimate favourites and the undisputed champ on the table is the Steamed ‘Live’ Boston Lobster in Chinese Wine. The chefs will steam the lobsters upon order and douse it with Chinese wine, and top it off with sliced ginger and coriander.

Because the lobsters are cooked a la minute, the lobsters’ sweetness is retained and henceforth bringing out the freshness of every piece of flesh. This dish is simple, light but just oh-so-delicious! A friendly tip that we have is to crack the claws of the lobster (the meat is generally sweeter and softer in there) and dip it in the Chinese wine sauce.

Grilled Mentaiko Lobsters

Another lobster dish that is sure to be a quick crowd-favourite is the Flame-grilled Lobster Mentaiko. Nothing makes us happier than mentaiko sauce, and here at Spice Brasserie, the lobsters are first flame-grilled, then given a lavish coat of mentaiko sauce and cheese, and torched upon order. The resulting taste is an addictive umami goodness.

Lobster Buffet

Moving on to the other lobster dishes, you should stop for a serving of the Truffle lobster with Marina Jellyfish Salad. It is an appetiser that comes in a little shot glass.

The Baked Lobster with Okiami and Natto Sauce came out as a surprise. Don’t belittle that unappetising-looking sauce. It is actually the same spice assortment the chefs would use for Mee Rebus, and the slight-salty-slight-spicy sauce balances with the lobsters well without taking away its natural sweetness.

Lobster Noodle Soup

Then, there is the Lobster Noodle Soup which is really like our usual prawn noodles but is made better with, but of course, lobsters.

It has a rich and spicy soup base, inspired by the cooking styles and flavours of Malaysian-style prawn noodles.

Lobster Wellington

Also, the Lobster Wellington is not to be missed! Minced lobster and other stuffings sit inside a nice puff pastry casing.

Think of a juxtapose between flaky, buttery puff pastry and sweet, mushy lobster stuffing. We like how all the flavours came together, making this savoury treat a much-loved dish of the spread.

Other lobster dishes include Crustacean Paella, Cuban Lobster Stew Japanese Lobster Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Lobster in Fragrant Salt, Lobster Congee and the classic Lobster on Ice.

Pumpkin Crab

Now, moving on to the crabs. The most popular Slow-braised Pumpkin Crab in Claypot from the previous crab buffet will make a return to the Union of Lobster and Crab Buffet – of course you have to try this.

The pumpkin sauce is rich and sweet and complements the crab meat really well. Toast is served on the side so you can enjoy the sauces further by dipping the fresh toasts into the pumpkin sauce.

Crab Roe Congee

The Crab Roe Congee is basically comfort food for us. The porridge reminded us of home and the roe only upped the ante for us.

Simple, sweet and totally warms up our hearts. You know what will make it even better? Eat it with the Pumpkin Crab, and drizzle the sauce all over the congee.

Black Pepper Crab

The other two crabs that are offered as part of the buffet, are the Chilli and Black Pepper Crab. We liked that the chefs did their own twist on the chilli crab with a thicker and spicier sauce instead of the traditional and typical Singapore-style chilli crab.

Chilli Crab

The whole spread is filled with a ton of delicious goodies, more than we could have asked for. We can guarantee that you and your tummy will be satisfied by the end of your meal.

Also, if you are one of these cardholders*, the price point for two adults is only S$118++, a steal! Make your reservations quickly before they are all sold out. The buffet will only run for a mere two months!

Union of Crabs and Lobsters Dinner
Thursday to Saturday from 07 July 2016 to 29 October 2016.
Adult: S$78
Child: S$34 (Below 12 years old)
*UOB, DBS, POSB, Maybank and HSBC Cardholders promotion: S$118 for 2 Adults

Exclusive Facebook offer:
From 07 July 2016 to 03 September 2016, claim the Facebook offer on to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine per adult, on top of existing card promotions.

For reservations, call: +65 6428 3160 or email [email protected].

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